Monthly Archive for March 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
The Best Feeling Poem lostinnocence 1 Mar 1st
Sorry Poem babe1233 2 Mar 1st
Today is a better day Poem SSmoothie 2 Mar 1st
Re-Tweet My Defeat Poem Richiehead Mar 1st
MY HEART WON'T LET YOU GO Poem heatherburns35 6 my heart won't let you go Mar 1st
The Rising Poem cxseals1337 Ballad, Evil, Greed, Lust, Murder Mar 1st
Love Poem Poem Areik 1 Mar 1st
The Suicide Poem kittykittycat1990 Mar 1st
Spiritual Thinking Poem kittykittycat1990 Mar 1st
How Far Would I Go Poem kittykittycat1990 Mar 1st
Beneath Poem kittykittycat1990 Mar 1st
An Explanation of Myself Poem kittykittycat1990 Mar 1st
Untold story of love or lust Poem QuietWordz 1 Love or lust Mar 1st
The Hidden Poem kittykittycat1990 Mar 1st
Little Dreamer Poem Areik 1 Mar 1st
The Person I Love Poem kittykittycat1990 Mar 1st
MIXED FEELINGS...(conclusion of untold story of love or lust) Poem QuietWordz broken heart, love mixed fell wings, sad Mar 1st
I Can Continue On Poem kittykittycat1990 Mar 1st
R.I.P (Remembering In Paradise) Poem Areik Mar 1st
Paranoia Poem kittykittycat1990 Mar 1st
At it again ? Old lovers and current friends (after mixed feelings) Poem QuietWordz Love lust sad Mar 1st
Justify Poem Areik Mar 1st
A New Chapter Poem kittykittycat1990 1 Mar 1st
Love suicide Poem QuietWordz 1 love Mar 1st
at home at last Poem QuietWordz Life peace Mar 1st
Calvary Poem mia0917 Christianity Mar 1st
When I tell them Poem mia0917 Christianity Mar 1st
Love You Like America Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
I'm Your Loaded Bases Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Not Below the Waist Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Sorry I Can't Go On Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Forever Poem tjmonk15 Mar 1st
This Feeling Still Lingers Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Everything is A Drug Poem Silver__lining 1 Mar 1st
Good Riddance Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Bare me. Poem SSmoothie 4 Mar 1st
4th Quarter Collapse Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
1up Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
What Did I Do Wrong? Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Flies From my Wallet Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Why Was I Developed? Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
I Need A Seed Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Back spin. Poem SSmoothie 2 Mar 1st
They're Always Sorry Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
just keeping it 100% Poem fletcherjr86 Mar 1st
Night cap for the lost day Poem Fitzgerald 6 Mar 1st
I'm Just Fine Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
I Am My Own Worst Fear Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Blind Lead the Blind Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Share the Pain Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Round Clip Trip Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
If Only You'd Permit It Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Carry A Burden & You'll Blow It Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
The Reason Why I Smoke Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Movies Keep It Real Poem Silver__lining Mar 1st
Coolest dick ever. Poem ray_strickland 1 shannon rose fehlberg Mar 1st
Good morning angel Poem Elfy 4 Mar 1st
Why Can't I Seem to Learn? Poem thisisme789 2 Mar 1st
I Don't Want to Be Looked Down On Poem thisisme789 2 being looked down on Mar 1st
Pudding Face Poem fighter4life 1 Mar 1st
Im an evil turkey hen Poem DeadAvacados Mar 1st
Freethinkers Poem SSmoothie 6 Mar 1st
So Close Poem Areik Mar 1st
You Mean Everything To Me Poem Areik Mar 1st
Wondering Fright Poem Areik Mar 1st
A woman too strong! Poem bentaljalad Mar 1st
Man in the war Poem bentaljalad 3 Mar 1st
” Alone Again With Me” Poem grantrizmo2002 4 addictions Mar 1st
Wordless Rhythms Poem Adam아담 1 Christianity, death, heart, Humanity, hurt, Life, meaning, Philosophy, Purpose, Sin Mar 1st
You: a basic poem for a basic feeling Poem MrWes76 Mar 1st
Come to Terms with the Morning Poem Sivus bed, HOME, Life, rest, Sleeping Mar 1st
First Date Poem MrWes76 Mar 1st
Stop the bullshit! Poem SSmoothie 1 Mar 1st
Pain-Painted Horizon (collab) Poem ForgottenAngel Mar 1st
A Thank You Note Poem MrWes76 Mar 1st
ashes Poem drone Mar 1st
begs Poem drone Mar 1st
You Don't Get It Poem Areik 1 Mar 1st
steps Poem drone Mar 1st
nodding Poem drone Mar 1st
Don't Remember Poem RandomHabit Mar 1st
Your Light Poem RandomHabit 1 Mar 1st
False Love Poem RandomHabit Mar 1st
Let You Go Poem RandomHabit Mar 1st
Will She Love me Poem RandomHabit 1 Mar 1st
Destiny’s Breeze Poem phil_carcione 1 Mar 1st
Broken Through Poem RandomHabit Mar 1st
How I See It Poem RandomHabit Mar 1st
Shielded Heart Poem RandomHabit Mar 1st
7 Words for My One Poem RandomHabit Mar 1st
Satisfy Your Selfish Wants Poem RandomHabit Mar 1st
An eye for an eye Poem randyjohnson 1 anger, lie, Pain, remorse Mar 1st
stick to my fingertips Prose 9inety 4 Mar 1st
notdone030112 Poem punknunkies Mar 2nd
Father. Poem JEP-BEAR Mar 2nd
Arrival Poem tylerp Bridalquest Mar 2nd
The Four Lessons Poem RandomHabit Mar 2nd
Why Can't She Understand? Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
Rebecca Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
Make You A Star Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
A Quick Change Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
Beg Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
Two Timing Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
I'll Get Her Someday Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
I Feel Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
I Love You (So Much) Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
All You Need Is Your Friends Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
Glory Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
Back Then Poem tylerp Mar 2nd
The Days We Will Remember Poem dancergirlrox 2 Mar 2nd
RAY Poem teresa_r a love poam Mar 2nd
Newborn Love Poem Areik Mar 2nd
One day will she see? Poem SSmoothie 2 Mar 2nd
BreaKKfrEE Poem vaibhav 4 absurdthoughts Mar 2nd
WOMANIZZER,,,, Poem vaibhav absurdd Mar 2nd
Sign My Damn Cast Poem UselessTies broken arm, falls, I don't know, mother, or something, recognition, sometimes roads expectations life failure success, son Mar 2nd
Curtain call. Poem SSmoothie 2 Mar 2nd
Not A Sky Diver But I'd Fall For You Poem Silver__lining 1 Mar 2nd
Woke Up From The Coma Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
I'll Head For Cover Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Teach An Upbringing Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Subconscious Roams Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Pay no mind. Poem SSmoothie Mar 2nd
Rise of the Courage Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Still Think of You Sometimes Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
I'm The Reason For This Mess Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Flies In My Mind Poem Silver__lining 1 Mar 2nd
Everything Is True Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Inner Devil Still Wins Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
It's Hard Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
One Bullet & One Gun Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
I Got No Sole Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Straight Sober Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
To The Girl In The Pink Top Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
It Takes Control Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Where Am I? Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Glasses Fogged Up Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
The Lonely Rebel Poem Silver__lining 1 Mar 2nd
Don't Reply Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
I'll Leave NYC For You Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Self portraits. Poem SSmoothie 1 Mar 2nd
It's A Trap! Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
I Made the Right Choice Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Truth and Dare Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Steer Clear From Northies Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Love is Pain Progressing Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Permanent Seclusion Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
Outstanding Actress Poem Silver__lining Mar 2nd
MY QUIET LOVE Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Mar 2nd
Puppeteers Poem SSmoothie 2 Mar 2nd
Presence Poem facethetruth2b 2 Mar 2nd
In the Making Poem RaveDave 3 Mar 2nd
সাহিত্য বিচার Poem shawon1982 1 Mar 2nd
Alprazolam Apocalypse Poem running_with_rabbits 5 Mar 2nd
Everyone says Poem HisWithNoDoubt 4 Mar 2nd
দ্বৈত কাব্যযাত্রা-৯ (মূল কবিতা- সাইফুল করীম) Poem shawon1982 Mar 2nd
Unexplored Poem RaveDave 1 Mar 2nd
Blue on Blue Poem RaveDave 1 Mar 2nd
Raindrops Poem Adam아담 5 Beauty, HOME, nature, Peace, quietness, rain Mar 2nd
Te miro Poem Passionhispanic spanish te miras love amor beautiful eternal poem you are always bella Mar 2nd
Tu eres amor Poem Passionhispanic Tu eres amor You are love you are beautiful you are everything Mar 2nd
Rain Poem bentaljalad 2 Mar 2nd
The Dieing Soul Poem Areik Mar 2nd
LOCK Poem pikurpoison 2 Mar 2nd
Mindlessly whisper numbing... Poem SSmoothie 3 Mar 2nd
pain go away Poem uniquemoi 2 Mar 2nd
Daddy i m scared Poem uniquemoi 4 Mar 2nd
too late Poem Roxy #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #upset#secret #suicide #selfharm Mar 2nd
Second Chances Prose tylerp Bridalquest Mar 2nd
Engaged Prose tylerp Bridalquest Mar 2nd
Curfew Prose tylerp Bridalquest Mar 2nd
One For Me Prose tylerp Bridalquest Mar 2nd
Doomsday Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Trouble Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Planning Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Love Declared Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Planning (reprise) Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Through Life Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Looking For Love Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Looking For Love (reprise) Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Love Declared (reprise) Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Time For A Change Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Why I've Called You Here Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Survive Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Mary's Confession Prose tylerp Mar 2nd
Some souls... Poem SSmoothie 7 Mar 3rd
One and All Poem facethetruth2b 3 Mar 3rd
Thy pitted frozen heart Poem Captivate_my_in... 1 Mar 3rd
Losing You Poem Evans10 1 Mar 3rd
The Real Me Poem lostinnocence 1 Mar 3rd
Eye Spy Poem SSmoothie 5 Mar 3rd
অবশেষে Poem shawon1982 Mar 3rd
Needs title Poem martal_arts 1 Mar 3rd
Dis stressed Poem martal_arts 1 Mar 3rd
Me Awakened. Poem ADAPT 1 ...Mother Fuck A Facebook Mar 3rd
Half empty by proxy syndrome. Poem SSmoothie 2 Mar 3rd
I have found myself Poem vazb Mar 3rd
Love Story Poem vazb 1 Mar 3rd
বিচারকের সাহিত্য Poem shawon1982 Mar 3rd
bEWARE Poem vaibhav absurdd Mar 3rd
wHAT mAKES yOU Poem vaibhav absurddd Mar 3rd
womaniZER Poem vaibhav absurddddd Mar 3rd
wHAT tO dO Poem vaibhav 2 absurrd Mar 3rd
you are my life Poem vazb Mar 3rd
i will return Poem vazb 1 Mar 3rd
tattoo on my heart Poem vazb Mar 3rd
house of cards Poem vazb 1 Mar 3rd
i remember Poem vazb Mar 3rd
Angel in our hearts Poem vazb 2 Mar 3rd
Quarter eclipse of the heart Poem SSmoothie 8 Mar 3rd
Lies Poem Elfy 8 Mar 3rd
I Have Learned Poem trumpet7 Mar 3rd
If you love me Poem Roxy 2 #tragedy #love #relationships #true love #romantic #romance Mar 3rd
Broken Thing Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Mar 3rd
Damn Poem IdotKnowStill 2 Mar 3rd
Smoke Clouds. Poem IdotKnowStill Mar 3rd
nothing left Poem theforgotten 4 Mar 3rd
Spiritual Failure Poem jzoller3 6 Addiction, Christian, cry for help, Faith, God, struggle Mar 3rd
dont know if this is a prose or not. i dont know what they are Prose DeadAvacados Mar 3rd
persevering Prose DeadAvacados Mar 3rd
On this fine day, Poem facethetruth2b 3 Mar 4th
Where to go? Poem cubsciroc 2 Mar 4th
Rechoosing my religion Poem SSmoothie 2 Mar 4th
ছি ছি ছি! Poem shawon1982 1 Mar 4th
Threaded Needles Poem razorbladedream 2 bad relationships, break up Mar 4th
Help Me Poem nickiminajrules222 2 Mar 4th
A simple path to freedom Poem Anonymous 1 Hope, joy, love, Peace Mar 4th
Tell me. Poem Anonymous Unify Mar 4th
Got Stalker? Poem ADAPT 5 Mar 4th
The Sand Beneth our Feet Poem martal_arts 2 Mar 4th
The Visit Poem CRIS 3 baby's death, sadness, visit Mar 4th
دراسة موسى ابراهيم أبو رياش عن رواية الصندوق الأسود Poem gulizaranwar Mar 4th
Mom and Dad You always said.... Poem Elfy 10 Mar 4th
Everything and nothing. Poem Anonymous 2 Neutral Mar 4th
My Dad Poem CaptainShambles 1 father father son relationship parents apology Mar 4th
Two Steps Back Poem DaveBrowder Mar 4th
To Follow Poem RaveDave 3 Mar 4th
A wave and an ocean. Poem Anonymous 4 Spiritual insight Mar 4th
Cage Poem Anonymous 5 Opening heart Mar 4th
Blinded Poem Anonymous 4 Questioning Mar 4th
Future planning Poem Anonymous Question help love life Mar 4th
So much for honesty Poem Untalented 2 lost, love Mar 5th
The End of Grace Poem trumpet7 Mar 5th
Going Out Poem Nyx 1 Mar 5th
Codeine Galaxy Poem ADAPT 6 We all have worlds we create Mar 5th
Good Bye Jerk Poem cassyjerrett 8 Mar 5th
অটোগ্রাফ Poem shawon1982 Mar 5th
Hand in my pocket Poem SSmoothie 7 Mar 5th
বিচারকের দৌরাত্ম্য Poem shawon1982 Mar 5th
That word. Poem Dmack8104 Mar 5th