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Pennsylvania, US

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~-Foul language ahead-~

~Im 14 years young :p
~Imma guurl! ^.^
~I dont like bright things >.<
~I speak my mind... it may be weird.. yeahhh.. so?
~Ї ♥ мaн Skittlez!! ♥♥ Ta$тє тнё ґaїйвощ вутcн! :p
~Dont fuck with me or my friends.. cause you'll just get fucked up, obviously..
~Music Is life! Literally.. with my family I need it..
~Mah friends are adorable <<33
~Ї lоvє щяїтїйg aиd pоєтґу
~I have trust issuuues o:
~Hate me? Dont care >.>
~Ї ♥ мaн Mountain Dew ♥♥ Its my drug .-.

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its a one of a kind and i've never seen one like it!

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Robert Frost
Emily Dickinson
Emo Seb


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