An eye for an eye

Six years ago I perjured myself at a murder trial.
Now I realize what I did was both evil and vile.
My poor sister was the person who was killed.
When I testified, the defendant's fate was sealed.

I was so sure that he was guilty, that's why I lied.
The man was sentenced to death after he was tried.
I wanted that man to die eversince he was placed under arrest.
But two months ago another man came forward and confessed.

That man went to the gas chamber because I said that I saw him kill my sister.
I was consumed by pain and anger and I really missed her.
I really did wrong when I took the stand.
My lie caused the death of an innocent man.

I confessed that I perjured myself and now I'm in jail.
I feel so much guilt and remorse and now I live in Hell.
I felt that it was an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
Justice would've prevailed if I had simply told the truth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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Oh god. You almost made me

Oh god. You almost made me crap my pants. I almost thought this poem wasn't fictional. Lol. But anyways loved the poem very realistic in the projection of human emotion. Job well done.