Monthly Archive for December 2011

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trust is hard. Poem not_an_addict Dec 1st
APOLLO AND DAPHNE (Eight By Four) Poem ladydp2000 apollo, author, daphne, dorian, dreams, fantasy, fictional, petersen, Poems, Poetic, POETRY, potter, writer Dec 1st
Lost and Found Poem asperugo 2 Dec 1st
Sometimes love's not enough Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 1st
Fuckin hindsight Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 1st
Dragon Warrior 2011: Lessons of Romance Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 1st
A daughters Tears. Poem Elfy 6 Dec 1st
To- My other Parents Poem Elfy 5 Dec 1st
Quiver Poem grahf Dec 1st
Rape. Poem Elfy 15 Dec 1st
Our Song Poem BBran91 love Dec 1st
So delicate Poem BBran91 past Dec 1st
That night Poem Gonebutnotforgotten Crazy, murderer Dec 1st
Sunday Morning Poem spiroszafiris Dec 1st
A HURRICANE'S REPAST Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 1st
The Feeling Poem เครื่องบินรบไทย sex, sexual poetry, the feeling Dec 1st
can we not win the war feeding poor? Poem bipurnatara 2 POETRY Dec 1st
Coincide Poem sale7rad Beauty, freedom, grace, imagination, joy, love, Peace, wonder Dec 1st
Battles Of Lost Souls Poem DaveBrowder Dec 1st
The child beyond the stars Poem Shadow_season God, heaven, Incantation, Moon, Space Dec 1st
Inside Joke Poem DaveBrowder Dec 1st
Against The Wall Poem DaveBrowder Dec 1st
Pretty Poem DaveBrowder Dec 1st
Wildest Dreams Poem DaveBrowder Dec 1st
whole wide world Poem voighdt Dec 1st
Bright Light Poem withpen_inhand Dec 1st
My neighbor's dog Poem thisisme789 animal abuse, chained up animals, dogs Dec 1st
Waking Up Drunk Poem msjwh Dec 1st
Lhasa Apso Poem msjwh Dec 1st
Black Labs Poem msjwh Dec 1st
Buddy Poem msjwh 1 Dec 1st
End of Something New Poem gail_abi0801 1 Dec 1st
A litttle girls midnight prayer. Poem Elfy 7 Dec 1st
The Day of the Vultures Poem msjwh Dec 1st
Si no ahorra, Cuando? Poem SoulKritiC generation, prosperity Dec 1st
Sombra De Amor Poem SoulKritiC amor, perdido Dec 1st
Untitled 004 Poem SoulKritiC dreamer, found, innocence, lost Dec 1st
Truth to yourself Poem johnkellem90 lost, love, self, true Dec 1st
my poetry Poem juliothegreat Dec 1st
Too Old For Fairytales. Poem creativehue10 Dec 1st
Love her Madly Poem SoulKritiC Abuse, contradiction, Drugs Dec 1st
The Poet Never Known Poem SoulKritiC Abuse, contradiction, drug Dec 1st
Face of Vanity Poem SoulKritiC Abuse, contradiction, Drugs Dec 1st
Misdirections Poem SoulKritiC Abuse, contradiction, Drugs Dec 1st
Lying Eyes Poem SoulKritiC Abuse, contradictions, Drugs Dec 1st
She Poem SoulKritiC Abuse, contradictions, Drugs Dec 1st
Gaurangi - You make me complete Poem ashokshahdeo Dec 1st
wow Poem katie47404 Dec 1st
Lunatics Poem SoulKritiC Abuse, contradictions, Drugs Dec 1st
Little Havana Poem metaphorist Dec 1st
Reese's the Destroyer Poem msjwh Dec 1st
knowing Poem anonomous Dec 1st
2 years time Poem anonomous Dec 1st
once in a life time Poem anonomous Dec 1st
said nothing Poem anonomous Dec 1st
over and over Poem anonomous Dec 1st
years go by Poem anonomous Dec 1st
thinking Poem anonomous Dec 1st
The moon Poem asperugo Dec 1st
you Poem anonomous Dec 1st
To Kill Poem AlejandroBonfil Dec 1st
with you Poem anonomous Dec 1st
ironic Poem anonomous Dec 1st
saying goodbye Poem anonomous 2 Dec 1st
me Poem anonomous Dec 1st
words arent enough Poem anonomous Dec 1st
for you Poem anonomous Dec 1st
they say Poem anonomous Dec 1st
মনোরন্ধ্রে লব্ধ Prose shawon1982 Dec 1st
Eloise Prose msjwh Dec 1st
death Poem anonomous 2 Dec 2nd
broken, shattered, second hand goods. Poem anonomous Dec 2nd
unknown Poem anonomous 6 Dec 2nd
Behold Those Black Wings Poem twisted_soul 2 Dec 2nd
Schoolyard Johnny Poem asperugo 1 Dec 2nd
Ash to Ash Poem MatthewWayne 1 Circle of life, dead, God, Heavens, Psycho- Confessions, Spirituality Dec 2nd
Seems like its all gang bangs and suicides these days* Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 2nd
Maybe I should clean up my past a bit more Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Dec 2nd
push and pull Poem redorb Dec 2nd
Morbid Devices Poem MatthewWayne 4 Dark, ideas, Morbid Devices, Thoughts, twisted Dec 2nd
Patience Poem strawberrieme hopefully Dec 2nd
2012 Calendar Poem msjwh Dec 2nd
for my twin :) Poem MyRandoMthoughtss 1 Dec 2nd
..sigh. Poem MyRandoMthoughtss 2 Dec 2nd
A Sad Truth Poem Dmack8104 1 Dec 2nd
Living without something I never had Poem Theprofoundhumm... lieing to yourself, Relationships that never happened Dec 2nd
Timely Poem spiroszafiris Dec 2nd
And God is silent. Poem bipurnatara POETRY Dec 2nd
‎''The man I love'' Poem Wonder1234 Dec 2nd
‎''The Voices'' Poem Wonder1234 Dec 2nd
House Of Lost Souls Poem DaveBrowder Dec 2nd
Mirror Image (Just Like You) Poem DaveBrowder Dec 2nd
The Night We Took Off Poem DaveBrowder Dec 2nd
Best Of Darkness And Light Poem DaveBrowder Dec 2nd
Into My Dreams Poem DaveBrowder Dec 2nd
Cat Poem RainerBukowski 4 Dec 2nd
To-My Mother Poem thisisme789 6 adopted families, adoption, adoptive mothers Dec 2nd
One Blessing in Two Poem gail_abi0801 1 Dec 2nd
the speed of light Poem 9inety Dec 2nd
My minds a labyrinth Poem twisted_soul Dec 2nd
Hatchling Poem Sivus Dec 2nd
Not So Ture Love Poem twisted_soul 1 Dec 2nd
So can you? Poem twisted_soul Dec 2nd
A Day To Remember Poem trumpet7 Dec 2nd
ক্লেদাক্ত দ্বৈতসত্ত্বা Prose shawon1982 Dec 2nd
Embers - Humble Conversation Prose benbadge Dec 2nd
the tree and the birds, alone Poem AlejandroBonfil Dec 3rd
Anthem To The Peacemaker Poem TREXPATTON a Hymn, Dona Nobis Pacem, to Cavaliera Rusticana. Dec 3rd
One Faithful G.I. Poem TREXPATTON Dec 3rd
Welcome, Muse Poem TREXPATTON Dec 3rd
No Warrior Needs To Be Asked To Pray Poem TREXPATTON Dec 3rd
Your Warriors Are Still Dying Poem TREXPATTON Patriotism Dec 3rd
O'er Countess Graves Poem TREXPATTON Fear., grief, memory, Patriotism Dec 3rd
No Desert Poppies Poem TREXPATTON grief, love, Patriotism, remembrance Dec 3rd
Names I Recall Poem TREXPATTON war youth cross crescent magen Dec 3rd
Silver cord-wood Poem TREXPATTON Dec 3rd
Monolog With My Muse Poem TREXPATTON flesh deeds mind Dec 3rd
Since We Met Poem TREXPATTON 2 A love poem Dec 3rd
Mind-Travel Poem TREXPATTON Dec 3rd
Once Young -- Now Old Poem TREXPATTON 2 Dec 3rd
Possibilities Abounding. Poem BrittanyWebb Dec 3rd
A JOURNEY IN LOVE Poem heatherburns35 a journey in love Dec 3rd
AT MY TABLE Poem heatherburns35 2 at my table Dec 3rd
RENEWAL OF NATURE Poem heatherburns35 2 renewal of nature Dec 3rd
Logiclessness Poem Swati_Garg 2 Dec 3rd
Newt Poem merkaba11 Dec 3rd
This Totally Rocks Poem Esaelp Dec 3rd
Becky Specky Poem Esaelp Dec 3rd
Black Mayonnaise Poem Esaelp 1 Dec 3rd
Bieber Goes Gaga Over LeTourneau Poem Esaelp 2 Dec 3rd
Rainy Night Poem the-experimenter 4 love, Passion, rain Dec 3rd
Bigger Picture Poem gail_abi0801 1 Dec 3rd
The Book Poem spiroszafiris 2 Dec 3rd
Memory Lane Poem creativehue10 Dec 3rd
أجبنى يامن يسمونك بالحب.. Poem safee Dec 3rd
My anger makes me stupid.. Poem Dmack8104 Dec 3rd
Shadows of Life Poem HMBarnes98 4 apathy sadness depression loss Dec 3rd
Yearning Ages Poem natroyce Dec 3rd
Five thousand Miles Away Poem natroyce Dec 3rd
the blind spineless mollusks Poem coffeewithleona... 1 Dec 3rd
When Heaven And Earth Collide Poem DaveBrowder Dec 3rd
Hide Away Poem DaveBrowder Dec 3rd
Inside Poem DaveBrowder Dec 3rd
Untitled 12/3/2011 Poem Musickoala Dec 3rd
Unconditional Poem Musickoala Dec 4th
request Poem tinaschu 2 Dec 4th
Episode between The Surfer and His Muse Poem MrWes76 Dec 4th
Why I Love You Poem crimsonangel24 because, boyfriend, love, master, reasons Dec 4th
Cold, Burning Hatred Poem crimsonangel24 Dec 4th
X-Mas Is Coming Poem crimsonangel24 2 christmas, grinch, Holidays, Mr. Scrooge Dec 4th
Just Write Poem raeleyn write scared death real weakness compassion Dec 4th
I hate my life Poem raminastar 4 Dec 4th
Jibberish release Poem raminastar 3 Dec 4th
5 Poem Esaelp Dec 4th
Sunday Mornings Poem MrWes76 Dec 4th
The Clock in The Well Poem Esaelp Dec 4th
Death by Richter/God's Promise/ Haiti The Cursed: Tentative titles Poem MrWes76 Dec 4th
Amanda Knox Poem Esaelp Dec 4th
The Queen's Knightmare Poem Esaelp Dec 4th
Sleepmaker, The Poem Esaelp Dec 4th
The Fall Poem bipurnatara POETRY Dec 4th
Livin' For Today (Livin' For Now) Poem DaveBrowder Dec 4th
Hollywood Dreams Poem DaveBrowder Dec 4th
Fadin' Away Poem DaveBrowder Dec 4th
Doin' It All For You Poem DaveBrowder Dec 4th
You Logically got me Poem Swati_Garg 2 Dec 4th
My Barracuda Poem Pfcspankit 1 Dec 4th
A Better Day Poem creativehue10 Dec 4th
Venky Says Poem vvbhatus General Dec 4th
my love for you ... Poem facethetruth2b Dec 4th
I Don't Need Poem HMBarnes98 5 apathy sadness depression loss Dec 4th
Reasons Why I Love You Poem HMBarnes98 2 excitement, Happiness, love Dec 4th
Distance From the Ground Poem Sivus Drugs, friends, love, romance, Tripping Dec 4th
Yet Poem Elfy 2 Dec 4th
Im not afraid of your demons. Poem Elfy 5 Dec 4th
Attorneys Poem msjwh Dec 4th
Merry Christmas, Donald Poem msjwh Dec 4th
Swimming in a Sea of Make Believe Poem Anonymous Dec 4th
My Childhood Dreams Came True Poem msjwh Dec 4th
Dear Jon. Poem Anonymous Dec 4th
Where did all of the Time Go? Poem Anonymous Dec 4th
Slipping Poem eheffelf love Dec 4th
For Ifty Prose shawon1982 1 Dec 4th
Compromise Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 5th
Lil Freak Girl Poem SinfullySweet freak, Pain, sex Dec 5th
“After a fall such as this I shall think nothing of tumbling down stairs”* Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 5th
We are like a puzzle of uncompleted pasts Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 5th
Just goes to show I think too much Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 5th
The damned one Poem Newn 4 Dec 5th
Thanks Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 5th
PTSD Poem running_with_rabbits 2 PTSD Dec 5th
Of all the philosophy classes in the world…(you have to be mentioned in mine) Poem running_with_rabbits Dec 5th
My Light Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
Open Your Eyes Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
Heart Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
Hurt, Pain (Take It All Away) Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
Brothers In Blood Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
Livin' (Only To Die) Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
As The Rain Falls Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
On an island Poem No1 killing spree, massacre, norway, templar Dec 5th
A rusted heart.. Poem Dmack8104 Dec 5th
Sex Poem Fitzgerald 3 Dec 5th
Only With You Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriend, marriage, physicality, Touch, touching Dec 5th
Rhinestone Poem Esaelp Dec 5th
Fruits of Favor Poem Esaelp Dec 5th
A HIGH JACKED HAPPILY EVER AFTER Poem palewingedpoetess Dec 5th
Accept Change With Grace When Possible Poem Esaelp Dec 5th
Close Your Eyes (Good night, Sweet Dreams) Poem Esaelp Dec 5th
Oh Lord Poem MatthewWayne 4 Divine, God, Hope, love, religion, Spirituality Dec 5th
A Special Smile Poem spiroszafiris 2 Dec 5th
Outside The Rain Poem Bamford7 3 Dec 5th
The Serpentine Curse Poem ehecatl fantasy Dec 5th
Mother Speak Poem ehecatl earth and women Dec 5th
Lavender Galaxy Poem ehecatl falling asleep Dec 5th
Patrick Poem thisisme789 love secrets, moving on, secrets, secrets shared, secrets told Dec 5th
Zero Girl Poem thisisme789 love poems Dec 5th
outside the rain reply Poem Bamford7 Dec 5th
Stress Poem thisisme789 Stress Dec 5th
Jealous Inside Poem Bamford7 1 Dec 5th
ALONE Poem pikurpoison Dec 5th
Ghosts of days gone by and voices that remain silent Poem Shadow_season Ghosts, Incantation, magic, mirrors, Occult Dec 5th
blind justice Poem 9inety Dec 5th
How did you get past my gate? Poem Elfy 5 Dec 5th
Paper Love Poem Fitzgerald 22 Dec 5th
Is there something wrong with me? Poem thisisme789 4 confusion, Questioning Dec 5th
Something about you Poem thisisme789 12 confused, love, Thinking about someone Dec 5th
Will you look into my eyes? Poem Elfy 5 Dec 5th
Will you let me explore? Poem Elfy 11 Dec 5th
The Propositions of Prepositions Poem 9inety Dec 5th
Do This For You Poem Esaelp Dec 5th
the joys of being a mom . Poem facethetruth2b 4 Dec 5th
To Wake Up With you part 1 Poem GSNJSMJ love passion relationship sex Dec 5th
Heal Your Pain Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
Sleeps With Angels Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
Shine Poem HMBarnes98 1 Dec 5th
Rising Flame Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
I Can't Win (For Losing You) Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
Pangarap( HALCYON FOR THE KIDS) Poem anneesor.magbanua Dec 5th
Don't Mess With Me Poem DaveBrowder Dec 5th
disarming Poem grahf 1 Dec 5th
wolf Poem theloudervoice 3 Dec 5th
Infidelity Prose running_with_rabbits Dec 5th
My son Prose running_with_rabbits 2 Dec 5th
knowing desire Poem significance_of_2 desire infatuation love wisdom lust romance Dec 6th
She, They Poem Sivus 2 Dec 6th
No salvation Poem nighthawk21 Dec 6th
ON HOLD WITH SEARS Poem chris Dec 6th
STAY OR GO Poem chris Dec 6th