I closed my eyes, and separated myself from everything and everyone. I left the world’s haunting commotion and its superficial duties. I dropped the meaningless thoughts of the day and let go of all attachments, which bind me to the shackles of game and work. I entered my own universe, one whose parallels are unhindered, flowing freely with the senses of my imaginations. I embarked on a formless transcendence, one whose sounds are colors, lights are dreams, objects are memories, with love in streams. I felt blended and dissolved into the horizons of the beauty portrayed before me, and I was consumed by the infinite capacities of its wonder. Thoughts became memories, images waved into ripples, sounds illuminated into flashbacks, and logic disassembled into mysticism. Pain transformed into a tingling pleasure which magnified with every stimulus resonating throughout the plains of this virtual reality. Time seemed to take the form of peaceful waves flowing to the shore. It just flowed, and carried on. It was no longer still in fear and distorted in idleness, it just moved along, with nothing but the hymns of the wind to carry it. It was kind of funny, that despite all of the fascinating phenomena being cast upon the spires of my imagination and fortress of my unconscious, there was silence. It was so deep and tranquil, so calming to chaos. Fears just began to drift with the tides, turmoil began to disassemble in the rays of sunshine. Reason took the form of nothingness, and sublime art scattered throughout the skies, just painting its realm its realm with the aspirations of my innocence, and the dreams of my desideratum.

Truly wonderful it was, as I left the chains of the world and my scars aside,
But I ought to face these challenges, so that such beauty with reality, may coincide

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