Cold, Burning Hatred


I am getting tired of this shit
Sick and fucking tired of all this
Mother fucking shit
Being pushed around and treated like
A fucking red-headed step child
I feel so beaten down and taken advantage of
Even though I am not being abused, physically
"Let her live her own life as long as we can control it"
That’s what they are doing, abusing me
Not physically but mentally
They are dragging me down
Down to their fucking level
Now that I am down to their level
I am going to rise up
And move away just like I did before
January 24, 2003, the day I turned 18
But I am going to do it again
Just like before, but unlike before
I don’t a specific date to go
But I will do this
And tell them to their faces
How much I appreciate having
Parents fight for me to get me home
And how much I felt like I was being used
That now that I have gotten away
From them this time,
That I never plan to talk to them again
That they will never see any grandchildren I may have
Fuck them and this fucked up shit
That they are doing to me
Because while I took the abuse
My children will not have to take this shit
Because I will not keep their phone number
And never will they see their grandchildren
They may as well ex me outta their life
Forget that they ever had a daughter
Because they have already shown
That they have forgotten I’m their flesh and blood
Only seeing the fact of cold hard cash
Well here it is mom and dad,
That is how my heart is toward you,
Cold, hard, and burning with hatred

Written on
June 25, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written towards my parents. This is how I feel, because of what they are doing to me. Truthfully, they still are, even though its been almost 6 months since I've written this. I am already cold towards them, they just dont see it because of their blinders.

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