Clarity Pyramids









midnight blue blanket

 do consume us wholly

you, raping bodies in death

"spill the light of heaven on me"







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Clarity Pyramid


(I didn't mean to erase your comments, Beeble. I hadn't realized I wrote it as prose instead of a poem. I did the other one the same way. Your comment wss appreciated, and thank you for your compliment♥)

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A Poet's Wish

mystical magical words

of love,

bring me the child in all.


mystical magical child within,

remind me, 

unblind me

to my essence



mystical magical 

moonlit night,

let blankets of 


restore my sight.


mystics in poetry,

angels of rhyme,

shower me,

empower me,

twirl love 

to infinity,

your gentleness is

grace so sublime!



Inspired by Allets 









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Sometimes The Moon

Love, Romance

Suspended in space,

All the stars in the sky,

Perfect form,

Perfect grace,

Caught up in rapture,

A celestine view,

So sure where I am...

Under the same moon as you.

Copyright 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blissful universe as seen from earth, and above.

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The Regressors

The Regressors

Through the twisting, celestial wormhole; the time point vortex that connects to fixed points in time they find themselves traveling. To change history, to alter the course of events, to align the 9 points Heimdall and open the gate to Bifrost, the bridge that connects our world to the hidden realm of the gods. Absolute power is their desire, the power the elder gods posses; the power to create chaos and destruction, to give life and take life; the power to slay, even gods. With the stolen time point vortex generator, the fallen sons and daughters of the Aesir seek to bring vengeance upon both worlds. Each regression is one step closer to oblivion.

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Ash to Ash

Volume Two

“Ash to Ash”

I will crawl for every inch,
Dig till I reach blood and bone
I might be broke, but my spirit is rich
for I know; soon I will be home
In this universe nothing is ever wasted
Energy flows, as stars implode
a multidimensional reality so multifaceted
where our creator lies within a code.

Between the violet rays, and the purple haze;
far past the horizon, where the sun has gone
buried within our mind, is the knowledge we shall find
we are one of many, far to complex to see

A god within you, a god within I
and all becomes clear when we die
a complex pattern to this always strange life.

This life is just a journey, a path we travel
an experience for our consciousness, for our soul
within a reality that is so beautiful

Everything is as we perceive it to be
a world defined by all that we see
all created within the ashes of our humanity.

“Sooner or later we all become astrange
to our own humanity”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Found this poem of mine tucked away on another one of my poetry sites must have forgot to add it here ah well, here it is :)