Frivolity in the Midst of Danger

Come on, take my hand.

There’s a stunning carnival

Right in front of us.


It lights up the night

Like a group of fireflies.


Don’t you see that we have

A chance to rule the night?


So what are you waiting for?


There’s lots to do.

So much to see.

Our hearts will guide us.

No point in holding back now.


We only live once.

We can’t waste this time away.

The night is so young,

But baby, so are we at heart.


The park is stunning.

It’s everything that

I dreamed of.

Why did I delay before?


Now that I’m grown up,

There’s no chains to hold me down.


Come on, take my hand.

The rest of our lives await!


Why are you so scared?

Is the rotating wheel barrel blocking our path?

Did the power outage cause your heart to beat so loud?


Intensive moments build up character and bravery.

Your fears are below you now.


The storm may have

Crashed the party,


But that’s not how I see it.

Being so close to danger


Puts what we’ve learned to the test.

So let’s stand our ground.

And not wait until tomorrow.


The park is stunning.

It’s everything that

I dreamed of.

Why did I delay before?


Now that I’m grown up,

There’s no chains to hold me down.


Come on, take my hand.

The rest of our lives await!

Santa's Arrives

Childrens Poetry

Santa's merriment this coming Christmas will be something to behold!

The family's sentiment at this time of year a joy to see.

All ready with their attonement; however,none needed as they'd all been so good.

Santa notices the ammendments on the Christmas lists; left where they lay.

Santa's announcement that he had found the food,

Santa's ammusement with a mouth full of mince pie.

The reindeers ate to fullfillment, the carrotts left , as they too had. had a hard day.

Now to the arrangement of the presents piled high to the sky.

In contentment around the Christmas tree Santa carefully arranges the gifts.

Someone's up already, quickly time to leave and fly.


By Anita Griffiths 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas for 2016, best wishes and regards, Happy Holidays.

The Night and Day and Story I cannot say

The Night and Day and The Story I cannot say


He was a beautiful creature, with such vibrant scales the colors of the ocean and a purple flower they were smooth and felt as if he were a snake, he was as kind as the wind on a nice calm day, and I wish he didn't have to leave. It was early that morning, I remember crying in my room, my aunt had passed away and I felt as if I were the last person on the earth she was the last bit of family I had, that actually cared anyway, my mother and father were always screaming at me and my brother he was never home, he was always in the woods with “that girl”, but the night my aunt had passed was the night “he” came.

I was cooking my aunts favorite dish a Sweet holiday pie, that was both of our favorite dish, her funeral that would consist of only black and gray it would take place later that night, when it was dark of course, My family never liked her they thought she put crazy things in my head when she was the only one to understand me. I was the rain to her bow and together we just went together.The night had come and it was time, I wore the brightest dress i could I wanted to be the brightest thing there I wanted her to look down from heaven and smile knowing that I loved her, but what happened was unexpected as I flew down the stairs I saw that no one was outside, which was odd because even though they didn't like her they wouldn't miss this, so I started to look around and there on the ground was an invitation to the grand party of the year, I that's when I realized they really were selfish, they would rather go to a stupid party than to say goodbye one last time.

After I walked around for awhile I started to think, think of how I would get back at them, and at some point, I must have wandered into the woods because when I finally looked up I couldn't even see the stars. I looked around and saw a large rock and saw on it for awhile, and suddenly heard a sound not scary but a slight tingling and I was interested so I followed the sound,and I soon found myself by a beautiful waterfall with these mint green lilypads and in that moment I felt like my aunt had lead me here, i felt like it was a sign that meant everything was going to be okay, after I looked around I heard the tinkling again and I looked around trying to figure out where is was coming from, after a few minutes I realized it was coming from inside the waterfall so I quickly stepped across the lilypads and ran through the waterfall, through the waterfall was a cave, a cave of gold that glistened like a fish in shallow waters. Then I saw something move it had the body of a dragon the face of a wolf and the colors of purple flowers and the ocean. As it ran away I followed it, It came across a turn that soon became a dead end. I looked back and thought where did it go I looked all around me and couldn't find it until I looked up and there it was the mystery creature, I stood there looking at it was so beautiful, it was astonishing. I finally broke the silence I quietly said hello and it made a chirping sound, and what formed from that simple hello was magical the next few years as I had aged I would visit the creature and we would talk and play and go on journeys that you would only imagine, a new relationship had formed the ordinary had soon become extraordinary. The creature was the sun so bright and she was the moon who still had a lot to discover.

It had been three years she had first encountered the creature who I had now given a name, Dallan, which meant wise. We would usually talk until dark and then I would go home but tonight seemed different I walked to the woods and felt as if someone was following me, I looked around and no one was there so I went ahead to the waterfall, and yet again I felt as if someone was following me so yet again I looked around and no one was there. I went through the waterfall to find that Dallen was asleep so cleaned up a little until he woke up, then we talked about our day and I told him I thought someone was following me, and just then Dallan had gotten up and went outside the waterfall. As soon as he went out I heard a loud screech it was as if someone's fingernails were on a chalkboard I ran outside to find this bright red liquid on Dallan,I realized it was blood, I looked around and saw my brother holding a gun and staring at me as if amazed, I began to cry and scream.Throwing anything I could at my brother, and yet he just stood there that blank look on his face. I ran over to Dallan and hugged him and told him I loved him he was my best friend and I would see him soon and wait up for me. After that, i ran until I couldn't run anymore. I climbed this huge tree with moss on it and it felt as if it had grips on it because “it” wanted me to climb it,when I go to the top I looked around it was beautiful as if I were a bird soaring across the ocean seeing all of the animals swimming by, but only this time I saw trees and the waterfall I even saw my home and I realized why I climbed the tree, why Dallan was shot, Why my aunt had gone, why anything and everything had happened, It was because this was life I no matter how much I wanted to change it I couldn't, I can't bring my aunt back and Dallan is gone the best things in life can go away but that's the beauty of it,” with every end there is a new beginning” those were the last things Dallan ever said to me and I understood them.

After hours of sitting in that tree, i soon came down. I walked over to the waterfall but to my surprise, Dallan wasn't there, instead, there was a tree with the

colors of blue and green and it had a door on it I opened it, and there was Dallan in the form of a flower so beautiful and mysterious but yet welcoming. I

didn't pick the flower, instead, I went home and acted like none of this had ever happened I climbed the long stair to my room and soon fell asleep on my

bed. When I woke up my aunt was there comforting me. Then I realized it was only but a dream.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thisis a short story i wrote no a poem

My Mental Health Issues:


Searching to find out how to account for my unreasonable, chaotic, cycles of thought and resulting behaviour. Was to coin a phrase: "like looking for a needle in a hay stack". Until one day a man knocked at my front door and introduced himself as a psychiatric doctor.

Looking back my erratic behaviour was not all my fault; I had moved from Kenfig Hill to Pyle, and the neighbourghs of that local village; were at some pains, to point out to me I was not welcome ,because of my mental health issues. By taking most, if not every opportunity, to aim their annomosity e.g. verbal abuse, bullying, by leaving unrequired deposits of petrol and urine on the doorstep. Constant heckling, by advertising locally that the flat I lived in was a welcome haven for late night drinking; and with late night revellers constantly trying to break in. Throwing bricks and stones at me and the washing I put out on the line, the police particularly patiently informing me "they may have to respond to the telephone call I made for assistance", but there was nothing to be done about the situation".

One day whilst I was awaiting for a catalogue delivery: when there was a knock at the door, with a tall, thin, angular featured, bespectabled youth on the door step. This youth enquired if his mum could borrow some sugar I think he said. I replied I could not help him as I had no sugar and told him that he should leave.

With a manic scream he pulled a flick knife from his right sleeve, with ease caught and palmed the knife and flicked open the blade, and instantaeniously lunged at me with the knife, with full intent to take my life. As he lunged toward me I instinctively slammed the front door closed, blocking and preventing this youthfull attacker from successfully stabbing me.

There are numerous accounts of other attacks against my person; including the one who tried to run me over; with many witnesses observing this and who called me "a crazy intermittant"

This neighbourhoods bullying, intolerant ways reminded me of the turn of the last centuary's attitudes towards the mentally ill. Or even earlier recorded mistreatment of the mentality ill; by the rich and priveledged holding "tea parties", at which the mentally ill were forced to attend these "parties" and were quite serverly mistreated and also their mental afflictions made fun of and made into  offensive parlour games.The now out moded, and tortuous mistreatment of the mentally and criminaly mentally insane, has ceased in mental health organizations: however, continues in the maleviolent minds and deeds of many so call "neighbourghs" in our own localities. Who's minds I think should be included in some psychiatric assesments; of their complete and often violent intolerance of the metally ill.


Author's Notes/Comments: 



Some people this world can really do without, so it's safer for all of us.

I Love Holidays:

Seasonal Holidays:


Greece has always been a country I wished to visit: the history and ancient architexture of this country; would be lovely to tour.

If I was visiting Greece I think I should like to attend some of their ancient plays. Their literature is as relevent today, as when the plays, were originarliy written : many thousands of years ago. Which is where my imagination comes into play.

The very comfortable hotel I stayed at; was organizing a trip out to an evening of Greek plays and literature. I was so excited I could barely eat the prepared buffett, on this evening.

I attended the Greek literature theater and was amazed how well the play was acted. Music filled the air also, the earthy natural sounds of the musical instruments made the unravelling drama more authentic.

Greece one of our European countries that helped keep the beacon's of civilization alive through it's entire spectrum of life. Later other European countries made a great contribution to the civilized life in Europes as well. 

The Greeks being some of the earliest people to explore and innovate the sciences as well as art, theater, music, language and also science and technology that brought the star's  in the heavens closer.

With stories to go with their discoveries and future exploration.

The natural beauty of island monuments and in conjuction with modern day Greece's buildings; grasps at the viewers attention and your mind is drawn to the captivating sight of the crystal clear blue sea.

Sea life darted here and there, perfectly at home and intricately designed to fit in with the coastal and coral environment. This perfect harmony of life and environment was glorious to view.

During the evenings we had occassion, to enjoy the Hotel's night life: traditional dancing and folklore entertainers and of course some of the modern day popular Greek  music and  a film night; where we watched some of the latest American movies.

It would be really lovely to visit Greece again one day. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love holidays. What's your favourite holiday?

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Greece Here I come:

Seasonal Holidays:

For this fortnight in the Sun, I have long awaited.

A whole two weeks without a cloud or raindrop!

Passport, tickets checked, bags loaded, awaiting here with breath abated.

Oh! my finances in a special envelope.

Say goodbye to soggy Britain, so little sun, you can get ricketts.

I am off to Greece to mingle with their culture.

Might even find a beach where they play the wickets

To a land we go;  where there is many a sculpture.

The hotels great, there is so much fun.

To try the arts, pottery, painting, mosaic.

Only all day at my disposal and lots of Sun.

And amongst buildings that are realy archaic.

Another hot day, down to the beachl remember uv factor.

All this warmth golden sands, neatly arranged sun loungers.

There's a pool at the hotel too, I'll look it up later.

To dive into clear sea; no prelevant dangers.

Fine dinning this evening, I've heard, an open plan buffett.

No platter empty, although dropped plates made a clatter.

Ooops! we seem to have colided, what a muppet!

But we are on holidays does it realy matter?

A museum to visit on a trip tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see Greek pottery.

The pattern's changing styles through the ages; bet it's wars and sorrow.

Holidays nearly over now, I'll take a walk amongst the rockery.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Love holidays.

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When I go to the Fair.



I am thrilled to see the Ferris wheel.

Watching the racing car ride makes me giddy.

I have visions of sliding down the helter skelter reel.

I see people everywhere and they make me dizzy.

When I go to the fair.

Hearing the funfairs rides is exciting.

The arcade too; strums out loud music;

I hear youngsters at the fair playing:

Rhythems on the air, intricate and basic.

When I go to the fair.

Wafting through the air I smell hot dog.

The aroma of candyfloss too, there.

A burger appeared out of a vaporized fog.

Wherever you go at the fair, there is appetising fare.

When I go to the fair.

The feeling of excitement fills the senses.

At the fair, happiness is my usual state.

Although I am always uncertain, is my consensus;

As all the rides there give me an uneven gait!

When I go to the fair.

Author's Notes/Comments: 



A childhood day out to the fairground as a treat. Excitement, happiness, sweets what more could a person want.

Moonlight Fair



Bright, coloured lights, twinkling in the moonlight.

Loud, energetic music, blarred out into the night.

Smells of fast food pervades; intensifying my hungry plight.

I make a bee-line to the hot dog seller, and appease my appetite.

Taking in the atmosphere, of the fair's thrills and spills.

Observing young and old alike enjoying life: fullfills.

Watching the crowds of people as they mill;

Around, some choosing to take a ride that mounted a hill.

After an hour of touring the fair.

I found to my delight, I had won a teddy bear.

Also a goldfish; which survived in my care.

And a free ticket for a ride on the helter skelter there.

By moonlight, I saw youngsters kiss.

And old couples, hand in hand, all a bliss.

Some young children yawning; at the sleep they miss.

Above all my enjoyment, that nothing was amiss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Summertime at the Moonlit Fair; a fruitful evening while winning prizes everywhere.

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I Do

Its dark. So. So. Very dark.
My lips, shaking
Yet still capable of clasping to my teeth.
Smile. I smiled.
Into to light I walked.
I was once told, this should be a good moment.
Was u ready?
I walked into to light.
Down the staircase my mother once walked
Step step step.....
No hesitation.
my smile widened.
I do.