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Roanoke, Virginia

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drawin, swimmin, huntin, workin on cars, motorcycles, playin pool, hangin with friends and of course gettin a lil down and dirty when need be. lol. well, im happily married, I have two boys, a 9 and 2 year old. i have two younger sisters, a very lovin mom, who passed away june 2010. i miss her soo much. i dont have a dad (by choice) i like havin fun. im from the country, hence the reason theres no g's on the end of some words. lol. i dont take crap from people . but then again i am a very lovin person. i love kids and animals and i guess thats all you need to know about, if you wanna know more then ask.

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I think i have a cute lil belly button, its an inny not and outtie. no offense to those that have outties but i prefer my innies. lol. its pierced, along with a few other things ;) lol

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You never know if tommorrow will come so live like you were dying and live life to the fullest no matter who or what tries to stand in your way.


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