Monthly Archive for March 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
No amar de nuevo Poem amores Mar 1st
Common American Knowledge. Poem anexod 1 Poetry/Writing Mar 1st
(rp char) Black Meow Poem angelicgothfurry Mar 1st
bright lights, big city ....... 24Feb05 Poem avengers1965 love Mar 1st
Lucifer's Lightning Poem dblackthorne 1 Abstract Mar 1st
A Part of Me Poem eduffy Mar 1st
Your Eyes Poem eduffy Mar 1st
Sunshine Poem elham 2 Mar 1st
lies and stories Poem eternity Mar 1st
Too Bad So Sad (random thoughts) Poem forsakenkalika 1 Mar 1st
Miscommunicaton Poem forsakenkalika 1 Breaking Up Mar 1st
I guess Poem geneconner2008 romance Mar 1st
Fantasy Land Poem ivy_lights love Mar 1st
TIME Poem jacey Mar 1st
why am i even alive?! Poem jazzy91 Hate Mar 1st
i dont know you Poem jazzy91 1 Addiction Mar 1st
@|>R|!|_ 2|\||] Poem jazzy91 1 Suicide Mar 1st
die the most painfulest death.........please Poem jazzy91 1 Anger Violent Mar 1st
The Exit Sign Is Missing Poem jessixstar Goodbye Mar 1st
I Dont Wanna Be a Burden on You Poem kitez 1 love Mar 1st
Will I Ever Find Peace? Poem meray death Mar 1st
Prove it Poem meray Mar 1st
Someone Poem meray 1 Loneliness Mar 1st
Cries of Their Plight Poem meray 1 Depression Mar 1st
Little Games Poem meray Other Mar 1st
Dance Day Poem meray Other Mar 1st
Old Friends, New Friends Poem meray Mar 1st
Three of Many Forms Poem meray Mar 1st
Satan's Children Poem meray Mar 1st
Kid Spirits Poem meray Mar 1st
Elements of the Seasons Poem meray Mar 1st
A Demon's Night Poem meray Mar 1st
Four Strongest Elements Poem meray Mar 1st
Stressful Plays Poem meray Mar 1st
Exams Poem meray Mar 1st
Study Poem meray Mar 1st
Food Poem mermaid Mar 1st
A Woman in Black Poem mermaid Mar 1st
Annihilation Poem mermaid Mar 1st
Scenes from Life II Poem mermaid Mar 1st
The Dreaming Tree Poem mermaid Mar 1st
A Special Thanks to Readers of My Poetry Poem pamschwetz 4 Mar 1st
Snowflakes Poem pamschwetz 1 Mar 1st
Here We Are Poem pgeihm Hope Mar 1st
AND STILL I LOVE YOU Poem Poeticallyloved Bittersweet Mar 1st
Lamenting, Mourning, Saying his Adieu Poem redspider Mar 1st
Our Angel Awaits Poem robynjennifer 1 Mar 1st
Promise Poem samantha_ann Depression Mar 1st
thinking Poem samantha_ann Depression Mar 1st
Jaded Thoughts of You Poem sojaded 2 Memories Mar 1st
Untitled Poem sojaded family Mar 1st
Wasted Time Poem strumbles06 Mar 1st
A Love Poem; A Hate Poem Poem strumbles06 Mar 1st
Innuendo Poem strumbles06 Mar 1st
A Good Parasite Doesn't Hurt the Host Poem strumbles06 Mar 1st
Patriotism On Drugs Poem strumbles06 Mar 1st
قول وفعل Poem Thanaa_Darwish Mar 1st
Peace From God Poem trumpet7 2 inspiration Mar 1st
No Ambition. Poem yardesspoetess Mar 1st
I Miss... Poem alexandrea_maki 1 Lost love Mar 2nd
At One Point Poem beautifulpain 8 Mar 2nd
Luck 05 Poem beautifulpain 4 Mar 2nd
A winter's day Poem Acruxansata 1 sadness Mar 2nd
Still friends?? Poem Acruxansata friendship Mar 2nd
I know you hurt Poem Acruxansata 1 friendship Mar 2nd
My ABC's Poem cassandra_lynn Mar 2nd
One I’ve been seeking Poem follow_the_knyht Mar 2nd
To My Love Poem hhickson 1 love Mar 2nd
Don't Piss Off Mother Nature Poem hhickson Nature/Environment Mar 2nd
No, My Love Was Not a Lie Poem hhickson Mar 2nd
Coming Undone Poem jessixstar Mar 2nd
One Year Reunion Poem joelcarter_86 Forgiveness Mar 2nd
The Side of Me That Hides When You Are Around Poem joelcarter_86 confusion Mar 2nd
To Live is... Poem kittykass Life/Living Mar 2nd
BURNING MEMORIES Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Mar 2nd
FRIENDS & FOES Poem ladydp2000 Imagery Mar 2nd
TO LOVE YOU MORE Poem ladydp2000 love Mar 2nd
TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES Poem ladydp2000 1 inspiration Mar 2nd
The pain Poem lostandbroken Mar 2nd
It was never about the skin Poem lostandbroken Mar 2nd
Of Twilight and Fairy Tales Poem myrataal Bittersweet Mar 2nd
* Kan - Hatkt * Poem poetvg 1 Mar 2nd
* Pima * Poem poetvg 1 Mar 2nd
* Firey Rain * Poem poetvg 5 Mar 2nd
EMPTY CHASM Poem Queen_Serenity Depression Mar 2nd
WITHOUT YOUR LOVE Poem Queen_Serenity Depression Mar 2nd
EMBRACE Poem Queen_Serenity 1 love Mar 2nd
FREE Poem Queen_Serenity Depression Mar 2nd
Eternity Poem shellz 1 Mar 2nd
hopelessly in love Poem vatchejames 1 love Mar 2nd
The Light Poem starlite_angel 3 Mar 2nd
Cadence: Part 2 Poem tina_lynne Mar 2nd
Cadence: Part 3 Poem tina_lynne Mar 2nd
Cadence: Part 4 Poem tina_lynne Mar 2nd
Speaking Truth Poem trumpet7 inspiration Mar 2nd
One True Quote Poem unrulyspring Mar 2nd
Hope Remains Poem wishful_thinking 1 Mar 2nd
The Edge is Perfect Poem adamrice 7 dreams Mar 3rd
After Hours (00) intro (Bondage) Poem angelicgothfurry Mar 3rd
Not Poem BackstageMaverick Mar 3rd
Midnight Poem BackstageMaverick Mar 3rd
Note To Self Poem BackstageMaverick Mar 3rd
Elsa Peretti� earrings, for pierced ears/WB4/3/Marbal/th/05/608 Poem catherine Mar 3rd
Hidden Poem chachi Mar 3rd
Here forever now 3-3-05 Poem Deathscompanion8 2 Mar 3rd
Lie again 3-3-05 Poem Deathscompanion8 2 Mar 3rd
Reason for the Season Poem exthias1983 Prayer Mar 3rd
Old Time Rock and Roll Poem Ravin_Fish 1 Mar 3rd
my eyes, cry so much tears Poem jazzy91 2 Suicide Mar 3rd
i forgived you Poem jazzy91 Hate Mar 3rd
Talk To Me Poem joelcarter_86 Hidden Love Mar 3rd
Goodbye Poem lil_rose Mar 3rd
Muse Poem lil_rose Mar 3rd
Thinking of you! Poem lostinsoul Mar 3rd
Nursery Rhymes Poem C.Locke Nursery Rhymes Mar 3rd
Origami Poem C.Locke Mar 3rd
قلت له: سأعود.. ولم أعُد!! Poem Nibras 1 Mar 3rd
حداد قلم Poem Nibras Mar 3rd
فكر.. وخيال.. Poem Nibras Mar 3rd
ذات ليلة Poem Nibras Mar 3rd
feelings for u Poem niltak Mar 3rd
words from the heart Poem niltak Mar 3rd
Lookin for Love Poem pamschwetz 1 Mar 3rd
Positive Mental Attitude,pma pam Poem pamschwetz 3 Mar 3rd
How Rude Poem pamschwetz 1 Mar 3rd
"Too Many Reasons" Poem passionaterider Mar 3rd
"Captain's Painting" Poem passionaterider 1 Mar 3rd
"Box Of Memories" Poem passionaterider 1 Mar 3rd
"LovingYou" Poem passionaterider Mar 3rd
~ Eternity's Masterpiece ~ Poem passionaterider Mar 3rd
"Broken" {lack of faith warning} Poem passionaterider Mar 3rd
"Sunken Treasures" Poem passionaterider Mar 3rd
"Inside Me" Poem passionaterider Mar 3rd
A New Tomorrow Poem poetry_freak Mar 3rd
"Precious Doe" Poem poetry_freak Mar 3rd
Hysterical Poem poetry_freak Mar 3rd
***Dawn Anew Poem poetry_freak Mar 3rd
Gentle Breeze of Soft Laughter Poem poetry_freak Mar 3rd
* Shattered * Poem poetvg Mar 3rd
Christmas time Poem AlexC Holidays Mar 3rd
...((الأدوات المكتبية))... Poem ser_hm2 Mar 3rd
""I'm in the end with you..."" Poem ser_hm2 4 Mar 3rd
You Are Poem snaps Space & Time Mar 3rd
Fledgling Poem strumbles06 Mar 3rd
I Aged Five Years in 20 Minutes Poem strumbles06 Mar 3rd
Duality Poem strumbles06 Mar 3rd
Admission of Love Written on a Sweaty Palm Poem strumbles06 Mar 3rd
الصهيونية ما بين النشاه والأقنعة الجديدة Poem tariqasrawi Mar 3rd
قبض ريح Poem Thanaa_Darwish Mar 3rd
If we can be friends Poem tonanzith friendship Mar 3rd
On Borrowed Time Poem trumpet7 inspiration Mar 3rd
Kindness Poem unrulyspring Mar 3rd
Great Difference Poem unrulyspring Mar 3rd
All Or Nothing Kind Of Love Poem wishful_thinking Mar 3rd
I AM Poem xtearsoakedeyesx sadness Mar 3rd
My Chemical Romance | Demolition Lovers Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Song Lyrics Mar 3rd
My Chemical Romance | You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Song Lyrics Mar 3rd
My Chemical Romance | Thank You for the Venom Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Song Lyrics Mar 3rd
Jesse McCartney | Beautiful Soul Poem xtearsoakedeyesx 1 Song Lyrics Mar 3rd
Dashboard Confessional | Hands Down Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Song Lyrics Mar 3rd
Alkaline Trio | Stupid Kid Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Song Lyrics Mar 3rd
BESTFRIENDS Poem xtearsoakedeyesx 1 friendship Mar 3rd
Vindicated Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Abstract Mar 3rd
Savage Garden | Break Me... Shake Me Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Song Lyrics Mar 3rd
Savage Garden | Affirmation Poem xtearsoakedeyesx Song Lyrics Mar 3rd
For Now Poem _jennita_ Mar 3rd
Intertwined Poem _jennita_ Mar 3rd
Sensual Passion Poem _jennita_ Mar 3rd
Flick of the Tongue Poem _jennita_ Mar 3rd
Ingathering Poem alwalclif 1 Beauty Mar 4th
American Dog Poem anexod 2 Culture/Society Mar 4th
Claim Poem anthamarie Betrayal Mar 4th
One Love Poem anthamarie Dark Mar 4th
running away .... 4March05 Poem avengers1965 Acceptance Mar 4th
Keshi pearls; /WJN/3/Marbalella/Th/5/103 Poem catherine Mar 4th
Colors of You Poem chachi 1 Mar 4th
Silver Dust Poem chachi Mar 4th
Hey Little Jonny Poem chachi Mar 4th
LADYBUG, LADYBUG Poem chris Children Mar 4th
Tumbling Alice Poem Chase Mar 4th
I look to You Poem deethepoet Mar 4th
Dream to simply show..... Poem follow_the_knyht Mar 4th
Cover Stay's shut Poem follow_the_knyht Mar 4th
Spend my life with you Poem follow_the_knyht Mar 4th
Will you marry me? Poem follow_the_knyht 3 Mar 4th
Voiceless Poem forgeteden Mar 4th
سفر Poem hasnaouilazhar Poetry/Writing Mar 4th
Rebirth Poem LadyAryn 1 Mar 4th
Breath of Rain Poem LadyAryn 3 Mar 4th
i know what to do Poem jazzy91 Depression Mar 4th
من زمانات Poem Nibras 1 Mar 4th
بحيرة الفيروز.. Poem Nibras Mar 4th
So this is goodbye Poem nighthawk21 Mar 4th
Why bother with me Poem nighthawk21 Mar 4th
Untitled -- 3.3.2005 Poem nighthawk21 Mar 4th
Just maybe Poem nighthawk21 Mar 4th
Im giving up Poem nighthawk21 Mar 4th
Success Sharing-Home Depot-March 13,2005 Poem pamschwetz 1 Mar 4th
Just Another Day in the Episode of Life Poem pamschwetz 1 Mar 4th
Hugs Poem pamschwetz 1 Mar 4th
* Len * Poem poetvg 1 Mar 4th
ON THE BEACH Poem profrksingh 1 Tanka Mar 4th
taking the words Poem rashmiitz Mar 4th
Jigsaw Poem Sivus Existence Mar 4th
You aren't God Poem snickerdoodles 1 Mar 4th
Insecure Poem sojaded Depression Mar 4th
جمال الدنيا/كمال محيسي Poem sudan Generosity Mar 4th
وطنا/محجوب شريف Poem sudan Abuse Mar 4th
ياشعبا لهبك ثوريتك/محجوب شريف Poem sudan Abstract Mar 4th
الحنين يا فؤادي/اسماعيل حسن Poem sudan Meditation/Zen Mar 4th
سليم الذوق/ابراهيم الرشيد Poem sudan Acrostic Mar 4th
قسم بمحيك البدري/ابو صلاح Poem sudan Mar 4th
مرحبا ياشوق/ الجيلي عبد المنعم Poem sudan Acceptance Mar 4th
أول غرام/علي ميرغني Poem sudan Mar 4th
أكتوبر الأخضر/محمد المكي ابراهيم Poem sudan Acceptance Mar 4th
بعد ايه/اسماعيل حسن Poem sudan Acrostic Mar 4th
المستحيل/اسماعيل حسن Poem sudan friendship Mar 4th
صدفة/اسماعيل حسن Poem sudan Existence Mar 4th
وتر مشدود/ محجوب شريف Poem sudan Mar 4th
نور العين/اسماعيل حسن Poem sudan Acceptance Mar 4th
الود/عمرالطيب الدوش Poem sudan Abuse Mar 4th
بناديها/عمر الطيب الدوش Poem sudan Abstract Mar 4th
الهوى الأول/الجيلي عبد المنعم Poem sudan Acrostic Mar 4th
القمر بوبا/ اسماعيل حسن Poem sudan Mar 4th
حنينة/اسماعيل حسن Poem sudan Acceptance Mar 4th
المرسال/محمد أبو قطاطي Poem sudan Acrostic Mar 4th
خاف من الله/اسماعيل حسن Poem sudan Anger NonViolent Mar 4th
أصبح الصبح/محمد الفيتوري Poem sudan Mar 4th
حبيناك من قلوبنا/اسماعيل حسن Poem sudan Acceptance Mar 4th
سوات العاصفة/محمد أبو قطاطي Poem sudan Acceptance Mar 4th
ياأعز الناس/اسحاق الحلنقي Poem sudan Acrostic Mar 4th
الطير المهاجر /صلاح أحمد ابراهيم Poem sudan Acceptance Mar 4th
عذبني/محمد يوسف موسى Poem sudan Acceptance Mar 4th
حسن عبد الوهاب : ماتخجلى Poem sudan Abuse Mar 4th
قطر الندى/اسحاق الحلنقي Poem sudan Acrostic Mar 4th
جميلة ومستحيلة/محجوب شريف Poem sudan Feminism Mar 4th
بلد رايح/عمر الطيب الدوش Poem sudan Acceptance Mar 4th
الحزن القديم/عمر الطيب الدوش Poem sudan Articles Mar 4th
Cadence: Part 5 Poem tina_lynne 2 Mar 4th
Light For The End Poem trumpet7 inspiration Mar 4th
I'm shallow, I'm leaving. Poem twilight_stranger 1 Self-doubt Mar 4th
Angsty Hero Poem twilight_stranger Angst Mar 4th
trust.. Poem Addisonluka Mar 4th
wishing for a day... Poem Addisonluka Mar 4th
lied emotions.. Poem Addisonluka Mar 4th
GIRL Poem xtearsoakedeyesx 1 lesbian love Mar 4th
Kicking The Habit Poem _jennita_ 1 Mar 4th
ليلة مظلمة Poem alihseen Mar 5th
مجزرة الحلة والتلاحم المصيري للعراقيين Poem alihseen Mar 5th
Love Terds Poem beautifulpain 1 Mar 5th