Don't Piss Off Mother Nature

California is slipping into the sea,

Hurricanes ravage from Miami Florida

To Washington DC.

Snow blankets the north,

Then it melts,

Flooding for all its worth,

All the way to the sun belt.

Storms and tornados,

Rip the mid west,

Putting insurance companies,

To the test.

Nature has gone freaking wild,

But the government sits and smiles.

Global warming is just a myth,

There really is no correlation to this.

Bury your heads in the sand,

That way you won’t see me stand,

Behind you to bring a foot up fast,

To give you a good swift kick in the a**.

Wake up and face the fact,

That nature is going to give back,

For all the damage and our lack,

Of making an effort to act.

Consider this a wake up call,

Mother Nature is pissed

And will take it all.

If it means killing every frapping one of you,

Mother Nature will extract her due.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just for fun.

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