Monthly Archive for January 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
{Empty title} Poem desert_rose love Jan 1st
تلوم Poem desert_rose Abstract Jan 1st
إغضب Poem desert_rose Abstract Jan 1st
قص Poem desert_rose Abstract Jan 1st
أ Poem desert_rose love Jan 1st
كلمات - Poem desert_rose Abstract Jan 1st
I Was You Poem 1SP Jan 1st
Nobody Became Someone Poem 1SP Jan 1st
New Poem joelcarter_86 Anger NonViolent Jan 1st
soul less Poem kayspoems Jan 1st
belief Poem kayspoems Jan 1st
I Remember Poem kayspoems Jan 1st
Oh Little JonBenet Poem maddiejace Jan 1st
On Christmas Night Poem maddiejace Jan 1st
Lesser than thou Poem mageickone Jan 1st
hatred for two Poem mageickone Jan 1st
Flower of we Poem mageickone Jan 1st
searching Poem mageickone Jan 1st
long ago Poem mageickone Jan 1st
Into the dancers dark decline Poem mageickone 1 Jan 1st
Staring into a world of adoration Poem mageickone Jan 1st
Vial of unity Poem mageickone Jan 1st
Unapparent Poem mageickone Jan 1st
Life lived in decay Poem mageickone Jan 1st
No key to unlock the saviour Poem mageickone Jan 1st
Not a part of the bigger picture Poem mageickone Jan 1st
dreamt the real Poem mageickone Jan 1st
So instead Poem mageickone Jan 1st
Surreal truth Poem mageickone Jan 1st
The mirror doesn't always tell Poem mageickone Jan 1st
wasted mine Poem mageickone Jan 1st
sister machina Poem mageickone Jan 1st
YOU ARE Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 1st
GRACE OF THE LOST Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 1st
One Wish Poem selaweq Loneliness Jan 1st
Bloody Knuckles Poem Sivus Other Jan 1st
Either/Or Poem something_vague choices Jan 1st
By the Sea Poem spf Jan 1st
The Zero Hour Poem stephanyo 1 Sexual Jan 1st
Apples, Oranges, and Organs Poem tin_foil_tiaras Jan 1st
Times are ending Poem Whitney Jan 1st
Fallen Poem alexandrea_maki 1 Pain/Sorrow Jan 2nd
Lessons Poem alexandrea_maki 1 Pain/Sorrow Jan 2nd
Long Road Poem alexandrea_maki 1 Depression Jan 2nd
Maybe Poem alexandrea_maki 2 love Jan 2nd
Other Side Poem alexandrea_maki Goodbye Jan 2nd
Sometimes Poem alexandrea_maki 1 Depression Jan 2nd
Too Late Poem alexandrea_maki Depression Jan 2nd
الصحراء والحرب 2 Poem alihseen Jan 2nd
"Heart on my Sleeve" Poem avengers1965 1 Jan 2nd
"I will follow if you lead" Poem avengers1965 Jan 2nd
Please tell me.. Poem Acruxansata 1 confusion Jan 2nd
Angel Poem Acruxansata 1 Angels Jan 2nd
I was dumb enough to believe in you Poem Acruxansata Hate Jan 2nd
My Ship Came In Poem cathycavalcante dreams Jan 2nd
There It Was Poem cathycavalcante Life/Living Jan 2nd
Upon My Grave Poem cathycavalcante death Jan 2nd
I REMEMBER NOTHING MORE Poem chris History/Past Jan 2nd
Somedays Poem deethepoet Jan 2nd
This is For You Poem deethepoet 1 Jan 2nd
A Perfect Fairy Tale Poem hidnrage822 1 Jan 2nd
In My Dreams Poem hidnrage822 Jan 2nd
Catch A Glimpse Poem hidnrage822 Jan 2nd
quotes Poem jessy88 Jan 2nd
Loving touch Poem jesusmyjoy Jan 2nd
Mother Poem jesusmyjoy 2 Jan 2nd
Hearse Poem jgupta Jan 2nd
Crude Nature Despicable Coupe Poem jgupta Jan 2nd
A String Knot Poem jgupta Jan 2nd
Indulgence Poem jgupta Jan 2nd
The Beginning of the End Poem joelcarter_86 Acceptance Jan 2nd
Close my eyes Poem lovenbloved Jan 2nd
Why Poem lovenbloved Jan 2nd
What I've Learned Poem lovenbloved Jan 2nd
ridiculous me Poem mageickone Jan 2nd
sticking hands in the core of the flame Poem mageickone Jan 2nd
diving for scraps Poem mageickone Jan 2nd
underlying disastrous devices Poem mageickone Jan 2nd
Oleanders Poem C.Locke stream of consciousness Jan 2nd
MUCH MUSIC, THANKS Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 2nd
RESTLESS RUT Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 2nd
A Little Ditty Poem pamschwetz 6 Jan 2nd
Watch What Comes Out Your Mouth! Poem prboggs 1 choices Jan 2nd
My Life Poem saggi 2 Jan 2nd
untold love Poem saggi 1 Jan 2nd
A Deed Without A Consequence Poem tula choices Jan 2nd
spinning into oblivion... Poem Addisonluka Jan 2nd
Magic Unknown Poem Blackbird8916 Jan 2nd
Magic Poem Blackbird8916 1 Jan 2nd
Grace Poem 41tulips Awakening Jan 3rd
Love Snow Poem 41tulips family Jan 3rd
الحوار هو السبيل لحل الازمة العراقية Poem alihseen Jan 3rd
القرار الأخير Poem bakri 2 Jan 3rd
Apologies Poem beautifulpain 5 Jan 3rd
It's Good to be a Child of Abraham Poem blumentopf Jan 3rd
More's The Pity Poem cathycavalcante Life/Living Jan 3rd
WHAT SANTA REALLY IS Poem chris Comedy/Humor Jan 3rd
123 ELM STREET ANYTOWN, ANY STATE USA Poem chris 1 Abstract Jan 3rd
mercy killing : fulfillment of dead plea Poem chubbsmahone Jan 3rd
Leap Of Faith Poem dasweetyjd Jan 3rd
Soilder Poem follow_the_knyht Jan 3rd
Weak Poem follow_the_knyht Jan 3rd
The Beautiful You Poem angeljerlin 1 inspiration Jan 3rd
“Yes!” {SHE 3} Poem angeljerlin Awakening Jan 3rd
Choice Poem jgupta 2 Jan 3rd
Ado Poem jgupta Jan 3rd
Don't Forget This Regret Poem joelcarter_86 Abuse Jan 3rd
Promises Poem katyo3 Jan 3rd
Broken Bones Poem lostinnocence Pain/Sorrow Jan 3rd
Grilled Cheese and Emery Boards Poem C.Locke Jan 3rd
Mercury Poem C.Locke Jan 3rd
Notes Poem C.Locke Jan 3rd
Tangerine Poem C.Locke Jan 3rd
Spectre Poem mouths_of_babes dreams Jan 3rd
أسمى معاني الغرام Poem Noor 1 Jan 3rd
You And I Both Know That: Poem prboggs 1 Jan 3rd
Born Poem sady_ct Anger Violent Jan 3rd
The heavens: Poem sady_ct Beauty Jan 3rd
PACE THE FLEET! Poem sady_ct Jan 3rd
dreaming the dream of forever Poem someoneoncelost Jan 3rd
memory Poem someoneoncelost Jan 3rd
walking down the shore at dusk in november Poem someoneoncelost Jan 3rd
revised Poem that_girl Jan 3rd
Puppet Poem wishful_thinking Jan 3rd
The Bitch I Am Poem xpossessedsoulx Betrayal Jan 3rd
The Stupid Things Poem xpossessedsoulx Betrayal Jan 3rd
I Am Betrayel Poem xpossessedsoulx Betrayal Jan 3rd
A Time So Long Ago Poem _noctemeternus_ Jan 3rd
when it rains... Poem chubbsmahone Jan 4th
the last stand Poem cloud Jan 4th
Faint Not Poem cr_barnes 1 inspiration Jan 4th
On My Own Poem deethepoet Jan 4th
When Poem dhicks01 Jan 4th
Lilith Poem dhicks01 Jan 4th
To Sleep on Angels Wings Poem dhicks01 Jan 4th
My Heart Takes Refuge Poem dhicks01 Jan 4th
The Way Home Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Savior Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
The Scent Of Rain Poem eyesofarunner 1 Jan 4th
This Holiday Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Broken Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Come Find Me Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Crowd Poem eyesofarunner 1 Jan 4th
Demons And Angels Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
I Hope Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
No One Likes A Liar Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Stary Eyes Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Streets Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Wrong Song Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Wandering Souls Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Look Up Poem eyesofarunner 1 Jan 4th
Picture In My Pocket Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
The Day I Was There Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Peaceful Love Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Suffering Through Ashes Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Halo Poem eyesofarunner 1 Jan 4th
Take Away Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Smiling At Me Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Soon Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Fly High Poem eyesofarunner 1 Jan 4th
Stairway Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Thawed Out Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Foo Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Nothing Left To Do Now Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Used Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
This World Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Music To My Ears Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
My Dream Is You Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
I Fear For The Years Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Between Best Friends Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
All That Matters Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
All For You (A Tribute To A Friend) Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Boardwalk Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Burning Died Down Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Above Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
How Many Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Something New Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Your Lies Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Door Poem eyesofarunner Jan 4th
Don't you dare (words of the voices in my head) Poem fighter4life 2 Hate Jan 4th
I miss the way Poem geneconner2008 love Jan 4th
Untitled Poem Briana518 Jan 4th
Cry For help....please sweet mistake save me Poem Briana518 Pain/Sorrow Jan 4th
selfish murder Poem Briana518 Betrayal Jan 4th
2 cases of payback Poem Briana518 Anger Violent Jan 4th
I, Alone Poem grahf Jan 4th
Pledge/Oath Poem Jalindal Jan 4th
Rewind Poem jeanpool Sin Jan 4th
Flooded, Our Dreams Poem joelcarter_86 History/Past Jan 4th
No More Poem lavender_mystique Unrequited Love Jan 4th
Why? Poem lavender_mystique Existential Jan 4th
will you still be mine? Poem lilone_is_on_fi... Jan 4th
The unguided one Poem lilone_is_on_fi... Abuse Jan 4th
Rain Poors Poem lovenbloved Jan 4th
Silhouette Poem maddiejace Jan 4th
Look into my eyes Poem silentdreamer1988 Life/Living Jan 4th
Take me away Poem silentdreamer1988 love Jan 4th
THE CLOAKING HOUR Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 4th
SURROUNDED BY UNCERTAINTY Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 4th
I'm Still Here Poem kick.ass.lass Jan 4th
Death Poem silverstar 1 Jan 4th
Someone Special Poem silverstar Jan 4th
Summer At the Beach Poem silverstar Jan 4th
The Real Me Poem silverstar 2 Jan 4th
Valentine Blues Poem silverstar Jan 4th
Was it a Game? Poem silverstar Jan 4th
Why? Poem silverstar 1 Jan 4th
You Look On Poem silverstar 1 Jan 4th
Wondering About Feelings Poem silverstar Jan 4th
A Letter For You, My Lover Poem sing4u 5 Betrayal Jan 4th
NUMB Poem sweetiepeachy 1 Jan 4th
Fragments Poem thebigsleep Jan 4th
Slumber Poem thebigsleep 1 Jan 4th
02. Sonnet The appetite of Love. On "Sonnets From The Portuguese." Poem TREXPATTON 1 love Jan 4th
DIVORCE Poem TREXPATTON 1 Depression Jan 4th
Sonnet~ 1 # From first sight, through now sight, to end of sight; I Love You. On "MONNA INNOMINATA Poem TREXPATTON 1 love Jan 4th
07 Sonnet ~ Though the moon shades the sun. On "Sonnets From The Portuguese." Poem TREXPATTON 1 love Jan 4th
When Christ Comes to Reign Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jan 4th
Love Life and Lust Poem _jennita_ 4 Jan 4th
Crying Blood and Bleeding Tears Poem _jennita_ 1 Jan 4th
Let Me Go Poem _jennita_ 2 Jan 4th
17 – Du Gamla, Du Fria, Du Fjنllhِga Nord! Poem boarster work Jan 5th
18 - The Good Ole Magical Threshold [explicit] Poem boarster 2 work Jan 5th
16 – Whatever Happened To London? [explicit] Poem boarster work Jan 5th
Shattered Poem Suicidalleming Jan 5th
Seeing Beyond Tomorrow Poem cr_barnes Hope Jan 5th
Muse Kindness Poem cr_barnes 3 inspiration Jan 5th
Only thing good in my life Poem dark_n_lost Jan 5th
Mommy i need you to come back Poem dark_n_lost Jan 5th
Suicide.... Poem dark_n_lost Jan 5th
air plane Poem dark_n_lost 1 Jan 5th
Impossibilities Poem disappear_here 1 Rejection Jan 5th
Favorites...Worried About My Heart Poem djtj 4 Jan 5th
Who are you Poem fat_sweaty_bob Jan 5th
She Poem gweny1313 Jan 5th
Gut Poem gweny1313 1 Jan 5th
Biography of My Past Poem joelcarter_86 History/Past Jan 5th
Time Stands Still Poem leeinmarxx love Jan 5th
Gone Poem leeinmarxx Lost love Jan 5th
Two Lost Angels Poem leeinmarxx Acceptance Jan 5th
Confusion In Identity Poem leeinmarxx 1 Abstract Jan 5th
Eternally (Taryn's Letter) Poem leeinmarxx Tributes/Odes Jan 5th
At All Times (Soul Sisters) Poem leeinmarxx friendship Jan 5th
Come To Me And Be My Love Poem mikie_mike Jan 5th
MY QUINTESSENTIAL LOVE Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 5th
INDIFFERENCE Poem profrksingh Angst Jan 5th
War of Love Poem MatthewWayne inspiration Jan 5th
Once I Escape Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Jan 5th
daddy n tha girls just kicking it Poem smovendrk4u Jan 5th