Born into a life I never wanted

I will make your life hell

just so you can feel what I’m feeling

just so you know that I’m not well

I cut my own flesh to let the pain subside

But it won’t go away ever it won’t leave me alone

It just builds; do you know what that’s like?

Wearing scars upon your skin watching till they are gone?

I argue with the voices in my head, screaming and fighting

throwing my self against walls trying to make them go away

I will put voices in your head, so you can see how hard it is

To make them shut up! I try and try in vain

I will hold you down and cut your flesh till you bleed!

I will beat you against walls to make the voices cease in your head

I will betray you again and again till you can barley function for the pain

And when I am finished you will be in hell! Like the living dead!

I will huddle against the walls thinking of my lost love for you

I will dance my jig of pain

I will remember your sweet smile and passionate kiss

I will cry tears over and over again

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