War of Love

Volume Two

I still hold on with just one wish

I can't give up until you hear this

you were the best thing that happend to me

I Sit here and wonder if you even knew

that I was happy when I was with you

people said we were just to different

maybe they were right, but I was still confident

I was strong in my convictions

wasnt going to let them take my perdictions

Many time we would stay up past midnight just to talk

no matter how upset I got, I never did walk

but now when we talk, I feel like you push me away

I want to believe thats not how it is, and want me to stay

but that's far-fetched, as life's just to complex

even for this simple text,

Now I write not to convice you back

it's over and I understand that

but rather a gesture for your heart

before we finally depart

I should just let go

tread carefully and walk slow

you once asked me "What is it I fight for"

I said it was the hate and nothing more

but it evolved so much

to remember the feel of your touch

This battle is already lost

but this war is worth the cause

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really like this one as it brings alot of my emotions out

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