I Was You

I met you not long ago this very day;
We were graduating the academy,
I was hestitant with the words to say
Because you were so beautiful to me.

I wondered you made the cap and gown
Look great when it have been inverse;
I apologize for looking at you and down,
I think, compared to others, I look worse.

Although, we joked during the ceromony,
You did not bother to applaud for others;
You just sat joked those who were phony,
I mused why I felt so happy with my lovers.

With your fragrance, your smile, your eyes,
For that time you had the finess of flowers;
You were the friend I need or so I realize,
But I ignored foolishly for those three hours.

You looked so exquisite in that dress,
I was willing for the first time to accost;
I did and I got just an email address,
Now, I try to understand what was lost.

You are intelligent, beautiful, young,
With a great sense of humor so fine;
You were that special woman all along,
That I was too naive to persue as mine.  

It was you...
That I wanted to show,
It was you...
That I wanted to know.

It was you...
That I wanted to see;
It was you...
That I wanted for me.

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