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Arkansas, USA

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~Taking Pictures~
~Reading (if the material is good)
~Playing guitar
~Playing keyboard
~Being with my friends doing what friends do
~Living life to the fullest.

Something else for people to know about me...I dont know really how to word "profiles" I've made them before, but they weren't of any major importance to you. You can't expect someone to be completely enthralled by what you've written to describe yourself.
As for me, obviously I have habit of attempting to write poetry. I don't consider myself to be an actual "poet" because I could never give myself that much credit and put to shame those who are excellent at what they do.
I like music of all sorts. Even more so, I like to play it. As of now I'm playing guitar and some keyboard. There for awhile I was also learning drums, but until I have a set of my own, there's not much of a chance of becoming great.
Anything else you want to know just ask. It's fun to meet new people and have new conversations, so don't be shy. Not that you have any reason to be.

About My Navel

Hm...its what used to nurture and nurse me while inside the womb...but now it seem to have no other purpose than to cause me to laugh when tickled.

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This isnt justice, this is revenge-


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