Monthly Archive for January 2011

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
We Are Poem K-S 1 Jan 1st
What Must God Think? Poem trumpet7 Jan 1st
THE ESSENCE OF YOU Poem heatherburns35 2 essence Jan 1st
A SPIRITUAL CONNECTION Poem heatherburns35 1 a spiritual connection Jan 1st
COLLECTING Poem heatherburns35 collecting treasures Jan 1st
YESTERDAYS MEMORIES Poem heatherburns35 keeping memories Jan 1st
YOU STEPPED THROUGH Poem heatherburns35 2 renewed Jan 1st
WHISPERS OF YESTERDAY Poem heatherburns35 keeping memories Jan 1st
My Happiness Poem sbriere Jan 1st
a full collapse Poem techpoet Jan 1st
THE PERFECTED EXTREME Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jan 1st
sound of my heart Poem alkaharuno for my friends Jan 1st
what happen to your mind Poem alkaharuno forget it Jan 1st
i accept you guys Poem alkaharuno accept my friend's way Jan 1st
While Feeding Butterflys Poem HIStory 4 Jan 1st
I dont want to lose my world Poem AJaidov 3 Jan 2nd
Using A Candle To Light A CIgarette Poem HIStory 3 Jan 2nd
Resolutions Poem Go-a-Green-a 2 new years, resolutions Jan 2nd
this disease Poem demigodess 2 Jan 2nd
Absence Poem Sivus Empty, Lack of Purpose, lost, Marijuana Jan 2nd
Lies Poem SpiltMilk 2 Jan 2nd
My beleaguered friend Poem thomasoh Lost Beauty Jan 2nd
The Love For A Trucker Poem lovelymissrai 1 Jan 2nd
kay. good. you're welcome :) Poem anflanagan Jan 2nd
people changes like season Poem alkaharuno people and season Jan 2nd
Remember Poem Kitty123 sad Jan 2nd
The Everyday Envisioning of Art Poem SpiltMilk 1 Jan 2nd
As Simon Says Poem lyrycsyntyme Jan 2nd
The Calendar Goes In Circles Poem lyrycsyntyme Jan 2nd
This is not a poem. Poem ray_strickland 1 War Greed Apple pie Jan 2nd
Until The Last Moment Poem AlejandroBonfil 2 Jan 2nd
Child support Poem ray_strickland Jan 2nd
Motion detection Poem ray_strickland 1 Jan 2nd
Sunscreen Poem ray_strickland 1 Ray Strickland RRFTB Jan 2nd
someday and somebody Poem alkaharuno 2 for all my friends Jan 2nd
i can feel the power Poem alkaharuno for my friends Jan 3rd
Rant Poem metaphorist Jan 3rd
im taking it back Poem divysia 1 Jan 3rd
changes Poem robin 1 Jan 3rd
BEATER Poem humanpulse Jan 3rd
Just Bust That Last Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
love you guys Poem alkaharuno for all my friends Jan 3rd
Melting snow Poem princealexander amor - love Jan 3rd
It's Just Life Poem soulive2213 Jan 3rd
Children of Christmas Eve (Short Story) Poem Moscadini Jan 3rd
SOUND FAMILIAR* Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 3rd
AS DARKNESS LEADS INTO LIGHT* Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 3rd
At My Best Poem K-S 1 Jan 3rd
Brokaw's Broken Promises Poem soulive2213 Jan 3rd
Missing Pick Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
Does Space Need A Title? Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
I... Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
Can It Be Poem sbriere Jan 3rd
Mammon Poem josephus Jan 3rd
This is the Title (For Her) Poem Sivus Forgetting, Lost love, love Jan 3rd
Selling Splinters Poem soulive2213 Jan 3rd
The Noose Poem soulive2213 Jan 3rd
The Art of Distance or a Ginsberg Howl Poem soulive2213 Jan 3rd
A Twit on FaceSpace Poem soulive2213 Jan 3rd
Mistress Poem soulive2213 Jan 3rd
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
A House Isn't My Home Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
I Should Be Happy Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
Just A Little Flight Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
Flashing Light Bulb Poem Silver__lining Jan 3rd
new year Poem robin 1 optimism Jan 3rd
can't say " can we be friends" Poem alkaharuno friend Jan 4th
my first class of dance Poem alkaharuno my first class Jan 4th
January 4th 1990 Poem Shellysweetness undefined Jan 4th
Heroin Poem soulive2213 Jan 4th
Life as a mom Poem babe1233 Jan 4th
Pretending Poem Tortured_Poet 1 Jan 4th
distance -we make it Poem alkaharuno Life Jan 4th
صلاح أحمد أبراهيم / السودانويَّة Poem sudan Jan 4th
Peace And Goodwill Poem trumpet7 Jan 4th
X Poem minustimer Jan 4th
Creativity (No) Poem minustimer Jan 4th
How I wish it could be MORE Poem csuh05 1 Jan 4th
My Artistry Poem PoeticParable_S... 2 Jan 4th
the end Poem robin 2 Jan 4th
to see that poor Poem alkaharuno social issue Jan 5th
we, the poor people Poem alkaharuno social issue Jan 5th
Said Too Much Poem kick.ass.lass Jan 5th
Jealousy Poem WillowHeart Jan 5th
First Love...First Heartbreak Poem WillowHeart 2 Jan 5th
Thinking.... Poem mistydawn Jan 5th
Lori Poem lyrycsyntyme Jan 5th
Ostrich Poem wishful_thinking Jan 5th
I. Sinister, In Many Forms Poem HIStory anger, love, qeustion Jan 5th
The Will The Want The Never The Wont Poem mystery7905 Jan 5th
Gaia Poem AlejandroBonfil 3 Jan 5th
AA Day. Poem pluguan Malt Jan 5th
How Long Poem butiefuldisgrace Jan 5th
At the Movies Poem soulive2213 Jan 5th
Feelings Poem butiefuldisgrace Jan 5th
Starlight Poem butiefuldisgrace Jan 5th
Broken Wing Poem butiefuldisgrace Jan 5th
Can't Make Me Poem butiefuldisgrace Jan 5th
Scout's honor Poem ray_strickland Jan 5th
Blue Collar Poem ray_strickland Jan 5th
Finger By Finger Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
The Story of Jane Doe (Part One) Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
Red Pen Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
Undertow Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
Dinner Before Christmas Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
It's Easy Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
Simply Put Poem edge_of_existence 3 Jan 6th
I'd Rather Not... Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
Nostalgia Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
Beautiful Things Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
All I Need Is A Moment Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
Duct Tape and Crazy Glue Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
What May Be (Maybe) Everything Poem edge_of_existence Jan 6th
SHE IS ALL I NEED IN A WOMAN Poem emmenay Jan 6th
TIME IS* Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 6th
The Long Road Ahead!! Poem JustADreamGirl21 betrayed by you, defeated by myself.... Jan 6th
Redefine Me Poem wishful_thinking Jan 6th
don't say this Poem alkaharuno my decision and my teacher advice Jan 6th
We live lies (and believe them) Poem BrightEyes89 1 Jan 6th
politics Poem alkaharuno social issues Jan 6th
holding in Poem divysia Jan 6th
“Embrace” Poem theoriginalavalon love, relationships Jan 6th
fear Poem robin 1 Jan 6th
NEW YEAR 2011 Poem emmenay Jan 6th
i don't want an ending Poem alkaharuno ending of year with my friends is near Jan 7th
of snow flakes Poem 9inety 4 Jan 7th
'11 OverW8 Dave pt.8 Poem Joel '11 OverW8 Dave pt. 8 Jan 7th
Passionate Crime Poem CaptainShambles Domestic Violence violence anger passion love Jan 7th
GOOD TO BE BACK. Poem CrowPieD Jan 7th
PISS YOUR SONG! Poem CrowPieD Jan 7th
CRYSTALL BALL. Poem CrowPieD Jan 7th
you tease my desire Poem divysia Jan 7th
In A Little While Poem vilmazab 4 Jan 7th
OTHERWORLDLY HOST * Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 7th
maple and pine. Poem iaminacocoon 1 Jan 7th
Withered Face (It was not your day) Poem Avantgarde 2 Jan 7th
The Gift From God Poem trumpet7 Jan 7th
Come, Love Poem wishful_thinking Jan 7th
I Mourn with Thee Poem Avantgarde Jan 7th
I Guess "WE" are to be nothing more than friends Poem csuh05 Jan 7th
Incurable Poem Juliet8 Addiction, Suicide Jan 7th
Stroke! Poem josephus 3 Jan 8th
شفافية الأداء السردي في قصص بئر البنفسج/ الدراسة بقلم: علي حسين عبيد Poem gulizaranwar Jan 8th
بئر البنفسج.. أنوثة الكتابة وأحادية الموضوع/ الدراسة بقلم: أنور عبد العزيز Poem gulizaranwar Jan 8th
world war in society Poem alkaharuno society Jan 8th
nobody see what we see Poem alkaharuno 1 social issue Jan 8th
THE WORLD OF BALLROOMS Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 8th
As I listen to music Poem geneconner2008 Jan 8th
جمعة اللامي.. قلبٌ دافئ بالكرم الإبداعي Poem gulizaranwar Jan 8th
القاص أنور عبد العزيز .. أبوة أدبية Poem gulizaranwar Jan 8th
هُنَّ والذاكرة Poem gulizaranwar Jan 8th
Alone Poem CaptainShambles loneliness depression being alone Jan 8th
dredged from lakes of domestication Poem coffeewithleona... 1 Jan 8th
you are the golden symphony Poem coffeewithleona... 2 Jan 8th
of course I see beauty swarming everywhere Poem coffeewithleona... Jan 8th
broken heart Poem jlf249 broken relationship Jan 8th
Hole Heart Poem mibella_jeze Jan 8th
Dear Daddy 2011 Poem mibella_jeze Jan 8th
hard to say im sorry Poem shadow88d promise sorry lies Jan 8th
Buskers Lament ( poem song-unfinished) Poem CaptainShambles song busking being poor unfinished Jan 8th
An Adress To Poem CaptainShambles young people becoming a better person Jan 8th
Philosophy Poem CaptainShambles Jan 8th
The Lady Poem CaptainShambles 2 Jan 8th
A friend Poem CaptainShambles stand strong Jan 8th
Job Poem CaptainShambles Jan 8th
A RAINY DAY Poem heatherburns35 rain Jan 8th
The Station Poem CaptainShambles Jan 8th
Surreality Poem Go-a-Green-a 1 Beauty, dreams, Surreal Jan 8th
Mary Jane Poem Shellysweetness 3 Jan 8th
Leave Poem Shellysweetness Jan 8th
look forward-i have to but i can't Poem alkaharuno my life Jan 8th
Cara Marchita (No era tu dia) Poem Avantgarde Jan 8th
Lost Little Girl Poem Shellysweetness Jan 8th
Perfect Poem Shellysweetness Jan 8th
Allow the Butterflies Poem Silver__lining Jan 9th
Love Only Yourself Poem Silver__lining Jan 9th
I Miss You, It Exists In You Poem Silver__lining Jan 9th
i want it back now Poem alkaharuno Jan 9th
wake up your master Poem alkaharuno Jan 9th
Self Discovery Poem poetatheart Jan 9th
satisfaction Poem robin 2 Jan 9th
Signs of Sorrow Poem deadpoetssociety Jan 9th
Feelings... Poem tattooedangel192007 Jan 9th
Song of Summer Poem silverstar Jan 9th
I Still Love You Poem silverstar Jan 9th
same old thing Poem twincities Jan 9th
All That’s Needed Poem trumpet7 Jan 9th
Featureless Interior Poem elliot_jordan2003 Jan 9th
Confusional Thoughts Poem elliot_jordan2003 Jan 9th
Love Lost Poem Intuitive2u Break Up Relationship Jan 9th
Rain coat. Poem iaminacocoon 1 Jan 9th
Best Top 50 poems Poem elliot_jordan2003 Jan 9th
Sinner Poem spacecowboy Jan 9th
To Look Back On A Moment Poem new_wave_franky lost Jan 9th
Biggest Fan Poem 1SP Jan 10th
Golden Heart Poem this_is_life 1 Jan 10th
telescopes Poem juliothegreat Jan 10th
Could I Be? Poem 1SP Jan 10th
Obsessed With Your Ebony Poem 1SP Jan 10th
The key around her neck Poem BrightEyes89 1 Jan 10th
I Plead, of Grace Alone, through Word Alone, by Faith Alone Poem wishful_thinking Jan 10th
Intelligent or Ignorant Poem BrightEyes89 Jan 10th
Emotion Dump: Rape Poem daydreamingdragon emotion, Rage, Rape, sadness, worry Jan 10th
That's just how it goes Poem ToxicKittyn life lessons, love, romance Jan 10th
A speck of dust, a mote, a plank Poem coffeewithleona... 1 Jan 10th
the river within Poem 420skater Jan 10th
Wifey Material Poem 1SP 1 Jan 10th
Freeze Time Poem 1SP Jan 10th
one chapter Poem youngpoet21 Jan 10th
forgive and forget Poem youngpoet21 Jan 10th
The Flesh and Blood Poem wishful_thinking Jan 10th
jan 9th Poem juliothegreat Jan 10th
Tonight Poem Ailihporcen Jan 10th
Ant or Man Poem BrightEyes89 arrogance, gossip, Reality Jan 10th
Good Morning Beautiful Poem 1SP 2 Jan 10th
GOD'S PROVISION Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 10th
Miss Wonder Woman Poem 1SP Jan 10th
Too Late To Right My Wrong Poem 1SP 3 Jan 10th
How Do You Do It Poem 1SP Jan 10th
Save Tomorrow Poem 1SP Jan 10th
إيمان احمد : مينـــــو! Poem sudan Jan 11th
إيمان أحمد : لا خوف عليــك الآن Poem sudan Jan 11th
إيمان أحمد : تحيـات ابن بطوطة Poem sudan Jan 11th
إيمان أحمد : "مو-جا-ما-لا-ت"!! Poem sudan Jan 11th
More Than This Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Put You Up On Game Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Before I Poem 1SP Jan 11th
إيمان أحمد : بين شمسي وشمسك نجمتانِ وبحر Poem sudan Jan 11th
إيمان أحمد : إينوكشوك Poem sudan Jan 11th
Answer the Phone Poem 1SP Jan 11th
I'm Talking About Joseph Caleb Poem 1SP Jan 11th
So Just Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Escape To the Oasis Poem 1SP Jan 11th
One More Sunset Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Child Involved Poem 1SP Jan 11th
More Heart Poem 1SP Jan 11th
What I Admire So Much Poem 1SP Jan 11th
This Heart of Mine Poem 1SP 2 Jan 11th
In the Proper Respect Poem 1SP Jan 11th
No Point Poem motoxgurl2009 Jan 11th
The Story of Jane Doe (Part Two) Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
*It's Vertical* Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Going Down Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Boomerang Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Through the Grapevine Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Stagefright Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Against the Grain Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Love is Poem ToxicKittyn 2 love, romance Jan 11th