Faint at first the drums beat, then louder. 
I have been unchained, unleashed. 
My cell has been opened. 
I feel the rhythm beating within my chamber. 
The furnace glows red and blood like steel boils. 
Burning veins from within . 
Outside vultures. 
Circling, dancing in the sky on tattered wings. 
Spitting venom. 
Their shadows block out the Sun. 
In darkness I stand alone. 
The drums beat their monotone    
The flame burns violently. 
Fed by pain, my inferno. 
It’s heat burns the darkness away. 
Pain retreats. 
 I surrender myself. 
With hatred engulfed I roam, 
Incinerating the beasts, ripping out their tongues. 
And when the fires subside, 
I look back at glowing cinders and ash. 
I flee, from myself, I return bound to Tartarus, 
Alone . 
Until the drums beat their monotone. 

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Oh, how they travel! 

Fast like a wildfire and with a burn far superior.

Oh, how they begin!

Should not those lips burn with such flavor?


And though words fall like poison,

whispered like snakes and gentle

wind; and then they all unfold. 


Dare you say another word?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Vague writing, and randomly at that. This was actually (surprisingly) not inspired by any events pertaining to myself or others (tough obviously could!). 

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Latent Prince





Part I of II



This is the story of Larry Joe Prince

And the way Arizona stole his innocence.

It is written with hope that there may come a day

When a wise judge will grant him his moment to say

All the things so conveniently left out of court,

Made American “justice” look more like a sport,

With a high-priced attorney that didn’t think clear,

And the false testimony of one with much fear,

And the state prosecute thought “I’ll surely reach fame”,

He said, “Hell, I don’t care who the state wants to blame,

It’s a paycheck to me; I don’t care about truths,

It’s my ego I feed, I’m a low lying sleuth!!”


So they all drew their “guns” on that guy Mr. Prince,

Absolutely no shred of secure evidence,

They proceeded to send him to death row to sit,

For the murder of one that he did not commit,

And the biggest and worst sin of all that was done,

Was the way that the people held on to their “guns”,

They embraced all the lies to evade what was clear,

As revenge prevailed justice with each little tear,

And for those in the grave who just watch from above,

With no longer a voice to teach them that real love,

Is not proven by putting the blame on a man,

Just because he is there….cause the courts and you can,


See the proof of one’s love speaks out so very clear,

Even after the grave when one’s body’s not here,

You will hear their soul cry, and you’ll then know for sure,

If they’re resting in peace or they’re haunted some more.


There are families that hide from life’s reality,

The dead man in this case begs you hear his soul’s plea,

Make amends for the errors you’ve made in the past,

And put down all those stones, and those already cast,

If this dead man could speak he’d have something to say,

Of the circus that ran through the courtroom that day,

And if not for the dead man then do it for you,

Cause we all have to answer to God what is true,

Larry Prince knows he’s clear and he wins either way,

                              Cause he’s INNOCENT judge, the state’s in disarray.                                

So please read all with care on this day we implore,

Please don’t look at this life as a game where you score,

It’s integrity that is of stake in this court,

And it’s not mine or yours it’s this country’s that’s short

Of a quality no longer active today,

If it dies, it’s the lives of our loved one’s…they’ll pay.

Take your time, read it all, and be true to your heart,

And we’ll all pray it’s not too late for a new start.



Part II of II



They all loved cocaine but they hid it from Dad,

He just couldn’t believe that his kids could be “bad”,

So his eyes he did close, and they stayed tightly shut,

While his best offspring died with that stuff in his gut,

And they said, “It was murder”, and placed the blame there,

Yes, it’s true ‘bout that bullet and blood in his hair,

And the roots of that crime have been hidden so well,

By the real guilty ones with the lies they did tell,

For those self-righteous ones that just stared and stood by,

And condoned this deceit without batting an eye,

For the cowards that watched as the killers went free,

Be aware this could happen to you or to me,

And your sons or your daughters could one day be led

To a place where they wish they would rather be dead,

So now don’t be afraid to let truths in your ears

When your children are hurting with eyes full of tears,

Don’t you cower or shudder, don’t whine and don’t wince,

And remember the story of Larry Joe Prince.


Written in parts, from 2000-2002

Original Copyright 2002 

Registration Number / Date:

                   TXu001112792 / 2002-12-02




07/21/13 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The story of how justice can go awry when emotions rule instead of justice ruling.





The X-Confidence

2010-2012 Poems

People told me that you're finally out there, dating.
I smiled and said, "Yes I know, but you're still wearing our ring!"
See, they're always intrigued by our unconventional 'highs and lows'
But the 'why and the how' we ended like this, they'll never know.

Scars and wounds, I would proudly bear remembering
How I remain true to what was written in that ring.
The fears that I've conquered- for a moment with you.
Beyond words, you've seen what this happy heart can do.

So....people told me that you were out late and dating.
They were puzzled as I gave them my cheekiest grin,
Cause after all that you've said and done I've seen...
That you're still wearing our ring.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c)jerlin 19Jan12
Epic moment for me. :)

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Small towns.



Sleep, sleep, sleep

Nothing happens, never happens 

in this town.


creep, creep, creep

goes the traffic, go the people

in this town.


Never trust them

just small, small town. 

Never love them

(please don't love them)

in a small, small town


There must be more to life…

But they won't see it


Because small town people

Have a small town mind

Everything knows everyone

knows everything that they can find

and they go

'gossip gossip gossip' 

with their small town minds…..

No never trust them, 

because gossip's often company with lies

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Ant or Man


Endless conversations

Circle my content head

Filled with yelling and whispers

About something that must be said

Because we live to hear

About stories that must be told

And as happy as we get

Somebody’s dignity has been sold


How great it is to feel

Like we’re intelligent enough

To not live such a life so real

We feel we live up in the clouds

And we look down with such disgust

How we love to watch these little ants

Who can act so different from us

Lets shine our magnifying glasses

Make them burn in their shame

That makes them so different from others

Which in turn makes us all the same

But I don’t know where I fall into

If I’m an ant or a man

And my stomach feels like shit 

Thinking that I should give a damn


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