At the Movies


He has been scribbling about himself with a veracity that borders
on self absorption, adopting a life view to the orphan of his thoughts.
But this Oliver has too many twist and turns for one man to bare,
and the distance within self and reality is a trek Into the Wild, 
where the tidal waves of the cold river never ceases to recede.
So let him diverge onto the thoughts of the silver coated screen,
to Ebertize the clogged cognitions that have evaded his hungry realm.
The places where ABC is a title for personas that the XYZ can nitpick.
The Great Show played daily for willing participants within quiet hours,
metaphorical mirrors for the ones treading water, stretching for breath.
The Buddhist had their Donwhang Cave, painting glory and life along
the Silk Road. That pathway birthing ideas and commerce in the minds 
of the most remote areas of antiquity, connecting the world lost in babel.
To become the Rosetta Stone of oneness, where differences were similar 
and similarities were etched in common stone, common tools, common thought.
Our cave is now held within the societal temple of a Cimmerian cinema.
A place where sticky floors and smarting chairs dwell and relish 
in gluing inspiration to the empty vats within minds tired with tribulations
that seem to have attached themselves to even the most affluent of nobility.
Leaving behind every day woes, a rapture LaHaye could never envision.
These are the holy places that are built along our technological Silk Road.
The cave drawings for future generations to theorize about in debate. 
Where beauty and tragedy become one, revealing the synergy within us all,
showing the cynical have the same hopes and dreams as the optimistic
and Occam’s Razor is a belief no longer teetering along its sharp edge.
What will they learn of the 21st century man, its art and copy characteristics?
Where once hunting and gathering were necessities, now truth and meaning
are the baubles cherished,  the objet d'art for various subjective thoughts.
But whatever forms exist for future existences, the 3 act story of humanity,
the most epic of tales, will be our time capsule when the end credits come.
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