To Look Back On A Moment

To look back on a moment when a promise graced the view.

To look back now and ponder, was it ever really true?

To wonder, oh so deeply, was I really there with you?

To look back on a moment...when the truth was all I knew.


To look back on a smile full of passion, hope, and bliss.

To gaze now into darkness, here to riddle my abyss.

To look back in amazement that there once so seemed a way,

to guide me into glory...that would never fall astray.


To look back, well aware here, that I once embraced a day,

where love so spoke devotion, that was destined so to stay.

To think back on a setting where just songs of love would play.

To gaze now into starlight...but a prayer for peace to pray.


To look back, yet to know now, that it's time to realize...

the blessings of your presence will no longer fill my eyes.

To look into my heart now...just to find the part that cries.

To look back on the moment...when we spoke our last goodbyes.

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