Monthly Archive for October 2007

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Embrace the fear Poem silentdreamer1988 Fear Oct 1st
The Tormentor Poem lostandalone Oct 1st
Halfwit Hero Poem RainerBukowski 1 Oct 1st
Autumn Epiphany Poem life_used_to_be... Oct 1st
My God and Friend Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 1st
Hes My Poison Poem Dracona_Dragonfly 3 Oct 1st
'07 The Great Laceration Poem Joel Oct 1st
Give me a reason Poem clutchforbalance Oct 1st
Hard to love Poem clutchforbalance Oct 1st
Positioned Poem maddiejace Oct 1st
`Tears` Poem mack619 Oct 1st
Suffering Poem silentdreamer1988 Pain/Sorrow Oct 1st
Past and Present Poem _jennita_ Oct 1st
Rain Flow Poem Moscadini Oct 1st
The leaves are falling from the trees Poem randyjohnson Seasons Oct 1st
Brother Poem RainerBukowski Oct 1st
Ants and Pie Poem animus 1 Oct 1st
Raping my Scene Poem chubbsmahone Oct 1st
Solid Ground::::::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Fake:: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Diagnosis: Eternal Sorrow::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
God’s Chief Mountain Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 2nd
Hello Heartache:::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Pain/Sorrow Oct 2nd
Just Another Girl:::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
We Don't Have To:: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Life Without You::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
My thoughts about the whole jena 6 story Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 2nd
Fairy Tale Measure Poem chris_mather 1 Oct 2nd
Jesus will enrich your life Poem randyjohnson religion Oct 2nd
Ten Poem kragey Lost love Oct 2nd
"We Build It, They Burn It" Poem jwc82490 Oct 2nd
"Hide or Seek" Poem jwc82490 Oct 2nd
Walking Home From School: Flash Fiction Poem suzy86 youth Oct 2nd
YOU CAN Poem teresa_r Oct 2nd
Sorry::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
"There's a One in a Million Chance That We'll be Together Forever (Trust Me, I Aced Statistics)" Poem jwc82490 Oct 2nd
In The Dust:::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
I Fall Too Fast:::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
One Step Closer::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Won't Be Tonight::::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Endlessly Ended:: Poem gothic_fairy_ Lost love Oct 2nd
Out The Door::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
What Is Love:::: Poem gothic_fairy_ love Oct 2nd
Hoping To Be Found::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Destined For Sorrow::[song] Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Hope Next Time It Will Last:: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
I wanted To Be Your Cure::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Colours Poem yardesspoetess Oct 2nd
Questioned Motives::::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Living A Lie::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Distant Paths::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Lost love Oct 2nd
Wrong::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
**My Love For You:::** Poem gothic_fairy_ love Oct 2nd
Top Of The World::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
What Made It Love::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
I Will Never Fall Again:::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Never Will Be Found::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
How We Found The End:: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Everything You Are::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Unrequited Love Oct 2nd
Vanished Hope::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Evaporating::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Without Your Love::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Lost love Oct 2nd
Forever Yours Poem underlovelyeyes Oct 2nd
Still::: Poem gothic_fairy_ Oct 2nd
Dreamt of Love Poem gothic_fairy_ love Oct 2nd
Fruit and Fire Poem yardesspoetess 1 Abstract Oct 3rd
ثلاث سنين Poem yaramo Oct 3rd
Classic Cars Poem ruth_x_less 1 Oct 3rd
Woman in White 10-2 Poem dancewmoonlight 1 Oct 3rd
I Am... Socially Unacceptable 10-2 Poem dancewmoonlight Oct 3rd
Don`t Mind The Sunsine Poem damien 1 Oct 3rd
His Eyes They Lie Poem yardesspoetess Oct 3rd
The Hardest Part Poem yardesspoetess Oct 3rd
When it comes to you Poem katie47404 1 Oct 3rd
everytime (a memorial for my grandpa) Poem brokenangel17 Oct 3rd
Always wear a helmet Poem randyjohnson Other Oct 3rd
circles Poem gemboy Abstract Oct 3rd
Question Mark, Connecticut Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 3rd
Hurt Poem babe1233 Betrayal Oct 3rd
LET IT RAIN! Poem wisdomscry Oct 3rd
Tricked Poem jrparker87 Oct 3rd
Who would say that to a child? Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 3rd
I will never be weak again Poem coldaugust Oct 4th
Burn With Desire (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 4th
Description of a passenger Poem alexandre.hornbeck Sonnets Oct 4th
Danse funèbre Poem alexandre.hornbeck Sonnets Oct 4th
Crush (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 4th
On My Voice Mail Poem bluewave 1 Oct 4th
Who Are You? Poem bluewave 1 Oct 4th
A Lost Soul Poem humanpulse Oct 4th
Rain Dance Poem foxgloves 1 Abuse Oct 4th
Eyes That Speak Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 4th
Finality Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 4th
The Days Have Ceased My Heart Is Mine Poem underlovelyeyes Oct 4th
Momma Weeps Poem ChandaBurton Pets/Animals Oct 4th
'07 Her Knife Life 2 Poem Joel Oct 4th
*Fugue Poem kyoksil death, Escapism, multiple personality Oct 4th
Outside My Window Poem bluewave 1 Oct 4th
Somewhere Within Poem amazingmrdonut Depression Oct 4th
'07 Her Knife Life 1 Poem Joel Oct 4th
Fall Down Poem xpossessedsoulx Abuse Oct 4th
Beside You Poem ChandaBurton Pets/Animals Oct 4th
Risk Everything Poem calculigirl03 Oct 5th
Calling a Truce Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 5th
'07 Could've Fooled Me Poem Joel Oct 5th
Untitled -- 10.5.2007 Poem nighthawk21 Oct 5th
Bye, Bye Birdie Poem flower_child Goodbye Oct 5th
'07 When I think of You Poem Joel Oct 5th
border patrol Poem gemboy Imagery Oct 5th
Everything you do feels so right.... Poem deadxxsoul love Oct 5th
It Never Made it... Poem losinghope Oct 5th
Egged Poem randyjohnson 1 Comedy/Humor Oct 5th
Longfully Kissed Poem quadxbard Passion Oct 5th
Ghosts (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 5th
Echo (Rhyme) (Repeat) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 5th
Always On My Mind (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 5th
Give Me The Power (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 5th
Everything Poem sammiiboo love Oct 5th
Beauty Poem xio1818 1 Oct 5th
Just Be (Rhyme) (Repeat) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 5th
Dam Dariram (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 5th
Give It Away (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Oct 5th
Genisis 1:1 Poem laghorses Oct 6th
Peaches Poem laghorses 1 Oct 6th
Minnie's Apple Pie Disaster Poem laghorses Oct 6th
Abortion Poem laghorses Oct 6th
hmmmmm???? Poem laghorses 1 Oct 6th
Sunset in the Mountains Poem laghorses Oct 6th
The Do's and Don'ts of Life Poem laghorses 1 Oct 6th
Melissa (Observation) 8 or 9 Poem laghorses Oct 6th
Bittersweet Poem treu_tomyword 1 Bittersweet Oct 6th
Sugar Coated Lies Poem treu_tomyword 1 Breaking Up Oct 6th
Untitled -- 10.6.2007 Poem nighthawk21 Oct 6th
Heart Choices Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 6th
Perverts Poem randyjohnson Other Oct 6th
2007 Traveling Alone Poem rob_boyte 2 Oct 6th
if you can't beat 'em, join 'em Poem blissfully_yours Oct 6th
Melissa (Journal) 8 or 9 Poem laghorses Oct 6th
C. S. Lewis Poem laghorses Oct 6th
How I Feel About You? Poem viniesha55 1 love Oct 6th
Made is Wife Poem viniesha55 Abuse Oct 6th
AS I LOOK Poem brenda 1 Oct 6th
Zombie (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 2 Oct 6th
MOVIE STAR Poem brenda Oct 6th
CRAWL Poem brenda Oct 6th
Dark Sweet Embrace. Poem icewolf7 Dark Oct 6th
Playing with my Madness Poem icewolf7 Song Lyrics Oct 6th
MORNING SONG Poem emmenay 1 Haiku Oct 6th
Trade Me Poem searching_sky Oct 6th
Red Roses, Red Roses Poem flower_child Peace Oct 6th
HIV Knocked At Her Door Poem treu_tomyword 1 Awakening Oct 6th
Wrecks of Stone, Shards of Glass Poem searching_sky Oct 6th
Commanded by your words Poem searching_sky Oct 6th
L.O.V.E. Poem viniesha55 love Oct 6th
You Poem viniesha55 Hidden Love Oct 6th
Currant CD's I Own. Poem icewolf7 Oct 6th
Time to run Poem humanpulse Oct 7th
Sweet Spaces Poem jeff_woods 1 Lost love Oct 7th
Spoons, Forks & Knives Poem abob1717 Oct 7th
EMBRASABLE CHAOS Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
Black Warrior Poem life_used_to_be... Oct 7th
At Disturbing News Poem Starward 1 inspiration Oct 7th
At The Three Fountains; Two In Conversation Poem Starward 1 History/Past Oct 7th
At The Three Fountains; One Old Hag Poem Starward 1 History/Past Oct 7th
My father’s home theater Poem jjimenez prose Oct 7th
shy Poem kayspoems Oct 7th
Shoof Poem humanpulse 1 Oct 7th
Requiem Poem aphlix 1 Oct 7th
THE TAKEN'S TAKING Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
COMMON VEILED WORRY Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
THAT ONE ELUSIVE ONE Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
KINDRED, ONCE AGAIN Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Oct 7th
MATERS OF LITTLE CONCERN Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
THE TALE OF MANY DARKNESSES (about my Germanic Family Heritage) Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
SHELVING PUTRID CLICHE'S Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
THROUGH FUSED FLESH OF FIRE(erotica) Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTER Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
Gravity Poem clutchforbalance Oct 7th
F eHarmony Poem honorao Oct 7th
Off The Throne Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 7th
Candle Poem unseen_treasure 1 Oct 7th
THE INFINTE CIRCUS Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Oct 7th
Great Granddad Poem randyjohnson Goodbye Oct 7th
Sweet as you are Poem rlbstar1 friendship Oct 8th
love brings pain Poem mylovep0etry sadness Oct 8th
IT"S PAIN Poem teresa_r Oct 8th
Silent Stitches (starting to sever) Poem dakotadarkhorse Oct 8th
Iron - Cinquain Poem rbpoetry Cinquain Poetry Oct 8th
Mirror, Mirror. Poem left_behind Oct 8th
Untitled -- 10.8.2007 Poem gummifroggie Oct 8th
WHO I AM PART I Poem yardesspoetess Self-doubt Oct 8th
Six days Poem randyjohnson religion Oct 8th
Written down somewhere Poem ruth_x_less Abuse Oct 8th
Someone... Poem gummifroggie Acceptance Oct 8th
If I wasn't me Poem dolphinscry13 Bizarre Oct 8th
Online Poem thelohaspiral Oct 9th
She Poem Hopelesswriter87 1 Oct 9th
Lonely Road Revisited Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Suicide Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Everlasting Sleep Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Teenagers Ode To Parents Poem Hopelesswriter87 3 Oct 9th
The Good The Bad and The God Damned Ugly Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Sandcastles and Life Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Oct 9th
Dedication Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
La Mancha Poem Sivus Abstract Oct 9th
"Adam & Eve" Poem The1TrueMojo 1 Oct 9th
You've Got A Friend Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Seina, Seina, Where for art Thou Poem hhickson Collaboration Oct 9th
How We Met Poem hhickson 1 love Oct 9th
2 Short Poems Poem Hopelesswriter87 Suicide Oct 9th
Alls Well In Love and War Poem Hopelesswriter87 Self-doubt Oct 9th
Alternatively Different Depressing Rebel Youth Poem Hopelesswriter87 youth Oct 9th
You Know Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Ask Me No More Questions Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
When Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Crimson Tears Poem Hopelesswriter87 Haiku Oct 9th
Update Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Cry For Help Poem Hopelesswriter87 Imagery Oct 9th
The Cupid Complex Poem Hopelesswriter87 love Oct 9th
Memory Lane Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Deplorable Poem thelohaspiral Oct 9th
Tough Shit Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Race Till The End of Time Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Flood Barrier Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
The Intricacy of Teardrops Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 9th
Valentine's Day Gift Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 9th
Moral Dilema Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Mine Eyes Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Meaning of Life Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Life and Death Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
The Work of The Spirit Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 9th
Thoughts on Suicide Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Leaving You Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Just Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Insanity Poem Hopelesswriter87 1 Oct 9th
Insanity Explained Poem Hopelesswriter87 1 Oct 9th
Goodnight Poem Hopelesswriter87 death Oct 9th
Oh The Irony Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
One Lonely Night Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Glitch In Perception Poem Hopelesswriter87 Reality Oct 9th
Poems To Live and Die By Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Flower Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Oct 9th
Cleansing Poem ghostwriter_1900 Oct 9th
Hymn De Levanto Poem amazingmrdonut love Oct 9th
Miserioux Poem amazingmrdonut Decisions Oct 9th
Feel Poem Hopelesswriter87 1 death Oct 9th
Bullying Me Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Oct 9th
I Miss You Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th
Contradiction Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Oct 9th
Philosiphisation Poem Hopelesswriter87 Oct 9th