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Silent Storm Poem brianc Apr 1st
Untitled Poem kaykaylambert 1 #sad #depression #triggerwarning #societyisfucked Apr 1st
Under The Dome Part 1 Poem ramonathompsont Apr 1st
Backwards Poem tallsquirrelgirl 3 Apr 1st
snow Poem Amatee 2 Apr 1st
Under The Dome Part 2 Poem ramonathompsont Apr 1st
Your Worst Critic Poem abbiespoetry Apr 1st
The Ocean Bells Poem wayfarer Apr 1st
Let Spring Come in Reality Poem wayfarer #nature Apr 1st
Pleasant Overdose Poem Bazoora Apr 1st
Trust Your Intuitions And Stay Yourself Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 1st
Raise Your Voice Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 1st
True Beauty Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 1st
Come On Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 1st
Find Your Outlet Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 1st
A FUNNY THING HAPPENED... Poem joy Apr 1st
---the wrong direction---> Poem generaLeespeeekn Apr 1st
You always made sense when it never mattered. Poem SSmoothie 7 #confusion #love #frustration Apr 1st
HOURS OF DARKNESS Poem Sanjit555 Betrayal Apr 1st
You Poem Lydiamx3 1 # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice #youtwo #hate #relationships #feelings #unrequitedlove #pain #memories #hurt #fool # depression #heart # life # scars # emotions # fragile Apr 1st
P O E M B O Y 7 Poem poewhit POETRY Apr 1st
Mercury Libations Poem Apr 1st
My Soul Felt Poem giajl Apr 1st
Blow Wind Blow Poem workm Apr 1st
Freeing Myself. Poem DesertDreamer Apr 1st
Chuggernaut Poem Apr 1st
Floating Desires Poem wayfarer Apr 1st
The Hoarding Song Poem HollyNoelle Cats, funny, happy, Hoarders Apr 1st
Breathe Poem HollyNoelle Apr 1st
Controlled by Red Poem FindingLife Pain Apr 1st
Memories of a Balloon Poem TRenee beginnings, Fun, love, sadness Apr 1st
The Gypsy Side Of Me Poem cathycavalcante free, gypsy, Leaving, living, Passion Apr 1st
amethyst Poem saiom2 Apr 1st
Copenhagen Zoo Takes 4 Lions To Death Chamber Poem saiom2 Apr 1st
mountain gifts Poem saiom2 Apr 1st
Too Bad Prose humanpulse Apr 1st
LeBron James II Prose saiom2 Apr 1st
Blood Sweat And Tears: Ingredients In The Flesh Of Murdered Animals Prose saiom2 Apr 1st
chicken news Prose saiom2 Apr 1st
Obama Wants to Cut Military Numbers But Not Private Contractors Prose saiom2 Apr 1st
It's just absurd ! Poem Daniel-59 Apr 2nd
is required. Poem osiriss- Apr 2nd
LIZBETH'S BATH. Poem Dadio 1961, bath, girl, Life Apr 2nd
Find Your Passion Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 2nd
EMPTY COTTAGE Poem Dadio 1962, boy, girl Apr 2nd
The Madness Of Hypocrisy Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 2nd
A Glimpse Of THe Open Road Poem martal_arts Apr 2nd
tear filled eyes Poem martal_arts Apr 2nd
Pay The Doubters No Mind Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 2nd
Love's labour's lust Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Apr 2nd
Follow Your Heart And Soul Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 2nd
Away not gone Poem Monsters-Following Apr 2nd
I Am There Poem giajl Apr 2nd
Not Babies Anymore Poem giajl Apr 2nd
One Day in Late November Poem giajl Apr 2nd
PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY Poem joy 1 Apr 2nd
For The Life of Me Poem Anonymous Apr 2nd
Late at night, on a blanket by the bayou Poem Beavis 6 Apr 2nd
the steak. Poem SSmoothie 1 Apr 2nd
The Artist Poem KingofWords 2 Writer as an Artist Apr 2nd
HANK Poem 9inety 2 Apr 2nd
Getting your wish, losing yourself. Poem EmmaMegRobertson # love # loss # pain Apr 2nd
Iron Understood Poem Apr 2nd
Rehab Poem jessie2376 2 Apr 2nd
Whitewashed Mind Skewed Poem Christian0623 3 Apr 2nd
I'll Wait Poem WiseWolf # healing # caring # light # sun # depression # darkness # madness # love # friends # chains # happiness # smiles # waiting # good # kindness Apr 2nd
My Angel Poem cevance 2 mother Apr 2nd
dripping Poem saiom2 Apr 2nd
needless Poem saiom2 Apr 2nd
Suicides' Final Call Poem cevance 6 death, Depression Apr 2nd
Give Them the Finger, Quitely Poem Apr 2nd
Worlds Apart Poem giajl Apr 2nd
The Daily Ritual Poem giajl Apr 2nd
My blue eye'd boy Poem Fiorella1948 Marika. Apr 2nd
And..... Poem giajl Apr 2nd
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes For Poem giajl Apr 2nd
bkraine Background: april update Prose saiom2 Apr 2nd
two vine tendrils Poem saiom2 Apr 3rd
A Twentieth Century Girl Almost Loses Faith Poem EmmaMegRobertson love faith restored life war Apr 3rd
A Longing Poem wayfarer Apr 3rd
A Longing Poem wayfarer Apr 3rd
Say No..... Poem giajl Apr 3rd
Ghost Walker Poem Le'Vasseur Apr 3rd
Eclipsed Ascendancy Poem Le'Vasseur Apr 3rd
Let Love Live Life Poem WiseWolf # addiction # love #learninlove #theone # life # truth # joy # happiness # beauty # beast # peace Apr 3rd
Beauty,Magic, And Peace (Find It And Share It) Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 3rd
My Love Poem beccaloni # addiction # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice #youtwo #fool # madness # disease # depression # peace # joy # happiness Apr 3rd
Listen To Those Who Dare Ask Why Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 3rd
CHE GURVARA TEE SHIRT. Poem Dadio CHE GUEVARA TEE SHIRT, father, mourning, son Apr 3rd
Chem Trails of Memory Poem Apr 3rd
Stick With Friends Who Are Real Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 3rd
Dear Drama your services are no longer needed. Poem SSmoothie 1 Apr 3rd
The WM3 Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 3rd
ON THE OTHER HAND... Poem SSmoothie 2 Apr 3rd
You Broke Me *up for suggestions* Poem thisisme789 again, broke, broken, hurt Apr 3rd
BLOWN KISS. Poem Dadio boy, girl, kiss, School Apr 3rd
Now *Title??* Poem thisisme789 believed, brokem, changed, DIFFERENT, hurt Apr 3rd
If I Was Gone Poem thisisme789 death, Depression, missing, questions, self harm, Suicide Apr 3rd
Doesn't Anybody Poem thisisme789 Apr 3rd
Those Boys Poem thisisme789 Apr 3rd
Wrestling with Monsters Poem thisisme789 Depression, hurt, monsters, sadness, Suicide Apr 3rd
cardinal apartment Poem saiom2 Apr 3rd
I was just the jester Poem Daniel-59 Apr 3rd
Ken And Barbie Poem saiom2 Apr 3rd
Nothing is More Special Than Talking to You Poem KingofWords Talking with the Beloved Apr 3rd
Sai Babananda Poem saiom2 Apr 3rd
Baby Bird Breakfast Poem saiom2 Apr 3rd
Tall Trees Poem Apr 3rd
muted muse Poem 9inety 1 Apr 3rd
prostitution Poem saiom2 Apr 3rd
Piscean Empath Poem saiom2 Apr 3rd
Tried True Tested with that look on your face.. Thanks, but i can hold my own breath, you dont need the pillow case. Poem Davin 1 Apr 3rd
mistress of the mist Poem saiom2 Apr 3rd
The Camera never lies Poem Westopher86 2 #feelings #love #thoughts #freestyle #poem, mashup, politics, spokenword, televison Apr 3rd
My Dreams are my escape Poem poeticjustice94 Apr 3rd
Heart Pried Open just to be Broken Poem poeticjustice94 Apr 3rd
Alone..... Poem giajl Apr 3rd
I Just Want to Break Everything Poem poeticjustice94 Apr 3rd
Humanity Poem Felicity 2 Apr 3rd
Hope Does Not Float Poem metaphorist Apr 3rd
Banana Poem metaphorist Apr 3rd
People Of US Pay 3 to 5 Times More For Internet Than French Or British. Prose saiom2 Apr 3rd
Radiantly Dark Poem Apr 4th
i'm sorry Poem Leo87 1 Apr 4th
A Black Bear Cub Poem wayfarer Apr 4th
DO YOU REMEMBER? Poem humanpulse Apr 4th
I WANT YOU Poem AquariusMoon 1 Apr 4th
Art is ____________ weapon. Poem DesertDreamer 2 Apr 4th
Lost minds Poem DesertDreamer Apr 4th
Us Or Them Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
Think Before You Bully Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
Dance To Your Own Drum Beat Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
PAGES OF DEATH Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Apr 4th
Don't A Hole Poem elliott 1 I am Apr 4th
"A dream within a Dream" Poem savinwraith #dream #love #disappointment #theone #life #youtwo #relationships #feelings #memories #heart # life # emotians # fragile Apr 4th
Left Alone Poem cdj410 Apr 4th
Dream Maze Poem Sky dream within a dream, dreams, lost, mind Apr 4th
WOMEN'S INTUITION. Poem Dadio dancer, man, Men, women Apr 4th
My Ruin Poem deepblue 3 Apr 4th
The Waves Poem tyty7894 ocean, thought, waves Apr 4th
away Poem ADAPT 2 Apr 4th
SAD WORDS Poem joy Apr 4th
Let's Play A Game Poem DBGladney Apr 4th
Excuses Poem DBGladney Apr 4th
contagion of Poem Morningglory Apr 4th
Salome pass Poem Dimitriand Apr 4th
Relaxed Poem Desperado #beauty #nature #spring Apr 4th
Those Tiny Vials Poem 2 Apr 4th
A Dream Poem Bec.J Apr 4th
Truth Be Known Poem giajl Apr 4th
Once Upon A Time..., Poem giajl Apr 4th
Asking A Lot Poem ksu2012 Apr 4th
My Black Cloud Poem Felicity Apr 4th
JEANETTE'S PROMISE. Poem Dadio 1962, boy, girl, kiss Apr 4th
designed for my destruction Poem SSmoothie Apr 4th
Don't you see? Poem ArtOverScars # relationships #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting Apr 4th
A flashback Poem humanpulse Apr 5th
Crack Poem word_man Apr 5th
What Makes Her Evil Poem californian_unhinged # masculinity # depression # failure # love #learninlove #theone #hate #pity #like #relationship #relationship #firstpoem #new Apr 5th
The meadows Poem ADAPT Apr 5th
It's Late and I've Been Drinking Poem 6 Apr 5th
One Love Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 5th
Pursuit of Happiness Poem Sky 2 Happiness, Journey, pursuit of happiness Apr 5th
MUSICAL MARTYR Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 5th
Love Poem giajl Apr 5th
Sleepless Night. Poem sweetwater 2 Apr 5th
A MYSTERIOUS MIST Poem palewingedpoetess 3 Apr 5th
Failure Poem willow 2 Failure, giving up Apr 5th
The sea Poem willow sea, water Apr 5th
blue sky consciousness Poem saiom2 Apr 5th
deer thoughts Poem saiom2 Apr 5th
yankee stadium charges eight dollars Poem saiom2 Apr 5th
her dreams Poem 9inety Apr 5th
Beetles, Borers, And Bugs Poem saiom2 Apr 5th
Translated to the Lost Poem Atramentous Apr 5th
rainbow span Poem saiom2 Apr 5th
Look Up Poem saiom2 1 Apr 5th
My Final Fall Poem cathycavalcante 4 Apr 5th
Nonviolent Energy Poem saiom2 Apr 5th
Steampunk Soul Poem RockofShades 2 Apr 5th
reverie Poem saiom2 Apr 5th
chastity belt Poem saiom2 Apr 5th
times two Poem darvid22 Apr 5th
need for you Poem darvid22 Apr 5th
Ardent love Poem RobertSomerville Apr 5th
Picking Scabs Poem RobertSomerville Apr 5th
Supernova Poem HeidiCho 1 Beauty, explosion, galaxy, nature, Space, supernova Apr 6th
Distance Poem running_with_rabbits 9 Apr 6th
Who Are They (To Say Anything) Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 6th
I Am A Rebel Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 6th
CAPTURING THE FOG Poem joy Apr 6th
I Dreamt I was a Jedi Poem RhymeandReason funny, Star Wars Apr 6th
A Prayer for Nirvana Poem wayfarer Apr 6th
Starry Night Poem willbullows #world #night #passenger #moon #sky #sad #metapher #space #atmosphere, night, Space, stars, time Apr 6th
Starry Night Poem willbullows Apr 6th
Merging Poem saiom2 Apr 6th
One Word, to rule them most. Poem schmuckjones Apr 6th
Loneliness Within Poem giajl Apr 6th
Dark lover Poem nyteshaye Apr 6th
Golf Standin Poem saiom2 Apr 6th
Imaginary Friend Poem nyteshaye #childhood #past#friendship Apr 6th
4 poems: spun light, hell, spiritual numerology, autograph Poem saiom2 Apr 6th
Heart of Bark Poem Kris.stitch Apr 6th
I am a Girl Poem Kris.stitch Apr 6th
A Shell of You Poem Kris.stitch Apr 6th
Changes Poem Kris.stitch Apr 6th
Survival Poem patiam2 relationship Apr 6th
Does The NSA Spy In Church Confessionals, AA Groups, Class Action Lqwsuit Conferences, Visits To Shrinks? Prose saiom2 Apr 6th
I'm still holding on Poem Daniel-59 Apr 7th
Unecclesiastical Rhapsody Poem SSmoothie Soul Searching Apr 7th
Where is my mind Poem Sutherman21 Apr 7th
Heavy Heart Poem bishu 2 Apr 7th
it aches the way you do that. Poem SSmoothie Apr 7th
Funnel Cake Faces Poem Apr 7th
"PINK MIST" Poem grantrizmo2002 hate death murder Apr 7th
weeds Poem Daniel-59 2 Apr 7th
I Am Who I Am Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Apr 7th
DON'T HAVE THE TIME? Poem joy Apr 7th
YOUR BLUE AND WHITE COAT. Poem Dadio COAT, father, mourning, son Apr 7th
The power of love Poem SH95 1 Youth young love loved Apr 7th
The Key Poem Layem Love/Desire/Passion Apr 7th
A Negative Trend Line Poem Apr 7th
Transcending Chapters Poem Le'Vasseur Apr 7th
Mirrored Smoke Poem Atramentous Apr 7th
Overcast Sky Poem Robjames879 better times, overcast sky, Rob James, Song Lyrics Apr 7th
Her Calling Poem furgeson1 Apr 7th
Goodbye Poem willbullows solider war gun army Apr 7th
Pickle Tickle Poem saiom2 Apr 7th
Too Late For.... Poem giajl Apr 7th
The Sadguru And Google Poem saiom2 Apr 7th
Loves True Heart is Poem giajl Apr 7th
The Spokes in my Head Prose 2 Apr 7th
How the US Government Can Save Money Prose saiom2 Apr 7th
Surrender to the Circle Poem Apr 8th
beasts of burden Poem saiom2 Apr 8th
I tried today Poem Sutherman21 2 Apr 8th
yeah, I know its tragic. but what else is there? Poem SSmoothie 4 creativity., Life Apr 8th
A new world Poem Sevailia perspective Apr 8th
Love To Forgive Poem Sevailia 4 Apr 8th
Here's To Those Who Get it Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 8th
OVERHEARD. Poem Dadio cafe, KIDS, man, talk, woman Apr 8th
Truth In A Society Of Lost Souls Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 8th
LOOK TO THE STARS Poem joy 1 Apr 8th
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Poem Beavis 2 Apr 8th
Windmills Poem Beavis 3 Apr 8th
From loving love to fearing it Poem yin-yang # love # flowers # life # distrust # disappointment # lost # theone # faith # bloom, love Apr 8th
An Emerald Day. Poem sweetwater 2 Apr 8th