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Lovely Pain


Like wolves to the carcass they run.

Narling there teeth,

Howling like the beasts they are,

Yet there is something beautiful to them.

For it's the danger we crave

The evil within the soul;

The very hurt we experience,

Is what always keeps us coming back.

Back for more, 

We are tought that with love,

Comes pain...

What a sick thought

A disgusting trend placed upon this world.

Yet very few of us try to break free

To end the pain.

Break the habit

To actually discover more 

More than our worlds ideal of love

To venture beyond. 

What if?



I sit and wonder why people come into your life

A past life connection ..... or maybe strife

I was happy ....I had it all

Suddenly weakened by a siren and dropped the ball

She wanted me and got me

Then undecided and set me free

Then she wanted me back because I was nice

All the others treated her like lice

Hurry up and decide you unpredicable bitch

Stop leading me on and then doing the switch

All I want is someone that is stable

Hurry up and bring something to the table


Verse 1: Day by day/In my heart/It’s always you/So, come back to me/I won’t ask why you left/Or what you did
Chorus: My only wish/My only regret/Is letting you go/”I love you” wasn’t enough for you/Still, I hold onto you/In my heart/Can you hear me now?
Verse 2: With nothing to give/I hold onto you/I’m missing you/Because I could not/Say those words/We broke up
Bridge: Still, I imagine you/by my side/I promise my life for you/I cherish my life with you/Won’t you come back/to the one who waits for you/now, you’re so far away/you’ve become just a faded memory in my mind
Author's Notes/Comments: 

About my first love.


Verse 1:

We weren't meant to spend

a lifetime waiting.

I've waited long enough.

Tell me,

What is it you feel?


Our love is undefined

Yet stronger than ever.

It bends, it breaks

As time goes on.


Verse 2:
The cracks in our love

are filled with glistens of gold.

Mended: it represents our love.

It stands the test of time.


Waiting a lifetime for you.

Been out here too long.

Keep me hanging on.

'Cause you're my only one. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this song while I was really emotional and overanalyzing and overthinking every possible relationship scenario in my head...It's about my first love, to be honest. We haven't technically, broken up yet but we are a part of each other's lives, whether we realize it or not.


Who am I kidding,

I knew who you were from the beginning,

Tell me how to feel about you now,

Now, that you're not with him,

Now, that you're still where I left you,

Back at home base,

Back where you told me you needed space,

Back where you told me to moan your name while I looked you in the face,

Tell me how you feel without me now,

Now, that you realize Im no longer around,

Now, tell me, tell me,

How do I think about you without suffocating,

Tell me how do I think about you without masturbating,

Tell me how do I talk to you and still relate,

Tell me how do I give you space,

I told you I hated you,

But all I wanted was your arms around me,

And now that im skating backwards,

Its getting slippery,

Im falling, wishing you'd come and get me...

Tell me how to feel you about you NOW!

Do I suffocate and let go?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks Paramore


Verse 1:
If you tell me that

You don't care about us

About today, tomorrow, and the future

Then I won't care about us either.


All the lies you've fed me

Made me cold and indifferent.

With a blacken heart,

I move on without you.


Verse 2:
I betray myself

To fulfill your expectations.

Quietly, lightly, I won't care about afterwards

As long as you are happy.


Rain falls down the rooftops

Falling down the window panes

Of my dreams.

I let you go.


I've come to realize

That life is much better off

Once you are gone.

Farewell, my lover. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song I just wrote today about a narcissistic partner/lover who ended up breaking you but setting you up to find someone better than them in the long run that is worthy/deserving of the love you have to offer him/her. It goes both ways.

True inner feelings.

How do you feel? Is a question I hate
No point explaining; you cannot relate
I don’t want to talk I don’t want to share
You could be sincere I really don't care
What's on your mind? another shit line
Easily avoided by saying I'm fine
If I told you, you’d regret you had asked
My inner thoughts are carefully masked
with good reason they’re not to be shared
I don’t feel the need for my soul to be bared
The fondness and affection which I always came to give,
Has now gone away, simply doesn’t exist,
My mind is now contained by a deep and heavy mist-
Cant concentrate on others, nothing more I have to give,
My troubles are now amplified as I proceed to live
I don’t feel the security of a family anymore
Despising my sister even worse than before
Sick of the pretence hiding what should be said
Her insight of real life coming from something she read
Dad is no longer with this world neither is my mother
Before, mum and I could always rely on one another
I fear the inner dark thoughts that remain from my losses
Morbidly aware we all bare our crosses
its all out of my control which evokes Hatred I feel
the explosion of uncontrollable feelings are real
fine line breaks quickly between love and hate
am I now on the right path written in the hands of fate?
past relationships were fickle I falsely gave love to all
I've now created a hard callous wall
scared I cant love and alone I feel
intoxicated to mask what is real
Life teaches lessons that are not written anywhere
Choices decisions past mistakes we must bear
Endlessly trying to focus my attention to hope


Grudges she held


Little by little


As time disappears


You start to get scared


Of your own shadows




Your muscles start to twitch


Your heart gets cold


Your skin is too frail


You slowly start to forget




Feelings start to fade away


All that is left within


Are tired excuses


Empty promises




Pain makes its way


It becomes hard for you to say


Yes, I still Love you


No, I don't Love you




You'll never be the same


Slowly losing this game


Still, the pulse survives


So you gather yourself up


One last time




Strips of colorful life


You so quickly hide


With a delightful sigh


Things that you held up high


Lost in this glorious fight


Nick Kler

unrequited love

You never loved me, did you?

 How could you love me when you had already booked your one way ticket out of my life with no return?

How could you love me if you let me cry myself to sleep?

How could you love me if being myself wasn’t enough to you?

Well, I’m done asking myself that question because the answer is plain and simple.

You don’t love, you’ve never loved me, and you never will love me.

So get on that flight and don’t look back.


I’m choosing to be happy and that doesn’t involve chasing the great unrequited love.