Haqueian Verse


I want to,

Fall in love,

With you,


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Time has presented a twist,

Before me again,

Yet I will not give in,

Since yielding is not in my vein.


I know how to start anew,

I know how to win the game,

I know how to inspire,

I know how to reach the aim!


Oh God! Be with me ever!


Please do me this little favour!

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You Broke Me *up for suggestions*

I had built a wall up,

up around my heart.


I had protected my heart,

until you showed up 

in my life. 



I let my guard down,

exposing my wall to you.


I fell hard and 

I fell fast for you.


Instead of taking care 

of my heart and wall,

you decided to do otherwise.


You broke my wall down,

causing my heart to

be crushed and broken.


I gave you access 

to my heart

and you broke me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let me know what you think!!!

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Smiling Again


Whispers of the wind

Papers on my bed

Three hours of my sleep

Lonely words are said


The night is young

I hold my tongue

From telling the truth

Hiding it from you


You always have seen me through

You ask me to go with you

Somewhere I can smile

Away from their sight


It has been a long hard week

Take me now and be real quick

I want to go out and kill this night

I have to get out and smile tonight


Even if we see that menace

I know I'm happy with this

As long as you're with me

All things are like a dream


I'm smiling wide again

Fogetting what happened

I know this is a bit strange

I ask you don't go away


Nobody asks me if I am fine

My friends never bother to ask me that

Nobody like you make me smile wide

They don't know if I fake smiles or I am sad


The night is dying

I can't help laughing

Whenever you're here with me

I forget all those bad things

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Begin Again (v.1.0)


Took a deep breath in the mirror
You didn't like it when I wore these shoes
But I do

Turn the lock and put my headphones on
You always said you didn't get this song
But I do
I do

Walked in expecting you'd be late
But you got here early and you'd stand and wave
I walked to you

Pulled the chair and helped me in
And you don't know how nice that is
But I do

And you throw your head back laughing
like a little kid
I think it's strange that you think I'm funny
'cause she never did
And I've been spending the last eight months
thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end
But on a Friday, in a bakery
I watched it begin again

I said I never met someone who could
understand these LG records as me
But you do

We tell stories and you don't know why
I'm coming off a little shy
But I do

But you show your killer smile
with the perfect teeth
I think it's new that you say I'm sorry
'cause she never did
And I've been spending this year's eight months
But in August, when our eyes met
I let it begin again

And we walked down the block to the cab
I almost brought her up
But you stopped to talk
About the colors that you dyed your hair once
Every single nighttime
I wanna talk about her
But for the first time
What's past is past

'Cause you held me in your arms
like a little kid
I think it's strange that you say I'm priceless
'cause she never did
And I've been spending the first eight months
Thinking all love ever does is fail and mourn and slay
But in October when we held close
I had it begin again

But on a Friday, in a bakery
I watched begin again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is not a poem but my version of Taylor Swift's song Begin Again from her album Red

It's December Again


Only two hours from now
The last month would start
I am filled with doubts
And memories from my heart


The town's getting colder
I'm even having cough
All I can do is shiver
Turns out I'm not that tough


It's December again
Oh, I could smell your scent
I recall the last time I saw you
It was just like this, cold and so blue


You said you'd never love him again
But here you were complaining the next day
You told me he broke your heart again
Yet you ran to him smilingly today


I guess everything was my fault
That everything fell down
I didn't want to deal with salt
So I wrote that letter with sob


I'm sorry for what I did
For the feeling that I hid
For your resentment that I fed
For the bitterness that you felt


It's been so long since we spoke
I thought you forgave me in February
But how come you are still cold
For the third time, please accept my apology


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this between the last day of November and the first day of December. It's about saying sorry to someone you think you've hurt so much that bitterness filled that person's heart because of you. it's entitled "IT'S DECEMBER AGAIN".
You can find this on my Facebook account James Denolong Dela Cruz

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Trying Again


I had given up trying

Not wanting the pain

I have evils within

Many you have slain


You understand not

How hard it is for me

To put down my walls

To let my heart fly free


Yet I am trying, for you

My walls are going down

A heart I ne’er knew was there

A heart you may have found


I give it to you

With all my love and trust

Please be careful, I beg of you

My heart cannot survive another bust



Written on

November 8, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was writen to another boyfriend. Asking him to be careful.

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