The Daily Ritual


The Daily Ritual 


Come sweet death,

Bringer of the dawn.

Leave me tranquil

While innocents sleep


Come sweet death,

Harvester of light

Show me the path

Through the darkest of night


Come sweet death

Your warm embrace

Turns to ice at spiders touch

While the dying says it all.


Come sweet death

Our mission of life 

Tainted by the smell

 Of our own blood


We arrive on the wind

Earth shattering

It's juddering drums

Signal our arrival


While its hard  to contemplate 

never mind motivate,

The man in the corner, the one, 

with the thousand yard  stare.


Whoomp, whoomp,whoomp 


 Whoosh .

Kaboom !!!


Says it all


     Giajl © Jim Love 

Extract from the diaries of "Jock Love A Soldier & A Poet : On The Home Front : Pissed Again ".

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