Pursuit of Happiness

Even the greatest falter.

The most elite fail to meet

the expectations and stat quo.

Every one of us is fallible.

There is no escaping

the prospect of failure.

But those who transcend

beyond the limitation,

are those who become legend.

Every one who has proven

themselves worthy of

mention in the encyclopedia

has weathered the heights,

and  mastered their art. 

Therefore, it makes sense

to find your passion and,

transcend any before you

in the mind field.

Do not settle for the norm.

Instead, seek to leave a dent

In the enormity of time,

that forces all generations to

to believe in one single fact.

That all humans attest to the

blatantly obvious fact that all we

want is to be happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

be happy :)

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Imprinted-soul's picture

This is lovely and

This is lovely and inspirational.

Very well said:)

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Thank you for the comment and

Thank you for the comment and the add, and i'm glad you enjoyed the poem.

We'll just keep writing 'til there's nothing left to write.

We'll just keep waiting 'til they read all our works left to right.