Nothing is More Special Than Talking to You

Nothing is more special than talking to you,

So honest these words are, so true,

Keep recollecting the moments I,

When on the roof you were, near the sky.


The long hair of yours,

Was extremely thankful of course,

Bathing in the sunlight,

And letting the zephyr play with it.


From the plain I kept talking to you,

Wishing the time to stop breathing for a moment or two,

My Juliet you were,

No fear approached since, I, your Romeo was near.


As much loved the pearl is to the oyster,

Same is true for my love for you ‘my dear’,

I can feel you in my loneliness,

In every little part of my earthly existence.  


Whenever you are far away,

Alive I stay,

By defending the memories sweet and just,

From time’s likely rust. 

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