Monthly Archive for March 2008

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
RIDICULOUS Poem brenda Mar 1st
A Race Poem md_zulhilmi89 love Mar 1st
Never Ending Dream Poem md_zulhilmi89 Other Mar 1st
The End Poem dakotadarkhorse Lost love Mar 1st
Chains Poem Ailihporcen 1 Mar 1st
Screaming in Darkness Poem Ailihporcen 1 Mar 1st
Bubble Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Face Value Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Bedfellow Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Insomnia Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Grieving Process Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Unreliable Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
In Pieces Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Cons Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Autobiography Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Mar 1st
Tone-Deaf Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
War-Worn Faith Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Collapse I Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Dead Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Cracked II Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
Stunted Growth Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 1st
!!!! Empty Love !!!! Poem godfather_of_vbh 1 Mar 1st
!!!! Hero's !!!! Poem godfather_of_vbh Mar 1st
It Hit Like Bullets. Poem gone_forever13 bisexual love Mar 1st
'08 Stargazer Poem Joel Mar 1st
It doesn’t matter Poem ozzypoemgirl Mar 1st
Childbirth Poem randyjohnson sadness Mar 1st
RADIO SHACK Poem chris Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
COUNTY FAIR Poem chris Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
It's a long night to be sober Poem Dizzylemons 1 Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
And I Fall Poem docjroberts 1 New Love Mar 2nd
Again and Again Poem emadjav Mar 2nd
The Candle Poem emadjav Mar 2nd
!!!! Family !!!! Poem godfather_of_vbh Mar 2nd
Roses, Violets and Sugar Poem nickchig Mar 2nd
SOUL HOOD Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 2nd
LACK'S REPOSE Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 2nd
OUR TIME HERE IN THE NOW Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 2nd
Rising Sun Poem patons02 Mar 2nd
Distant Future Poem patons02 Mar 2nd
A cop's revenge Poem randyjohnson Dark Mar 2nd
“Hold me close, because I’m afraid of heights.” Poem searching_sky Mar 2nd
I'm a mess to be found. Poem searching_sky Mar 2nd
Sweet conflict Poem searching_sky Mar 2nd
Twisted egos and broken glass. Poem searching_sky Mar 2nd
Head's full of smoke Poem searching_sky Mar 2nd
Fire blights the eyes Poem searching_sky Mar 2nd
Never Wake Up(Sometimes) Poem the7bs Mar 2nd
BEING REAL IS A MASQUERADE Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Mar 2nd
her only escape Poem arecreed Anger NonViolent Mar 3rd
your bliss. Poem arecreed Anger NonViolent Mar 3rd
Broken Trust Poem babblin Mar 3rd
Absorbing Departure Poem coldaugust Lost love Mar 3rd
An August Baptism Poem coldaugust Escapism Mar 3rd
The Cross You Bear Poem damien Abstract Mar 3rd
Breakfast, 1998 Poem dolphin Mar 3rd
Gifts Squandered Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Mar 3rd
Unsavory Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 3rd
Elizabeth Johnson. Poem gone_forever13 Fear Mar 3rd
Through Clear Eyes Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 3rd
Buried Memories Poem gothic_fairy_ 1 Mar 3rd
Restart Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 3rd
Take Me Back Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 3rd
Memory of my beloved Poem indian_princess 1 Mar 3rd
Time unravels Poem indian_princess Mar 3rd
This is what Happened when the World Caved In Poem indigo_kid007 1 Mar 3rd
oh my god 3 Poem juliothegreat Mar 3rd
Because everyone is saying goodbye today and you know how good I am at writing those. Poem juliothegreat 1 Mar 3rd
I am a woman. Poem juliothegreat 1 Mar 3rd
ohmygod3 Poem juliothegreat Mar 3rd
Love Lost Poem Jules_Luna Lost love Mar 3rd
i need to know Poem mylovep0etry Mar 3rd
wanting you Poem mylovep0etry Mar 3rd
Trust Poem orszulaks Mar 3rd
He Is God Poem orszulaks Mar 3rd
Humility Poem orszulaks Mar 3rd
Love Poem orszulaks Mar 3rd
Forgiveness Poem orszulaks Mar 3rd
Blunder ۞ Poem shawon1982 1 youth Mar 3rd
Say Once ♥۞ Poem shawon1982 2 youth Mar 3rd
Dark Paradise Poem shawon1982 youth Mar 3rd
Better? Poem slydeviltkd 1 Abuse Mar 3rd
WHY!? Poem slydeviltkd Dark Mar 3rd
Forever Yours Poem slydeviltkd Pain/Sorrow Mar 3rd
"But I Took Care However" Poem The1TrueMojo Mar 3rd
ما لي شغل بالسوق Poem unrulyspring Mar 3rd
SHE CHANGES Poem 9inety 1 Mar 4th
Trials Poem babblin Mar 4th
Went To Church Today Poem Megsamoo00 religion Mar 4th
Less Of A Human Being Poem Megsamoo00 Anger NonViolent Mar 4th
SHE'S TIRED OF BEING ALONE Poem chris Song Lyrics Mar 4th
Our Fathers Poem cnsfreebird3 Mar 4th
Priceless Poem Dizzylemons Song Lyrics Mar 4th
My first haiku Poem Dizzylemons 2 Haiku Mar 4th
It defies definition Poem Dizzylemons Sonnets Mar 4th
SOARING Poem emmenay Mar 4th
Poker Face Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 4th
Abrupt Disruption Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 4th
Boxed In Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 4th
Insensible Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 4th
Beamdust Poem grahf Mar 4th
Parts of Me I've Left Behind (Part 2) Poem joelcarter_86 Mar 4th
One Last Breath Poem joelcarter_86 Mar 4th
1a. September /九月 Poem lili Mar 4th
9. Primitive Language / 原始的语言 Poem lili Mar 4th
Hell day Poem ozzypoemgirl 2 Mar 4th
A celebration of lives! Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Mar 4th
FROM CHANGE OF PATH TO PATH OF CHANGE Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 4th
Before The Game Poem patons02 religion Mar 4th
No Regrets Poem patons02 Mar 4th
Buster was the best Poem randyjohnson Pets/Animals Mar 4th
hurricane Poem ruth_x_less Mar 4th
To Rafia (Railway Booking) Poem shawon1982 youth Mar 4th
To Wahid Uncle (The Rose) Poem shawon1982 youth Mar 4th
My New Bunny Suit (inspired by Kimya Dawson)..not finished Poem mibella_jeze Mar 4th
without you Poem vazb 1 Mar 4th
as i sit on this hill Poem wallis420 Drugs Mar 4th
dont be afraid Poem wallis420 death Mar 4th
today's lonely road Poem wallis420 Lost love Mar 4th
to kevin and justin (r i p) Poem wallis420 1 death Mar 4th
The Crash Poem absolutekos Mar 5th
For Now and Forever Poem absolutekos Mar 5th
Untold Masterpiece Poem absolutekos 1 Mar 5th
Only You Poem absolutekos Mar 5th
__ It could never be love__ Poem alihekal 1 Mar 5th
الإنسان عقل وروح وفكر ومعتقد /7 Poem alihseen Mar 5th
الإنسان عقل وروح وفكر ومعتقد /8 Poem alihseen Mar 5th
الإنسان عقل وروح وفكر ومعتقد /9 Poem alihseen Mar 5th
الإنسان عقل وروح وفكر ومعتقد /10 Poem alihseen Mar 5th
الإنسان عقل وروح وفكر ومعتقد /11 Poem alihseen Mar 5th
Velvet Sheets Poem anarchist_wraith Mar 5th
To Her Poem bleeding_roses Mar 5th
In My Dreams (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Mar 5th
Sunrise (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Mar 5th
Such Is Life (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Mar 5th
Only If I (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Mar 5th
Missing Link (Repeat) Poem bluewave 1 Mar 5th
Yearning Poem IntoTheDawn love Mar 5th
sleeping awake Poem catherine Mar 5th
Be My Nothing Poem Megsamoo00 1 Unrequited Love Mar 5th
Romeo And Juliet **Warning** Poem Megsamoo00 Dark Love Mar 5th
A shift aches ( extended ) Poem coldaugust Mar 5th
Melting Memories Poem dakotadarkhorse Reality Mar 5th
Another late night call because you're sick of it all Poem Dizzylemons 1 Song Lyrics Mar 5th
Slave Poem dreayeya Mar 5th
A demonstration Poem elche Mar 5th
Not there yet Poem elche Mar 5th
Ready Poem elche Mar 5th
Big Momma (r.i.p. miss browm) Poem elche Mar 5th
Pull you Poem elche Mar 5th
You’re the judge Poem elche Mar 5th
Twinkle star Poem elche Mar 5th
My heart to rest Poem elche Mar 5th
Darkness Embodied Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Mar 5th
Surface Tension Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 5th
Connoisseur of Fine Poetry Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Mar 5th
Exploration Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 5th
Well Done Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 5th
Twisted Mind Poem silentdreamer1988 Poetry/Writing Mar 5th
Waking up with Sorrow Poem missallecia Mar 5th
Only He Knows Poem DarkStatic Depression Mar 5th
Untitled -- 3.5.2008 Poem DarkStatic Depression Mar 5th
Finally Poem DarkStatic Depression Mar 5th
Hidden evil Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Mar 5th
I figured it out I’m sure Poem ozzypoemgirl Mar 5th
THE LOVELY SAME Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 5th
OTHER PEOPLE Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 5th
A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 5th
ABSOLUTE NIGHT Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 5th
Time Poem tompkins_92 Mar 5th
THE CANVAS Poem shilpa Imagery Mar 5th
Mysterious Eyes Poem shilpa sadness Mar 5th
Emerging Emotions Poem shilpa 1 Self-doubt Mar 5th
Silent Endurance Poem shilpa Endurance Mar 5th
BEING YOURSELF Poem teresa_r Mar 5th
Fear Not Poem trumpet7 inspiration Mar 5th
Saying Goodbye Poem wsusnowbunny Mar 5th
enchanted gypsy Poem 9inety 1 Mar 6th
Crying Poem babblin Mar 6th
Dear God Poem babblin Mar 6th
As I Poem babblin Mar 6th
Friends? Poem babblin Mar 6th
Whatever (Music Lyrics) [Japanese Romaji w/ English translations] Poem bluewave 1 Mar 6th
Hallelujah Poem RainerBukowski Mar 6th
WE ARE CHRISTIANS Poem geneconner2008 Mar 6th
Lord, I give you my heart Poem geneconner2008 Mar 6th
SEND ME YOUR DETAILS Poem heavensunrise 1 Abstract Mar 6th
HEAVEN'S SKIN Poem heavensunrise Other Mar 6th
I AM STRONGER THAN EVER. Poem juliothegreat Mar 6th
Welcome To My Nightmares Poem ladyreck 1 Mar 6th
The Rage Held Within Poem ladyreck Mar 6th
No Room Poem lavalady Mar 6th
You're Gone Poem missallecia Mar 6th
Empty Words Poem missallecia Mar 6th
COMPLETELY Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 6th
FOR THE WRITER AND THE WRITTEN Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 6th
THE RESSURECTION OF THAT FAMOUS DREAM Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 6th
Gentle Savior Poem seatellite Reality Mar 6th
Love Carousel Poem seatellite Lost love Mar 6th
Something Poem RainDreams Mar 6th
Meaning Poem RainDreams Mar 6th
Savior Poem RainDreams Mar 6th
Presence Poem RainDreams Mar 6th
The Last Time Poem RainDreams Mar 6th
Disillusioned Poem RainDreams Mar 6th
Light at the End of the Tunnel Poem RainDreams Mar 6th
Hilary Poem RainDreams Mar 6th
Expiration Date Poem RainDreams Mar 6th
Clean White Pages Poem RainDreams Mar 6th
smuggle Poem steelrunner303 Mar 6th
Home Above Poem trumpet7 inspiration Mar 6th
Silence Poem animus Mar 7th
Pagdating ng Panahon (Music) (Tagalog w/ English translations) Poem bluewave 1 Mar 7th
I Will Wait For You (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Mar 7th
Beatle at Bay Poem catherine Mar 7th
Your Kiss Caught Me Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Mar 7th
Exposed Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 7th
Crossroad Poem ghostwriter_1900 Mar 7th
So Tell Me Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
because of you Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Almost Doesn't Count Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Can't Let You In Again Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Final Goodbye Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Left So Quickly Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Louder than Words Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Whisper To Me Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Finally Free Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
There Was A Time Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Nothing Left To Say Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Can't Keep Playing Pretend Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Burns Inside Forever Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Afterall Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Writing The Refrain Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Die For You Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
You're The Truth Poem gothic_fairy_ Mar 7th
Hanging by a String Poem hatchling 2 History/Past Mar 7th
The Five Senses of Your Love Poem hatchling 1 love Mar 7th
To View Jason Poem hatchling 1 love Mar 7th
Yellow Rose Poem hatchling 3 friendship Mar 7th
MORE THAN WORDS Poem Shellysweetness Mar 7th
LiFE iS A BiTCH AND THEN YOU DiE Poem Shellysweetness Mar 7th
Ojos Angelinos... Poem SoulKritiC Angels Mar 7th
Angelic Eyes... Poem SoulKritiC Angels Mar 7th
Subconscious Surrendering Poem lavalady Mar 7th
Diamond One Poem MsBlue Diamond One Mar 7th
The Art of Misery Poem missallecia Mar 7th
HIS HANDSOMENESS PERSONIFIED (Cary Grant) Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Mar 7th
Whatever Poem poetry_freak Mar 7th
Interpertation of Midday Metal Poem poetry_freak Mar 7th
New Lust Poem poetry_freak 1 Mar 7th