Monthly Archive for July 2011

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
my shame Poem nighthawk21 Jul 1st
8 MINUTES Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
THE WHEN AND THE WHERE Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 1st
WE JUST ARE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
UNTIL NOW Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 1st
AUTUMN REBEL Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 1st
The Approach Poem Sivus Men, relationships, sex, women Jul 1st
Underexaggeration Poem Silver__lining Jul 1st
Little Bits & Pieces Poem Silver__lining Jul 1st
The Love of a Father Poem Shelley88 Jul 1st
Open Roads Await Poem Silver__lining Jul 1st
I Wish, I Thought Poem Silver__lining Jul 1st
Thoughts of an Ex Poem Silver__lining Jul 1st
LOOKING BACK--GUARDANDO INDIERO--ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 looking back Jul 1st
LOOKING BACK--COMO RESUMEN--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 looking back Jul 1st
LOOKING BACK--RUCKBLICK--GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 looking back Jul 1st
Nature Conduit Poem jgupta nature, river, road, trees Jul 1st
RECOGNITION Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
IRRESISTIBLE WINES Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
Moving on with a new one Poem leo_love31 1 love Jul 1st
From Storm to Sunrise Poem Vixen Anger Love Separation Satisfaction Hope Jul 1st
Simple sense … Simple words Poem humanpulse 3 Jul 1st
বর্ষাস্নান Poem shawon1982 Jul 1st
A Betrayal Poem Shelley88 Jul 1st
Earliest Era Poem apteryx nature fall free verse Jul 1st
Gravity Poem divysia Jul 1st
I have a feeling Poem geneconner2008 Jul 1st
love so pure Poem leo_love31 love Jul 1st
IN ALL MY BROKEN LOVELINESS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
THE BLOSSOM'S STEM Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
FONDEST LONGINGS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
THE PUNISHMENT OF FIDELITY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
FROM MOMENT ONE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
I MISS ONLY YOU Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
LIVING WITH ANTICIPATION Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
MY OWN PRIVATE TWILIGHT ZONE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
FROM LOVE'S TRENCHES Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
UNDEPENDABLE Poem emmenay life and feelings Jul 2nd
America The Beautiful Poem twincities Jul 2nd
I Know What It's Like Poem Jane_Lane 2 Abandonment, Depression, Failure, Life, Rape Jul 2nd
SECRET PLACES--GEHEIME ORTE--GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 secret places Jul 2nd
SECRET PLACES--LUGARES SECRETOS--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 secret places Jul 2nd
THE SHADY TREE Poem emmenay Life and love Jul 2nd
I LOVE SOLITUDE Poem emmenay life and feelings Jul 2nd
O DONNA! Poem emmenay Friendship and feelings Jul 2nd
A LANE OF YELLOW LED THE EYE Poem emmenay life and feelings Jul 2nd
I failed you Poem fat_sweaty_bob Jul 2nd
A dove finds it voice Poem fat_sweaty_bob 2 Jul 2nd
The heart needs dark glasses Poem coffeewithleona... 5 Jul 2nd
The Tyger Poem 9inety 1 Jul 2nd
SECRET PLACES--LUOGHI SEGRETI--ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 secret places Jul 2nd
YOUR EYES--LHRE AUGEN--GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 your eyes Jul 2nd
YOUR EYES--GLI OCCHI--ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 your eyes Jul 2nd
Epigram For A Humble Soul Poem Starward Jul 2nd
Shaded Maple Hallways, Canadian Reflections Poem sanctus 1 Jul 2nd
You Are My Heart Poem KingGeorge Jul 2nd
YAAD, JUDAI , AUR MAIN Poem azaan Jul 2nd
The one for me Poem leo_love31 -LovesPoem- Jul 2nd
Reality Check Poem Micho_95 Jul 2nd
Beauty Of Life Poem Micho_95 Jul 2nd
Live and Learn Poem Micho_95 Jul 2nd
YOUR EYES--US OJOS--SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 your eyes Jul 2nd
Nerves Poem Vixen Jul 2nd
Vixen Poem Vixen Jul 2nd
Angel Poem metaphorist Jul 2nd
The Other Woman Poem metaphorist Jul 2nd
Black and White Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
You Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
No Tears Today Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Thinking, Dreaming, Wondering Poem DesertRose 1 Jul 3rd
Darkness Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
sheep in the pasture Poem demigodess Jul 3rd
living in a box Poem demigodess Jul 3rd
রঙ Poem shawon1982 Jul 3rd
string and bait Poem demigodess Jul 3rd
Joshua, My Heart Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
My Grandmother Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Do You Remember Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
When Love Was Here Poem DesertRose 2 Jul 3rd
Mother Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Waiting Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Memories Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Wondering Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Reflections Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Take Me Poem metaphorist Jul 3rd
Delilah Poem metaphorist Jul 3rd
Global Revolution Poem Avantgarde Jul 3rd
In this skin Poem anonymous33 Jul 3rd
Dont Look Behind Poem perception break up, broken heart, Lost love, unrequitted love Jul 3rd
M07hΣr Σ@r7h Poem Kyu Jul 3rd
0Ur YΣ@r! Poem Kyu Jul 3rd
7rUΣ FrΣEd0m Poem Kyu Jul 3rd
AngΣL$ & DΣM0n$ (part one) Poem Kyu Jul 3rd
Life's unseen side Poem clutchforbalance 1 Jul 3rd
Same mistake Poem clutchforbalance Jul 3rd
Epigram On The Lake Of Fire Poem Starward Jul 3rd
Epigram On A Young Lady's Entrance Poem Starward Jul 3rd
FOR ONCE, THEN SOMETHING Poem emmenay Jul 3rd
story Poem fo0l4u 1 Jul 3rd
MOVING ON Poem emmenay mystical Jul 3rd
دراسة سعد الدين خضر عن مجموعة بئر البنفسج Poem gulizaranwar Jul 3rd
دراسة القاص أمجد توفيق عن مجموعة بئر البنفسج Poem gulizaranwar Jul 3rd
Without You Poem metaphorist Jul 3rd
Lips of myrrh Poem leo_love31 1 love Jul 3rd
between the teardrop and the eye. Poem demigodess Jul 3rd
In Loving Memory Poem tk2003 Jul 3rd
Joyous Dawn Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Gone Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Magical Days Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
What Lies Beneath Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Invisibilityy Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
the slip Poem gabz Jul 3rd
Silent! Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Part of Me is Missing Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Isolation Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Hatred Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Terror Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
A Life Well Lived Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Love In A Dream Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Leo Creole Poem leo_love31 1 Beauty Jul 3rd
How I simply never expected this to Happen Poem csuh05 Jul 3rd
Tempting Poem wolfangel87 Jul 3rd
Jesus you came to me Poem geneconner2008 Jul 3rd
Once Upon A Time? Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Faded Dreams Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Tears Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Come To Me Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Forgot Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Lost Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
More Contemplations on a Quiet Night #2 Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
More Contemplations on a Quiet Night #1 Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Contemplations....cont. Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Contemplations in the Middle of the Night Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Come Into My Life Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Marsha - My Sister/Sister-in-Law/Best Friend Poem DesertRose 1 Jul 3rd
Depression - My Adversary Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
A Spring Day Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Love's Garden Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Shadows of Loneliness Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
(Pain) You Will Not Win Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
The Husband of My Youth Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Let's Get Together Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
My Baggage vs Your Baggage Poem DesertRose Jul 3rd
Platonic Optics Poem PoeticParable_S... Jul 4th
دراسة جمال نوري عن مجموعة بئر البنفسج Poem gulizaranwar Jul 4th
NUMBERS 11-13--2010- dedicated to AFZAL SHAQ Poem heatherburns35 numbers Jul 4th
REALITY OF THIS WORLD Poem emmenay In The Real World Jul 4th
Surviving Poem AllyBee97 Jul 4th
MY LIFE STORY----DUSTEN HUMBERT Poem heatherburns35 dusten Jul 4th
Dove (E) Poem Sivus love Jul 4th
Concord Poem iaminacocoon 1 Jul 4th
Footnote: Consistence Poem Starward Jul 4th
At The Reunion Of Former Friends Poem Starward Jul 4th
Be Still Poem trumpet7 Jul 4th
Epigram To Myself, Thirty-Five Years Ago Poem Starward 1 Jul 4th
Icebreaker Poem maddiejace Jul 4th
Blue Poem maddiejace the color blue Jul 4th
His Eyes Are Blue Poem maddiejace police, sirens, trauma Jul 4th
You treat your wife like a dog Poem randyjohnson Verbal abuse Jul 4th
Beyond Poem tinaschu 3 Jul 4th
Adages and Short Thoughts Poem TheCure242 5 adages, random, sayings Jul 4th
she was to be Poem gabz loss Jul 4th
Clouded Mess Poem Vamprose 3 Jul 4th
Just hang on Poem leo_love31 1 friends Jul 4th
i stand alone Poem tshepza Jul 4th
সংসার Poem shawon1982 Jul 4th
পণ Poem shawon1982 Jul 4th
সংঘাত Poem shawon1982 Jul 4th
Medical Missions Poem Vixen Jul 4th
Tattoo no more Poem leo_love31 1 Break Up Relationship Jul 4th
Man Poem Wandering_Soul85 Jul 5th
I Bet You Poem cherry_blossom Jul 5th
It Goes On Poem abob1717 empathy love mutual caring Jul 5th
TEASEL GOBLINTWIST (SOMEWHERE IN FANTASYLAND) Poem heatherburns35 me gusta su estilo Jul 5th
i wanna be succesful Poem fletcherjr86 1 success Jul 5th
Tired Poem exkaijadesatiro Jul 5th
Wake Up, Kathleen Poem Sivus romance Jul 5th
miss u more then u know it Poem fletcherjr86 miss her Jul 5th
Creatures at the Top of Chico's Shit List Poem Sivus Cats, Pets Jul 5th
235 years of independence Poem randyjohnson Celebration, Holiday, Independence Jul 5th
Already gone Poem clutchforbalance Jul 5th
Scott Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriend, grandparents, husband, love Jul 5th
Heart Thief Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriends, thief Jul 5th
Busy Cafeteria Poem Sivus work Jul 5th
get over yourself Poem gabz Jul 5th
A Moment Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
They Flow Too Easily Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
in my mind Poem nighthawk21 Jul 6th
Caylee Poem withpen_inhand Angery Jul 6th
Black rain Poem clutchforbalance Jul 6th
Fallen Poem clutchforbalance 1 Jul 6th
Solitude Poem clutchforbalance 1 Jul 6th
Familiarity Poem clutchforbalance 3 Jul 6th
A Slip of the Tongue Poem metaphorist Jul 6th
Promise to you Poem clutchforbalance Jul 6th
Time Poem vampress6669 inner despair Jul 6th
Shadow's truth Poem clutchforbalance 1 Jul 6th
SOMETHING NEW Poem workm Jul 6th
YOUTH AND AGE Poem emmenay Youth and age Jul 6th
A Caged Wolf. Poem icewolf7 Jul 6th
12 bucks Poem ashlyndodd ashlyndodd Jul 6th
Wake Up Poem NewHeartWaltzin... memories demons cognition reality humanity Jul 6th
I CANNOT FORGET YOU Poem heatherburns35 cannot forget you Jul 6th
The Beautiful Truth Poem Avantgarde 1 Jul 6th
My Love For You, Would Never Die Poem MsBlue love Jul 6th
Abuse Poem clutchforbalance 2 Jul 6th
A Princess No More Poem wolfangel87 Jul 6th
Beating The Dealer Poem nkorinko Jul 6th
Getting Prettier Poem Sivus Beauty, love, romance, women Jul 6th
SEX AND LOVE Poem emmenay The meaning of true love Jul 6th
ima be sick.... Poem gabz trying something new.... Jul 6th
TIME Poem gsds4u Do we have time Michel? Jul 7th
I DREAM Poem gsds4u To Michel McAulay for helping me feel alive again..... Jul 7th
As For The Heart Poem kreatine4breakfast heartbreak, Poetry romance Jul 7th
NO SHOW Poem emmenay feelings, missing friends, rain Jul 7th
WELCOMING HELL FIRE Poem emmenay Foreseeing the end of this world Jul 7th
Dark Lullaby Poem BlasphemousGrrl Jul 7th
TORN Poem gsds4u I like you Michel McAulay!!!!! Jul 7th
Don't Allow the Cloud Poem Sivus 1 optimism Jul 7th
this black hole Poem nighthawk21 Jul 7th
PEACE SMILES FROM AFAR Poem emmenay life and feelings Jul 7th
Dream Shore Poem edge_of_existence Jul 7th
WHEN I AM WITH MYSELF Poem emmenay Present and past Jul 7th
Outran a Wave of Bile Poem edge_of_existence Jul 7th
can't save me now Poem nighthawk21 Jul 7th
Vic's Poem Poem workm Jul 7th
process of discovery Poem 9inety Jul 7th
the day of lose Poem alkaharuno friends Jul 7th
"Dial: (419) 483-6239" Poem The1TrueMojo Jul 7th
Keep your innocence. Poem BrittanyWebb Jul 7th
At Damascus Poem Starward 2 Jul 7th
Phantom pain Poem clutchforbalance Jul 7th
Generation lost Poem Shadow_season change, Revolution, Times Jul 7th
Fireworks Poem metaphorist Jul 7th
Kathleen Poem Sivus love, romance Jul 7th
I wish you could of just been Honest Poem csuh05 Jul 7th
Hope(: Poem AllyBee97 Jul 7th
To Ms. Anthony Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 7th
دراسة حيدر عبد الرضا عن قصة حلم شرقي Poem gulizaranwar Jul 7th
حوار الصحفي ناظم السعود مع كُليزار أنور Poem gulizaranwar Jul 7th
دراسة فؤاد عبد الرزاق الدجيلي عن العالم القصصي لكليزار أنور Poem gulizaranwar Jul 7th
Pleasant Amateur Poem Vixen 3 Jul 7th
love of my life Poem appiagrawal Jul 7th
Prisoner Poem appiagrawal Jul 7th
Psychiatry Department Poem Vixen Related to Hospitals Jul 8th
YOUR HEART'S TENDEREST GREED Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
THE BLANKET Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 8th
THE ARROGANT VULGARITY Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 8th
I Never Knew Poem danceblackbutterfly -LovesPoem- Jul 8th