living in a box

tulips blooming through the bones
black snowmen baking in the sun
symbols of seasons past
and seasons yet to come
birds chriping in the trees
a man screaming from the phone
what either of them are saying
i dont care to know
its so beautiful
i love what i see
it sounds so beautiful
it sounds so beautiful to me
yellow on green
white on blue
its what they feel
its what they exude
nature's so honest
so true
th wind is playing with the shadows
the winding is bending the trees
sounding the applause
of the ever vibrant leaves
clapping,dancing,and bending for me
then i retire
to my musty old box
to sit in the silence
where nothing talks
i stare and eat
my rehydrated meat
drinking water thats "pure"
water thats "clean"
looking through the screens
that add space between
and suddenly i see
society is boxy
and nature is free.

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