Almost fell from my horse-saddle while speedily galloping,
It happens sometimes as even I am a mortal being;
In the wee hours of fleeting night, though it was comforting,
To be fully aware that my Saviour knows everything.

The call to pray floated just before the day came,
Hinting to me about the futility of worldly fame;
Even silence sighed for those who perished in the quest,
While an angel whispered about their futile toiling.

Then Naseem* nudged me with its gentle, healing touch,
A secluded spot inside my heart liked the feel so much;
The blue-black sky said: nothing here is lasting and I rose,
With renewed spiritual energy and a zest I marched on:

Toward the lofty goals I have set for myself and my heart,
Braving everything that which had threatened to rip me apart;
Like all those before me yet undeterred I keep moving on,
Determined and fortified and all the more spiritually smart.

Drizzling mercy came rained from above as God's blessing,
Replenishing and rejuvenating my emotionally hurt being;
The Master Writer of fate had sent me a message silently,
Whose contents are sacred and holier than the Pierean Spring*.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*NASEEM: The Arabic/Persian name given to the fresh breeze of pre-dawn hours.
*PIERIAN SPRING: The legendary Greek spring related to the Muses and knowledge.

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