When I met him 9 years ago,
I didn’t know it then, oh no

But I know it now, that he
Was my husband, or going to be

He makes me feel so good, oh how
Even though I cant see him now

Because he lives so far away
When he does move, he’s going to stay

He’s going to stay near me
And we can finally be

One, where we were once two
But for now I am going to be blue

Because I can’t see him
I know that my chance will be slim

To see him and consummate our relationship
I know that day we will be attached at the hip

But we cannot do anything just yet
Because a date is not set

For anything, his surgery included
All that will come in time, so he has said

I know I can talk to him now
And that elevates my heart, oh how

For this poem there is no end
Because it is like the love I send
Straight to him, of which has no end

Written on
July 1, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about Scott Wolf. It is also written about What my parents are doing. They will get there just desereves for all of this. Mind you, I have never, never named a poem after a person. Written their names in it, I have; but never named a poem for them.

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