between the teardrop and the eye.

we all know what its like to cry
but what happens in the space between
the tear drop and the eye?
a story cultivates
reflections are seen
we find things about ourselves
by which anger may have means
we doubt what we've said
wonder where we've been
and as that drop slides dutifully down our cheeks
we cant help but feel weak
broken and hurt
to a point of no return
the space between the tear drop and the eye?
quite simply is
and as we sniffle
wring our hands
hug our chests
give our hearts a squeeze
we cheat
using another defense
a way to survive
when our combat has been beat
because survival is key
but noone can see
they see the sadness
the crying, the hurt and the shame
how could they realize
its all a manipulative game
that salt
that salt from your tears
it burns as you project your fears
let it drip from your nose
as you pose
and play their souls
play them like the puppets they are
the space between the tear drop and they eye?
just another weapon to survive
capturing hearts like prisoners of an emotional war
a war that rages in everyone
a war that has lasted for all time
a war that will never die
a war that consists
between the tear drop and the eye

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