Monthly Archive for October 2009

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(YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN HERE) THE WHOLE TIME Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Oct 1st
Lady Beatrice's Unexpected Death Poem Starward Acceptance Oct 1st
All Differences Put Aside Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 1st
I'lll belive it when I see it Poem angeldust2007rock Betrayal Oct 1st
Meiosis Poem peggikaye Bizarre Oct 1st
احبك Poem ssultan36 Oct 1st
اتى الخريف Poem ssultan36 Oct 1st
شروق اخر لشمس لم ترانا معا Poem ssultan36 Oct 1st
هذا المساء Poem ssultan36 Oct 1st
MY HEARTS DOOR Poem heatherburns35 1 a hearts door Oct 1st
Never Hit This Hard Poem juggalettebabi2005 New Love Oct 1st
(Song) Dark Angel, My Love Poem bountyhunter0001 Oct 1st
DIRT ROAD Poem pikurpoison Oct 1st
Thank you for thinking of me! Poem vilmazab 2 Oct 1st
'09 Eternal Darkness v.2 Poem Joel Oct 1st
A NEW BEGINING Poem heatherburns35 2 a new beginning Oct 1st
A NEW ADVENTURE Poem heatherburns35 Oct 1st
THE SPACE OF THE AFRAID* Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 1st
YESTERDAYS FRAGMENTS Poem heatherburns35 1 yesterdays fragments Oct 1st
This has got to die. This has got to stop. Poem chinky_g love Oct 1st
Calling All Angels Poem metaphorist Oct 1st
Apathy Poem doktoravalanche Oct 1st
lightning strikes Poem 9inety 2 Oct 1st
Remember In Pain Poem exkaijadesatiro 1 Lost love Oct 1st
2nd October is a special day in history Poem jgupta In Memory Oct 2nd
Cynical Calm 10-02-09 Poem follow_the_knyht Oct 2nd
Jesus heals a Leper Poem blumentopf Oct 2nd
If Not For Grace Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 2nd
Will there come a time! Poem vilmazab 2 Oct 2nd
To Remember Poem vilmazab 1 Oct 2nd
STORMS OF LIFE Poem heatherburns35 Oct 2nd
Anguish Poem spacecowboy Oct 2nd
A Capitalist, a Socialist and a Poet Poem ashaumyan 5 Poetry/Writing Oct 2nd
We Danced and Shook Poem ashaumyan romance Oct 2nd
TEARS FOR YESTERDAY Poem heatherburns35 tears for yesterday Oct 2nd
To Naima (Brick Wall) Poem shawon1982 Oct 2nd
To Naima (My Love) Poem shawon1982 Oct 2nd
"Dissection" Poem The1TrueMojo Oct 2nd
I HAVE CHANGED Poem emmenay 2 Spirituality Oct 3rd
Please send me some flowers! Poem vilmazab 1 Oct 3rd
our little secret Poem craziiseciicooll 1 Hidden Love Oct 3rd
I thought I could do this Poem thecrazypalekid Oct 3rd
In The Midst Of All Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 3rd
but Poem thecrazypalekid Oct 3rd
Move On Poem cherry_blossom Oct 3rd
Whenever You're Done Poem luckypryde22 Oct 3rd
Not A Part Of The Puzzle Anymore Poem luckypryde22 Oct 3rd
Earthquake Poem wishful_thinking Oct 3rd
Emotional Lies Are Sometimes Okay Poem luckypryde22 Oct 3rd
A DREAM CATCHER Poem heatherburns35 3 a dream catcher Oct 3rd
MY TWO BEST FRIENDS Poem emmenay 1 friendship Oct 3rd
My Insecurities Poem luckypryde22 Oct 3rd
A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN Poem emmenay 1 love Oct 3rd
Only they sang it Poem thecrazypalekid Oct 3rd
On Sundays In Hell Poem Starward Faith Oct 4th
Walk Away Poem twisted_whisperer Oct 4th
THE EYE OF THE STORM Poem jeffbresee 1 Addiction Oct 4th
Daddy Told Me Poem twisted_whisperer Oct 4th
CAT Poem chris Abstract Oct 4th
LEARN Poem chris Abstract Oct 4th
WRITER'S BLOCK Poem jeffbresee Oct 4th
PICK ME Poem chris Song Lyrics Oct 4th
WHAT'S IN THE HEART Poem jeffbresee War Oct 4th
THE STRANGE ROAD REVISITED* Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 4th
Mischievous Nights Poem Avantgarde Oct 4th
Torturing My Mind Poem Kikaykit 1 Oct 4th
Without Withholding Love Poem wishful_thinking Oct 4th
ALL A WASH IN YOUR SUNLIGHT # Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 4th
'09 Distorted Affair* Poem Joel Abstract Oct 5th
IN OF ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL* Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 5th
The Reason They're Beautiful Poem tula Life/Living Oct 5th
Fresh Linen Poem rbpoetry Haiku Oct 5th
FOUNDATION OF LIFE Poem heatherburns35 Oct 5th
It's You Poem seatellite love Oct 5th
The night both of our lives change forever Poem geneconner2008 Oct 5th
The Light of Love Poem meso Oct 5th
Good Fight Poem tula Awakening Oct 5th
Committed Disciples Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 5th
OBEDIENCE Poem odysseus religion Oct 5th
Ito Ba Ang Nakatadhana Poem vilmazab Oct 5th
You Are The One (Revised) Poem calculigirl03 Oct 5th
As They Drift Off Away Poem bubbaanddaddy sadness Oct 5th
THOUGHT STRAINS Poem odysseus Acceptance Oct 5th
Ang Munting Ngiti" ( Friendly Smile / Afzal Shauq) / Vilma Zaballero Poem vilmazab Oct 5th
STATUS EPILEPTICUS Poem odysseus Abstract Oct 5th
I Might As Well Keep Poem vilmazab Oct 5th
More Time For God Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 6th
Learning too Poem thecrazypalekid Oct 6th
Dawn's paving Poem rbpoetry Haiku Oct 6th
NATURE Poem chris Nature/Environment Oct 6th
I took a chance. Poem your_killing_me Oct 6th
TRAIN ON THE PLAINS Poem chris Children Oct 6th
I hate October. Poem bendergender Oct 6th
مملكة حزني Poem yaramo Oct 6th
The Mara reserve is adorned to its fullness by nature Poem meso Oct 6th
حب رهيب ... عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Oct 6th
أتنفسك ... عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Oct 6th
عشق الشمال وعشق الجنوب ... عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Oct 6th
يا إمرأة أزهو بعشقها .. عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Oct 6th
How do you? Poem jstar Bittersweet Oct 6th
The Overdose. Poem bendergender Oct 6th
BIG BROTHER Poem chris 1 Children Oct 6th
Let's See If We Can Beat Her Poem vilmazab Oct 6th
'09 A Violins Violence Poem Joel 1 Oct 6th
Do as I Do. Poem your_killing_me Oct 6th
يا إمرأة مذهلة ... عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Oct 6th
A PAINTING I SAW Poem chris Nature/Environment Oct 6th
إلي ملهمتي .. عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Oct 6th
TOO SMALL Poem profrksingh Angst Oct 7th
The Lie Poem rbpoetry Tanka Oct 7th
As I Look Over the Edge Poem left_behind Suicide Oct 7th
Why Did You! Poem vilmazab Oct 7th
For Now, Heaven Can Wait! Poem vilmazab 2 Oct 7th
خد الزمن Poem alihseen Oct 7th
خواطر من ليل العراق Poem alihseen Oct 7th
الشاهد المنتظر Poem alihseen Oct 7th
“That is Perfect”! Poem 9inety 1 Oct 7th
PANTHER Poem chris Abstract Oct 7th
*I remember But I Mostly Feel The Pain* Poem cole060784 Oct 7th
Mockery Of The Weaker! Poem cooper choices Oct 7th
FROM THIS MORNING* Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
THE SCENIC ROAD TO WISDOM Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
LET THE CHILDREN PLAY Poem heavensunrise Children Oct 7th
AGAINST YOUR BROW* Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
Life’s Ups And Downs Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 7th
Punctuation of Devlelopment Poem dancewmoonlight 1 Oct 8th
Tired Kingdom Poem Sivus Devotion Oct 8th
Barrier Kingdom Poem Sivus regret Oct 8th
Dance Poem maddiejace love Oct 8th
"Gay In Church" Poem BMosley 1 Spirituality Oct 8th
On the anti-corruption Sleuth Poem meso Oct 8th
Anger Refrained Poem dancewmoonlight Oct 8th
"No Jerseys Please' Poem BMosley Oct 8th
"Let It Begin" Poem BMosley Bittersweet Oct 8th
It is our time to eat Poem meso Oct 8th
Survival Poem dancewmoonlight Oct 8th
"Don't Count On it" Poem BMosley Being Loved Oct 8th
My Atlanta Poem honorao Oct 8th
"Ahead" Poem BMosley Oct 8th
Tomorrow is Too Late Poem dancewmoonlight Oct 8th
United States of Disdain Poem dancewmoonlight Oct 8th
Drops in the Ocean Poem dancewmoonlight 1 Oct 8th
"IX Of Wands" Poem The1TrueMojo Oct 8th
Are they role Role Models Poem meso Oct 8th
"Pity Me" Poem BMosley Cancer/Illness Oct 8th
"There He Is" Poem BMosley Oct 8th
"Speak To Me" Poem BMosley Oct 8th
'If My Smile" Poem BMosley Oct 8th
The Mask Made of Glass Poem MatthewWayne Poetry/Writing Oct 8th
'I Ain't The One" Poem BMosley Oct 8th
"Dinner Is On Me" Poem BMosley Oct 8th
Cold Wet Snow Poem TheEffervescentVixen Oct 8th
"Potentially Yours" Poem BMosley Oct 8th
"Beautiful BabyBoi" Poem BMosley Reality Oct 8th
"They Call Him Quiet" Poem BMosley Oct 8th
"Birthurt" Poem The1TrueMojo Oct 8th
"Sudden Innocent" Poem The1TrueMojo Oct 8th
All of eternity and a day Poem spacecowboy 1 Oct 8th
'Aunt Mittie Lives On" Poem BMosley In Memory Oct 8th
"Believe Him" Poem BMosley Awakening Oct 8th
YOUR UNWAVERING GLOW* Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 8th
MY MASTER PIECE OF MALE ART! Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 8th
The Mask Made of Glass Vol 2 Poem MatthewWayne Poetry/Writing Oct 9th
THE PALE-WINGED POETESS Poem emmenay Individuality Oct 9th
worth it Poem doyle51209 Oct 9th
Untitled -- 10.9.2009 Poem jpike Oct 9th
MIRACLE Poem emmenay Change/Transition Oct 9th
ENTRANCED Poem emmenay love Oct 9th
Blue Me Poem Silver__lining Lost love Oct 9th
Why do pictures of you have to smile? Poem Silver__lining 1 Lost love Oct 9th
Lift my head and raise my heart Poem Silver__lining sadness Oct 9th
You Were... Poem Silver__lining Lost love Oct 9th
Sonnets to No One special Poem Silver__lining Lost love Oct 9th
An idea is knocking Poem grahf Oct 9th
I'm not insane, just punch-drunk Poem Silver__lining Lost love Oct 9th
Raspberry Poem kj1 Oct 9th
Haiku, 07 Poem kj1 Oct 9th
INSURRECTION* Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Oct 9th
They Say Poem Silver__lining sadness Oct 9th
Sourire Poem bluewave 1 Oct 9th
LOU Poem chris Song Lyrics Oct 10th
To Stephen Fry Poem deajuly Devotion Oct 10th
Yikes Poem owlcrkbrg Oct 10th
Tragety Poem onemanwar Oct 10th
LOU Poem chris Song Lyrics Oct 10th
The Angel's Angel Poem Asheron 3 Oct 10th
BROKEN DREAMS Poem odysseus Oct 10th
A Holiday With Grief Poem vilmazab 4 Oct 10th
I Know Poem brokenalive Oct 10th
Maybe This Summer Poem vilmazab Oct 10th
The pen Poem spacecowboy 1 Oct 10th
ALL I EVER WANTED Poem teresa_r Oct 10th
Honored By Men Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 10th
The Ancient Mists of Love Poem deajuly Lust Oct 10th
Why? Poem deajuly choices Oct 10th
Nocturnes: Dinner In A Rather Cheap Tavern Poem Starward History/Past Oct 10th
White Lies Come Poem Letty467 Acceptance Oct 10th
Never Poem deajuly love Oct 10th
>>>>Really random Rant Poem Letty467 Abstract Oct 10th
bord again Poem doyle51209 Oct 11th
Unexpected turn Poem mia0917 Oct 11th
Remember Poem mia0917 Oct 11th
TO ALL DOORS KNOWN Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 11th
Softly, softly (Speak to me with your eyes...) Poem cerulean_soulhaze 2 Oct 11th
Free Poem mia0917 Oct 11th
SOMETIMES Poem teresa_r Oct 11th
LOU Poem chris Song Lyrics Oct 11th
Jason- Poem thecrazypalekid Oct 11th
You as Prairie. Me as Grass. Poem owlcrkbrg Oct 11th
Perfection is a Lie Poem thecrazypalekid Oct 11th
Love like a rose Poem mia0917 Oct 11th
If I had known Poem mia0917 Breaking Up Oct 11th
"First Sight" Poem BMosley Acceptance Oct 11th
I Had Felt You Skin to Skin Poem ashaumyan Lost love Oct 11th
Instead, I'll claim you're slipping away Poem thecrazypalekid Oct 11th
You Never Even Knew! Poem vilmazab 3 Oct 11th
FINDING YOU* Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 12th
V Poem chris Abstract Oct 12th
LOU Poem chris Song Lyrics Oct 12th
NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM GIANT OCEAN TANK Poem chris Nature/Environment Oct 12th
HER SONG Poem trivking64 Music/Musician Oct 12th
Tired of trying Poem dolpin6 Oct 12th
Why Father: part 2 Poem rlbstar1 Oct 12th
Walking on Water Poem metaphorist Oct 12th
Mind Games Poem metaphorist Oct 12th
my favrite flower Poem martal_arts Oct 12th
Game Face Poem metaphorist Oct 12th
Sweat and Lies Poem followinlove Abuse Oct 12th
I need to know Poem jpike Oct 12th
too much thinking Poem omarotten Oct 12th
GROWTH Poem babe1233 Oct 12th
As The Saints Enter In Poem trumpet7 inspiration Oct 12th
Haiku, 08 Poem kj1 Oct 12th
My Muse Poem taos Beauty Oct 13th
A Broken Man Poem MatthewWayne 2 Bittersweet Oct 13th
Places Poem taos Abstract Oct 13th
I'll Borrow You Until Forever Poem vilmazab 1 Oct 13th
Us Poem asherivers Oct 13th
A Waiting Heart! Poem otuyaxpresses Oct 13th
LOVE UPON A PERILOUS SEA* Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 13th
Love's Innocent Mystery Poem lovelymissrai 1 love Oct 13th
Hidden Love Poem lovelymissrai love Oct 13th
Really Over it All Poem asherivers Anger NonViolent Oct 13th
Stuck Poem asherivers Breaking Up Oct 13th
Climb (Beyond the Missouri Sky) Poem lioninwinter68 youth Oct 13th
Monsoon Clouds Poem mgthin 1 Nature/Environment Oct 13th
The Song of the Poet Poem cerulean_soulhaze Oct 13th