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Atlanta, Georgia

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I love writing poetry, modeling,dancing, bowling, going out to movies, cooking, quality time with family and friends, but mostly staying home.

I was born in a little city called Dyersburg Tennessee. I live most of my life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I moved to Atlanta in October 2004. I love southern hospitality. I'm an introverted people person if that makes any sense LOL. I love my family and always put them first. I love black themed/starring movies and events. I am well-rounded and non-judgemental, so I like all walks of life. I'd prefer to watch than to participate most times depending on what's happening. I enjoy articulate and mature conversations, but I love to clown around also. I'm a boring corporate worker during the day but a completely opposite bad boy at night! I am single by choice. I don't have nor want any children. I'm a very conservative/reserved person for the most part. I love to make people happy and can be a bit of a people pleaser, despite my natural distrust for strangers LOL Anything else will be discussed at a later time, thanks for paying me a visit!

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I have a reconstructed navel, it used to be an Outy but now it's an Inny.

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''Every day we witness is a blessing, despite the out come''.


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