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Spending time near the river skipping rocks, listening to music, cuddling, playing my clarinet and guitar, drawing and of course, writing poetry.

Well, I'm a pretty laid back person, though I tend to let my feelings take control of me, which is a little awkward at times. I like to express myself in writing whether it be dark or love poetry. I have numerous poems I'll post up here when I have some free time. I sing, play instruments, and dance (even though i absolutely suck at it, haha) I have a unique humor, generally speaking I have boy humor, lol. I like to drink on occasion, and when I do it's either some good beer or something a bit fruity, or a nice chardonnay from Abour Mist and in moderation of course.

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Hopefully pierced soon, tehe

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It is better to have loved, then to have not loved at all.


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