Monthly Archive for January 2001

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
DISTORTIONS OF THE MIND Poem ladydp2000 2 confusion Jan 1st
WONDERFUL DAYS Poem ladydp2000 5 Bittersweet Jan 1st
THAT OLD LITTLE ROAD Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Jan 1st
MY CREATIONS Poem terry 2 Celebrations Jan 1st
That Little White Ball Poem hhickson Comedy/Humor Jan 2nd
the number of two Poem choirgrrl 1 Bittersweet Jan 2nd
FEAR Poem serene religion Jan 2nd
a poem for may Poem choirgrrl Acceptance Jan 2nd
bell jar Poem choirgrrl Acceptance Jan 2nd
Escape Poem choirgrrl confusion Jan 2nd
TO ALMAY Poem serene friendship Jan 2nd
White VS. Poem choirgrrl 3 Culture/Society Jan 2nd
WHIFF OF REALITY Poem serene 7 Fantasies Jan 2nd
I am strange Poem dragongreeneyes 1 Being Loved Jan 2nd
ON BIRTHDAYS Poem serene 3 Celebrations Jan 2nd
haiku for late night sobriety Poem choirgrrl Apathy Jan 2nd
LOVING YOU ALL OVER AGAIN! Poem belladonna 2 love Jan 2nd
MEDITATIONS OF THE SOUL Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Jan 2nd
Cloud of Dust Poem drphat 2 Jan 3rd
LOVING YOU Poem ladydp2000 1 love Jan 3rd
In the Quiet Time - Haiku Poem terry Existential Jan 3rd
MIST OVER THE WATERS Poem ladydp2000 Fantasies Jan 3rd
ODE TO LOVE Poem ladydp2000 4 Tributes/Odes Jan 3rd
Empty Poem drphat Jan 4th
On My Own Poem 3879 1 Dark Jan 4th
For Toni Poem andshedied family Jan 4th
RAY OF HOPE Poem rosebudblooming Tributes/Odes Jan 6th
JUST A FRIEND Poem rosebudblooming friendship Jan 6th
I AM Poem rosebudblooming friendship Jan 6th
FEEL THIS WAY Poem rosebudblooming 1 Acceptance Jan 6th
PRETTY ON THE INSIDE Poem rosebudblooming 1 Unrequited Love Jan 6th
MY LOVE COME SOFTLY TO ME Poem ladydp2000 love Jan 6th
WISH Poem rosebudblooming religion Jan 6th
I Can Be Her... Poem andshedied Anger NonViolent Jan 6th
LOOKING FOR LOVE Poem ladydp2000 Fantasies Jan 6th
BORN TO DIE Poem rosebudblooming 2 death Jan 6th
YOU Poem rosebudblooming Acceptance Jan 6th
MEMORIES Poem rosebudblooming confusion Jan 7th
BITTERSWEET Poem rosebudblooming 2 Tributes/Odes Jan 7th
THE SEA SONG Poem ladydp2000 1 Fantasies Jan 7th
THE WAVES Poem ladydp2000 4 Fantasies Jan 7th
SURFING THE SEA Poem ladydp2000 Fantasies Jan 7th
Like All The Rest Poem fenrislupusgrey Jan 8th
Will You Go On? Poem dragonzite sadness Jan 8th
Things Now Poem milaamo Change/Transition Jan 8th
Vestals Poem toobuena 11 Existential Jan 8th
X Poem andshedied Abuse Jan 9th
DID SOMEBODY...? Poem rosebudblooming 9 Acceptance Jan 9th
OVER YOU Poem terry Lost love Jan 9th
Do I have to ryme Poem dragongreeneyes 3 Poetry/Writing Jan 9th
A SEAMANS LIFE Poem hawksquaw99 6 Other Jan 10th
WALK ON WATER Poem rosebudblooming Lost love Jan 10th
Mean Mr Selfish Poem gentle Anger NonViolent Jan 10th
drifting Poem hardgal Change/Transition Jan 11th
Best friends and store bought stars Poem running_with_rabbits 9 friendship Jan 12th
Child On His Breath Poem andshedied Abuse Jan 12th
i have never Poem hardgal 3 Bittersweet Jan 12th
the curse of me Poem choirgrrl 1 Depression Jan 12th
retsnom neerg elttil eht Poem choirgrrl 2 Acceptance Jan 13th
expressed toughts Poem choirgrrl confusion Jan 13th
THE SLEEPING BEAUTY Poem rosebudblooming Culture/Society Jan 13th
THE ENGLISH ROSE Poem ladydp2000 1 Tributes/Odes Jan 14th
WONDERING ABOUT YOU Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Jan 14th
PIECES OF WISDOM Poem ladydp2000 1 inspiration Jan 14th
ODE TO DALI Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Jan 14th
LOVE OF MY LOVES Poem ladydp2000 Bittersweet Jan 14th
ODE TO D.H. LAWRENCE Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Jan 14th
Queen of Hearts Poem qibr Soul mates Jan 14th
my wants Poem hardgal 1 Being Loved Jan 15th
Kisses Poem angelcrane 3 friendship Jan 15th
Tiny, Little Rosebud Poem gentle Beauty Jan 15th
apathy Poem andshedied 2 Apathy Jan 16th
MIND FANCY FLIGHTS Poem ladydp2000 2 Change/Transition Jan 16th
WORDS OF A POET Poem terry 1 inspiration Jan 17th
Fight Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Other Jan 17th
You Deserve Better Than A Nursing Home Poem pudnsis1 family Jan 18th
For my friend John Poem jenfool 1 choices Jan 18th
REFLECTIONS OF A PAINTER & POET Poem ladydp2000 3 Reality Jan 18th
WHICH ONE ITS REALLY FOR YOU Poem ladydp2000 choices Jan 18th
STEAM SHADOWS Poem hawksquaw99 Other Jan 19th
RAIN LET THE SUNSHINE Poem hawksquaw99 8 Other Jan 19th
A promise not kept Poem jenfool Anger NonViolent Jan 19th
BAD DAY IN MY HEAD Poem hawksquaw99 5 Other Jan 19th
McGRAW WANNA BE Poem hawksquaw99 3 Music/Musician Jan 19th
LADY SANG THE BLUES Poem hawksquaw99 Tributes/Odes Jan 21st
The Blues Poem jonfeb 1 Other Jan 21st
who knew you were such a fuckup part two Poem andshedied 4 Gothic Jan 21st
is it love? Poem andshedied obsession Jan 21st
ONTIME OVERTIME Poem hawksquaw99 work Jan 21st
Cold Transparent Glass Poem Valhjim 3 Beauty Jan 22nd
Behold Her - Haiku Poem terry 1 Haiku Jan 22nd
endless days Poem hardgal Depression Jan 24th
The Journey Poem mwhatim 5 Abuse Jan 25th
Where is My Cup of Tea?? Poem iqbalar 5 Abstract Jan 26th
haikus never rhyme! Poem jonfeb Haiku Jan 26th
Stepping on a memory Poem danesdad 3 In Memory Jan 26th
"Clergynity" Poem DaddyO Celibacy, Irony, religion, virginity Jan 26th
And She Calls It Poetry - Haiku Poem terry Haiku Jan 26th
A Play Toward Poem 3879 Pain/Sorrow Jan 27th
On Children Poem hhickson 1 Children Jan 28th
QUICK TIME Poem terry Word Play Jan 28th
LESSON ON THE PASSING Poem terry Angst Jan 28th
PAIN Poem columb 1 Compassion Jan 29th
Ex-Girlfriend Poem jenfool Goodbye Jan 30th
Dumb Poem angelcrane Anger NonViolent Jan 30th
marilyn manson lovesong Poem mellow 3 Jan 30th
Are You An Artist? - Haiku Poem terry Haiku Jan 31st
The Trees Poem choirgrrl 2 Celebrations Jan 31st
Who Knew You Were Such a Fuckup Poem choirgrrl 5 Bittersweet Jan 31st
Forget Everything You Knew To Be True Poem choirgrrl Acceptance Jan 31st
Poison Poem choirgrrl 4 Abuse Jan 31st
Copyright Protected Plastic Meat Poem choirgrrl 3 Bizarre Jan 31st
VISIONS OR DREAMS Poem ladydp2000 love Jan 31st
The Perfect Woman Poem qibr 6 Being Loved Jan 31st