You are a burst of fragrant flowers

As fresh as the morning air,

It gives me the joy of knowing you

Though distance gets in the way.

Where did it all start, do you remember?

I saw you in the chatroom and we begin to discover,

How each one of us sounds as carefree,

Laughing and trading jokes with everybody.

With our time spent talking from anything trivial

Sharing confidences, opening secrets,

I define the friendship that sprouts between us,

You are a sister, the one I would love to add.

Time would decide and fate would dictate

When our paths shall cross to bring us close,

I see the day not far from reality

A moment to cherish to bring constant happiness,

I would look in your eyes and finally utter,

Sister I'm glad, today has been realized.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Almay is one of my friends I met in the net.  You can never get enough of her endless chatter.  She's a darling.

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