The afternoon Sun had moved on

Showing off his vivid colors proud

Magentas and oranges and also blues

Purples and yellows and pinkish hues

All infused in a carpeting green.

Such fleeting pleasures there I took

Where passing shadows gathered all

Around me

Without neither another sound.

Wonderful days when you and I

Thought we owned all those skies and


But confused and swept with all the

Furious winds and late life's struggles

With  fragil little wings we took that

Fatal and early flight.

A lesson of life for me from

Unforgiven time

Found also in the sounds of thoughts

And damaged love and beauty

Underneath the fallen bloosoms of

Wonderful yellow and red roses

Now gone from us forever

I still have the perfume of those

Wonderful days with you

Always flying then in just a


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pudnsis1's picture

Dorian, I am in awe. God's little miracles, compiled in one package, given to us free. The choice on how to perceive them is individual. I perceive this canvas the way you penned it. With all the glory nature has to offer. Thank you. Thank you for visiting me. Peace and love to you. Linda

EVE SMITH's picture

Hey Sis, I loved this...I loved the way that you used the colors and describing the beauty of God's wonderful work. Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS LUV, ANGEL EVE (SIS)

Melvin Lee's picture

'Owning the skies and sunshine'....wowow..this is a wonderful verse, Dorian.. i remember such days too...seeming to be a king and able to rule over everyone and even the natural elements...Invulnerable, really. Smilesz... thanxs for sharing this.

Floreann Cawley's picture

Dorian, This is really a wonderful poem with a touch of sadness in it. Simply beautiful. Floreann :-)

EVE SMITH's picture

Dorian this is done so well. I love the thought and the way you put the words together. Keep up the good work. Love Sis, Angel Eve