You have heard it said, “No gain without the pain!”

Pain in the positive keeps us from harm

Imagine a world filled with amputees, what a qualm

I have felt pain in many a form

I live with pain ~ it becomes the norm

Pain killers I have taken

Only temporary relief, then I feel forsaken

Once had my throat slashed open!!

No anesthetic could be given, only a token!!

Ever felt the pain of a broken heart?

I’m sure many have,time will heal and you can make a new-start!

Take the marathon runner, the pain of breaking through “the Wall”

Yes, a second wind they say, after they’ve given their ALL!

The ache of being alone, missing the one *you* love

Wanting,looking, seaching - in the end, just give up!  Never finding the one who’ll fit like a glove

The pain and anguish of defeat, whether inside or out

A time of introspection and solitude, reflecting on what could have been, and what went wrong; there’s no doubt

A day will come ~ when you will stand on the victory dais, with the pain of defeat just an echo in your ear

That is the time you will cheer!!

The pain of child-birth is something us men will never experience ~ or feel

But, after the  trauma and pain ~ comes the great joy and exultation ~ so real

Jesus, took the pain and sorrow!

For *you* to be healed ~ to live for tomorrow!

In this life, we *ALL* have pain and turmoil, whether mental, physical or emotional

Give someone a kind word ~ make it vocational

So in essence remember *YOUR* pain

When next you meet someone hurting, give them encouragement, hope and comfort again

Not reticence, avoidance and coolness of manner

Then the World will be a better place when “Love” is the banner


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bellesims's picture

I agree. There's always pain, some way shape or form... Its what we allow that pain to make of us..that's what makes the endurance worth it -or not. No matter what we go through...we can make it. With affection, Belle @}->->---

Belle Sims