you are what I am looking for,

I see you clearly

I feel you completely,

you are just beside me.

your presence always hovers around me

never leaving, never failing

you know how I love the rain

the majesty of the mountains

the meadows and the flowing rivers.

the beachwalk, the sunset

you cherish them too.

counting the stars and smiling at the moon

it illuminates my Being.

enthralled by nature’s beauty

we walk hand in hand,

I am lifted high up the velvety clouds.

my feet meet the ground and I

left the bench mentally painting you.

I rest in the sanctuary of my thoughts and promised,

tomorrow, I shall hold your hand again.

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Violet Carolina's picture

i was going to say...i like any poem starting w/the word "whiff" silly...

truly, it IS a good poem and very sweet love story.

Eric Cockrell's picture

beautifully written... mystic touch of sensual spirit... nice poem. eric

Violet Carolina's picture

Liked this one. ANy poem w/"whiff" in the title has got to be unique!! ha ha

Mary Charest's picture

You won my heart when you said, "The majesty of the mountains." I felt deep emotion and recognized great imagery in all your poems. I'll be back for more. Sincerely, Mary Charest

Donker Man's picture

...and what a wonderful dream too! I love this one! Keep up the good work. Regards Donkerman

mizzscarlett's picture

Ah, yes! The elusive soul mate. I'm still searching for mine too. Very lovely poem.

The Hook's picture

A very loving poem, with more fantastic imagery, and a smooth flowing style that accents the deep emotions!!