Pleasure and Judgement in The Garden of Sin


Bodies intertwined like serpents in the garden of sin
souls dieing again and again
to find the pleasure in the pain
the judgement the sentence
the dream to awaken
to nurture the flower of skin
to consume the nectar that awaits within

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Going all the way

No longer was kissing

considered second base.

feeling each other up

quickly took its place.

As we slowly aged

and innocence died.

The child deep inside us all

fell to its knees and cried.

Naked pics and below the waist,

eliminated hide and seek.

Spin the bottle and seven minutes,

with guys hoping for a peek.

As boyfriends came and went,

and the first of us started having sex.

My parents may have even feared

that I would soon be next.

But I think I'm still not past

kissing in the dark.

No sex for the girl,

who'd rather swing at the park.

The other girls may laugh

I don't care what they say.

But me, I'm not ready to think

About going all the way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yay for abstinence and celibacy! :)

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Two Morning's Aftermath

Crazy Olivia
Drunk Olivia
Doesn’t Give a Fuck Olivia
Was he worth it, girl?


Woman, you may have just become
Woman, you probably were already
Woman, integrity compromised
Woman, sensibility synthesized
Man oh man, what has been done to you?


Who could posses the power to withdraw
What purity and innocence in their powers restore?
Where did that part go that formed a whole
When a moment left you distraught; you never needed more.

I don’t know everything, not a little bit
And that I didn’t know that draws a short, silent fit.
But fermentation diluted honor’s stamina in some swigs.
Weakened by the weekend and an anonymous pig. 

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Stumbling and shivering
Squinting and screwy
Alone with some familiar faces
Wanting warmth, attention, flame
Fuzzy memory, bare legs
Feet were aching so much pain

Walking back close and chummy
Led me up to his room
Mixed emotions stirring inside
Nervousness, excitement, everything alive
Acrid taste of beer and cigarettes
Spearmint gum to cover the complex

Deep, warm caressing kisses
Falling in love for a moment or two
Twin-sized bed in a messy, dark bliss
I became an object through my sloo
Nothing special just another name on his list
Hate that moment I choose all of this

Liquor drowning morals
Reasoning not there
Nothing but the heat of my soul
One thing leading to another
No emotions, no love
Unwanted pushes and shoves

Everything entirely uncertain
Sweat, kisses, pain, satisfaction
Holding me tight to make it okay
Inside I cried and didn't want to lay
I can call him a stranger
Nothing more than taking my pure

Innocence gone in that night
A secret I gave and that I'll keep
I imagined love to shine so bright
Wrong because it wasn't a treat
He can keep my virginity, keep my youth
A night I'll forget and erase the truth

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It Is What It Is

Hearts racing, skin sweating, hormones surging
He brushes her neck with his satin lips
Their breathing swells as they subtract clothing
All he can think of are her naked hips
She can't stop thinking of her innocence
Despite her feelings, the boy continues
The girl goes numb and ignores her conscience
Her inner voice can't seem to break through
Now it's too late, there is no return
The boy penetrates and regret sets in
As he thrusts, her insides begin to churn
Feelings arise from deep within
There's no turning back, it is what it is
If only, but then it is what it is

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Virginity is a state of mind

English poems


Virginity is but a state of mind--

the goodbye to your once treasured childhood.

Virginity is but a state of mind.

It’s sad to lose it however you would.


You wish by some way you would regain it--

The goodbye to your once treasured childhood.

But it’s a goal that you will never hit.

You can’t go back to a state of never.


You wish by some way you would regain it.

But if there’s love, why would it still matter?

See, what has been done cannot be undone.

You can’t go back to a state of never.


Yet if you think you are, then you are one.

You just think of each time as your first time.

See, what has been done cannot be undone.

Just keep in mind that your love is sublime.

Virginity is but a state of mind.


You just think of each time as your first time.

Virginity is but a state of mind.


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by Jeph Johnson


I asked a religious friend of mine, who is a big fan of Pearl Jam, and is always trying to convince Eddie Vetter abortion is wrong,


(so are condoms, by the way)


how many 33-year old virgins he knew.


I was trying to argue that being a devoted Christian for ten years made me some sort of weird freakish outcast.


No one believes me anyway, and then when I try to explain myself I get smirks of disbelief.


I was told by my church-going buddies (who'd lost their virginity in high school while "backsliding") that some girl will really appreciate it some day.


Now all I meet are single mothers, divorcee's and seventeen-year-old's who are more experienced than I am.


...and they could care less!


I asked him again: 


"How many 33-year-old virgins do you know of?" 


He smiled.


I had forgotten he was Catholic.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

1999, 2017


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