Monthly Archive for November 2010

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
THEN THERE WAS YOU Poem chris Nov 1st
SHE DON'T WANT TO MARRY ME Poem chris Nov 1st
To Wherever It Is Poem wishful_thinking Nov 1st
SHE LEFT ME Poem chris Nov 1st
MY CAT Poem chris Nov 1st
TRUCK Poem chris Nov 1st
PURSUIT Poem chris Nov 1st
BRETT FAVRE Poem chris Nov 1st
Words Are Sometimes Cumbersome Poem sanctus Nov 1st
Not Ever Poem sanctus Nov 1st
No More Clouds Left To Grow Upon Poem sanctus 1 Nov 1st
The Woman Who Escaped Her Story Poem sanctus Nov 1st
Hot As Cold Wax Poem sanctus Nov 1st
Storming Grey Seas Poem sanctus Nov 1st
Sizzle Poem sanctus 1 Nov 1st
HOW WE MET Poem chris Nov 1st
GI JOE V. COBRA Poem chris Nov 1st
SILENCE Poem chris Nov 1st
WEDDING POEM Poem chris 1 Nov 1st
How To Keep The Flowers Fresh Poem vilmazab undefined Nov 1st
THE FIREPLACE * Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 1st
STEPPING FULLY INTO HIS ALL KNOWING LOVE * Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 1st
An Orchid Poem vilmazab 1 love poem Nov 1st
THE VICTOR OF LIGHT'S TRUTH * Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 1st
TEARS CAN BE WRITTEN Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 1st
Precious Destruction Poem sanctus Nov 1st
Capturing Memories Poem sanctus 3 Nov 1st
Thoughtfully We Blossomed Poem sanctus 2 Nov 1st
MASTERPIECE * Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Nov 1st
28 DAYS * Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 1st
My Pain #2 Poem dark_n_lost Nov 1st
Mask #2 Poem dark_n_lost Nov 1st
Sad Day Poem dark_n_lost Nov 1st
I Wish #2 Poem dark_n_lost Nov 1st
OH THAT TAPESTRY Poem heatherburns35 2 A Tapestry of Life Nov 1st
SUDDENLY A MEMORY Poem heatherburns35 1 Memories Nov 1st
oh...i forgot Poem divysia Nov 1st
THE CHAMBER OF SILENCE Poem heatherburns35 Nov 1st
OH THAT THREAD Poem heatherburns35 threads of life Nov 1st
LIFE'S MYSTERY Poem heatherburns35 life's mystery Nov 1st
FOLDED WINGS Poem heatherburns35 folded wings Nov 1st
Fields of Dead Wood Poem sanctus Nov 1st
ILL WINDS Poem heatherburns35 1 the winds of time Nov 1st
OVER THE YEARS Poem heatherburns35 Memories Nov 1st
You pulled a gun on a boy Poem randyjohnson Dark, horror Nov 1st
Rivers and Floods Poem anflanagan 1 Nov 1st
SECRETS OF LIFE Poem heatherburns35 secrets Nov 1st
STEPPING ACROSS Poem heatherburns35 Life Nov 1st
NOT TO BE DEFINED Poem heatherburns35 looking Nov 1st
LEADING ME HOME Poem heatherburns35 home sweet home Nov 1st
READING A BOOK Poem heatherburns35 reading a book Nov 1st
When All Light is Lost Poem cherry_blossom 1 Nov 1st
Jealousy Poem cherry_blossom 2 Nov 1st
YOUR LOVE KNOTS Poem heatherburns35 love knots Nov 1st
I have notice Poem christianpoetry... Nov 1st
You and me are team Poem christianpoetry... Nov 1st
Growing the Past Poem indigo_kid007 History/Past Nov 1st
Borderline Poem indigo_kid007 2 holding on Nov 1st
My FAther Poem hhickson Nov 1st
A Hero Poem K-S Nov 1st
Mankind's Nature Poem indigo_kid007 2 Human Nature Nov 1st
Facing Eternity Poem hhickson 1 end-of-life, Spirtual Nov 1st
In Memory of Syl Poem hhickson Eulogy, Huhn, Sylvia Nov 1st
PAST MEMORIES Poem heatherburns35 Memories Nov 1st
Hell Poem K-S Nov 1st
WAITING-WONDERING Poem heatherburns35 Nov 1st
THE INNER GLOW Poem heatherburns35 The inner glow Nov 2nd
Emotions Poem K-S Nov 2nd
Thoughts Poem emilymariewrite89 2 sad, short Nov 2nd
Under My Hood Poem K-S 2 Nov 2nd
living Poem emilymariewrite89 1 quickly written, something to get off my chest Nov 2nd
The Fight For Life Poem K-S 3 Nov 2nd
Warm as Zero Poem sanctus 1 Nov 2nd
Not sure Poem ChandaBurton Nov 2nd
شرِّدوني Poem nasheed Nov 2nd
بحر Poem nasheed Nov 2nd
الراحلون Poem nasheed Nov 2nd
بواب المدينة Poem nasheed Nov 2nd
القلب ذوى.. شوقاً وهوى Poem nasheed 2 Nov 2nd
...A Maze... Poem ranaessance 2 Nov 2nd
A thought for Efua upon parting. Poem iaminacocoon efua, loss, love, olive Nov 2nd
no Poem iaminacocoon Nov 2nd
Overactive Imagination Poem blueeyes 1 Nov 2nd
Torment Poem jaela 1 Nov 2nd
SCATTERED SHARDS Poem heatherburns35 2 A face of yester-year. Nov 2nd
ANOTHER WORLD Poem heatherburns35 1 night dreams lucid Nov 2nd
RENEWING THE PAST Poem heatherburns35 friendship Nov 2nd
KEY SEARCHING Poem heatherburns35 1 keys to life Nov 2nd
ANOTHER PROMISE Poem heatherburns35 1 promises Nov 2nd
Humming of a New Day Poem sanctus 1 Nov 2nd
Drifting Thoughts Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
Where Soul Must Go Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
Waters Of Rebirth Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
Fantasy Woman Poem sanctus 2 Nov 2nd
Subtle Shades Of Grey Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
Morning Hope Poem sanctus 1 Nov 2nd
Dear Lady Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
Hollow Rocks Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
Go Softly Into The Darkness Of The Night Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
Let Go Poem cherry_blossom 1 Nov 2nd
Collision Course Poem ranaessance 2 Nov 2nd
lay me down Poem babbygirl Nov 2nd
cry me a river Poem babbygirl Nov 2nd
As death awaits Poem emilymariewrite89 Nov 2nd
Death Watch Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
Of What Is And What Was Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
How I Hate You Poem sanctus 2 Nov 2nd
Melting Poem sanctus 1 Nov 2nd
Silent Movie Poem sanctus 1 Nov 2nd
Stand Dead Poem sanctus 1 Nov 2nd
Slip The Knot Poem sanctus 1 Nov 2nd
One of a kind Poem emilymariewrite89 Nov 2nd
Different Poem emilymariewrite89 Nov 2nd
Black Poem Triptych 2 alone, Black, broken, Darkness, Depression Nov 2nd
Cris Silencieux Poem Triptych Cris Silencieux, Depression, feeling down, fight, sadness Nov 2nd
Mantra Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
Hand-Out Poem sanctus Nov 2nd
Rainbows Poem sanctus 6 Nov 2nd
Copy/Paste Poem K-S 4 Nov 2nd
Enduring Down the Road of Forever Poem wishful_thinking 2 Nov 3rd
Empty Poem Triptych 2 Dark, Depression, Empty, sad, soul Nov 3rd
Forsaken Poem Triptych 2 death, Depression, Fear, Forsaken, therapy Nov 3rd
Something Deeper Poem wishful_thinking 3 Nov 3rd
Once again Poem leo_love31 1 Broken heart. Lost love. Nov 3rd
Rotten art Poem leo_love31 1 careless un loving Nov 3rd
Sleepless nights Poem leo_love31 1 Broken heart. Lost love. Nov 3rd
Words Untrue Poem leo_love31 2 Hurt/Love/Pain Nov 3rd
Shadows Poem leo_love31 3 love. hurt. . Nov 3rd
TIME Poem heatherburns35 time Nov 3rd
REMEMBERING Poem heatherburns35 1 Memories Nov 3rd
At The Site Of My High School, Torn Down Poem Starward 3 Nov 3rd
WITHOUT YOU Poem heatherburns35 thinking Nov 3rd
A FRIENDSHIP Poem heatherburns35 1 friendship Nov 3rd
HOME AGAIN Poem heatherburns35 2 HOME Nov 3rd
Me And You Poem K-S 2 Nov 3rd
hurts to know Poem divysia 2 Nov 3rd
the way you make me fill Poem babbygirl Nov 3rd
Lied Poem anflanagan Nov 3rd
Everlasting Stare Poem K-S 1 Nov 3rd
Rambling Poem Triptych blah, Boredom, Ramble, School, Spoken Word Nov 3rd
Cold World Poem Triptych 2 Cold, Depression, dreams, Free Verse, Hate Nov 3rd
Aged Diamond Eyes Poem Avantgarde 4 Nov 3rd
Like A Seed Poem Triptych 2 2008, Blossom, Carefree, joy, love Nov 3rd
ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES Poem heatherburns35 1 Eternal love Nov 3rd
ALONE Poem heatherburns35 1 being alone Nov 3rd
THE QUEST FOR LIFE Poem heatherburns35 Life Nov 3rd
YEARNINGS Poem heatherburns35 2 yearnings Nov 3rd
IN SEARCH Poem heatherburns35 searching for you Nov 3rd
TO BE HOME AGAIN Poem heatherburns35 home again Nov 3rd
MIDNIGHT (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 midnight Nov 3rd
Blossoms (senryu Poem heatherburns35 blossoms Nov 3rd
SNOW haiku Poem heatherburns35 snow Nov 3rd
TIME (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 Nov 3rd
DREAMS SHATTERED (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 dreams shattered Nov 3rd
HOLDING YOU (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 holding you Nov 3rd
LEFT OVERS (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 left overs Nov 3rd
Walking In The Rain Poem sanctus Nov 3rd
STORING DAY DREAMS (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 storing day dreams Nov 3rd
LADY IN BLUE (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 lady Nov 3rd
A TEA PARTY (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 tea party Nov 3rd
RISKY BUSINESS (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 game of hearts Nov 3rd
IN THE DISTANCE (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 far away Nov 3rd
CALLING LEADERS (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 calling leaders Nov 3rd
THE PATH IS CLEAR (ENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 Nov 3rd
LADY IN WHITE Poem heatherburns35 lady in white Nov 3rd
LADY IN BLACK ( SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 Nov 4th
Unable To Obviate Poem thelohaspiral 1 Nov 4th
CHRISTELLE Poem CrowPieD 1 FIRST LOVE, kiss, PARIS, PURITY, Suicide Nov 4th
I Will Wait For You Poem Triptych 2 2008, happy, Hope, love, Thoughtful Nov 4th
Brutes In Our Prime Poem wishful_thinking 1 Nov 4th
Sleepless Poem Triptych 2 2009, Beg, night, Nightmare, sad Nov 4th
Days Poem crag30 1 Nov 4th
The fox and the smartness Poem gabii fox fable animals creation Nov 4th
THE EYES OF TRUE Poem CrowPieD 1 CROW, eyes, love, Murder, true Nov 4th
BRUTAL Poem CrowPieD 1 Nov 4th
CHILD Poem CrowPieD child Nov 4th
DEAR ME. Poem CrowPieD Nov 4th
rest assure Poem leo_love31 moving ahead love break up Nov 4th
A HEARTS DOOR Poem heatherburns35 game of hearts Nov 4th
LOVES ENDINGS Poem heatherburns35 1 crying Nov 4th
ETCHINGS Poem heatherburns35 1 etchings Nov 4th
STILL SLIPPING AWAY Poem heatherburns35 2 slipping away Nov 4th
LOVELY MEMORIES Poem heatherburns35 1 Memories Nov 4th
Guilty Poem divysia Nov 4th
A LOVE SPELL Poem heatherburns35 5 Nov 4th
When I Depart Poem trumpet7 1 Nov 4th
Black Poem anflanagan 1 Nov 4th
the moon Poem babbygirl 2 Nov 4th
alien unknown Poem leo_love31 Hate Nov 4th
MY HEART Poem heatherburns35 2 my heartbeat Nov 4th
ALWAYS SEARCHING Poem heatherburns35 2 searching for you Nov 4th
YOUR LOVE Poem heatherburns35 2 Eternal love Nov 4th
HE IS RISEN #2 Poem heatherburns35 2 Religious Nov 4th
ice cream boy Poem leo_love31 Broken heart. Lost love. Nov 4th
صنّاجةَ الشامِ Poem nasheed Nov 4th
ما كان بطني اللّي حمل Poem nasheed Nov 4th
حتى متى Poem nasheed Nov 4th
اهو عيد ميلادك ؟؟ Poem tariqasrawi Nov 4th
My Babies Poem babe1233 1 Nov 4th
يا جامعتي Poem nasheed Nov 4th
infurity Poem essex 1 rage. Nov 4th
The Pianist Poem jpstheophany Passion, Piano Nov 5th
I Walked Naked Into A Cloud Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Drifting Like A Sunbeam On Fire Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Walking The Dog Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Dripping Poem sanctus Nov 5th
And The Circle Collects Its Own Release Poem sanctus Nov 5th
A Boy And The Dragons Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Secret of the Shift Key Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Chained Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Wonderful Passion Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Mr And Mrs Wasted Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Sometimes the Air Is Thick With Angry Nouns Poem sanctus Nov 5th
AT THE AIRPORT Poem chris Nov 5th
Untitled Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Direction Piece Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Sometimes Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Plastic Tipped Bullets Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Liquid Gas Poem sanctus Nov 5th
NICKELODEON STUDIOS Poem chris 1 Nov 5th
Epiphany Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
I Ache Inside Poem sanctus Nov 5th
The Midnight Smiles Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Weeping Heart Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Unheard Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Marshmallows and Midnight Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Walking Beyond Her Reach Poem sanctus 3 Nov 5th
Smog Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Surrealistic Cigarette Package Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Erasure Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Parasite Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Kyrie Eleison Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
Back Door Escape Route Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
One Day Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Butterfly Girl Poem sanctus 2 Nov 5th
Halloween Poem leo_love31 1 Broken heart. Lost love. Nov 5th
Forever Baby, and Not A Day Longer! Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
A Choir Of Loneliness Poem sanctus Nov 5th
The World Is A Bleeding Distance Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Rumble Poem sanctus Nov 5th
It's Going To Be Alright Poem sanctus Nov 5th
A Light Morning Rain Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th
I Don't Know Why Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Escaping Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Dabble Poem sanctus Nov 5th
Daylight Poem sanctus Nov 5th
I Dream Myself Into Being Poem sanctus 2 Nov 5th
Forever And Ever Poem sanctus 1 Nov 5th