Now in the sixth hour darkness
filled the earth, in the ninth
hour, JESUS cried in a loud
voice, "MY GOD,MY GOD why
hath thou forsaken me

Crying again, he yielded to
death and the grave. As the
end of the sabbath began to
dawn, toward the first day
of the week.

The two Marys brought spices
to the place where JESUS lay.
There was  great earth-quake.
This world trembled on it's axis,
Darkness covered the land.

A loud voice from heaven rumbled
throughout this earth.

the grave belched, gave way, the
SON OF GOD, stood up  and
walked away.

The grave could not contain him.
He had defeated death and hell.
He had risen to live forever in
our hearts.

An angel of the Lord appeared
from heaven. His countenance
alike to lightening, his raiment
white as snow.Speaking in a
loud voice, He has risen, he is
not here. He lives forever more.
Sitting now on the right hand throne
of GOD..

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because he lives I can face tomorrow.

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This is truly exceptional.

This is truly exceptional.

Vive le Quebec libre!

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this is magnificent! I love

this is magnificent! I love the praise you give to God