Following our conversation from last night, I decided not to lay bare my head on the log, waiting to be executed by you.

But too actively stand proud!


I hope you won’t be too disappointed by such a sudden change, but after long and painful reflection, decided that the battle should go on…


My dear friend as our friendship stand long between us, the thought of ending it so quickly was ridiculous and, as much aware of your long love for me, I am pretty sure, that taking from you the axe of love won’t be too unbearable.


Instead, with great delight and, I must admit, a touch of twist, I give you a beautiful pen, which I am sure, in this case, will be far more helpful to you, and therefore to me!


Do not hesitate to get back in touch with me, as you usually do, as you are always welcome to the attic of my memory.

Indeed, it seem to me, that our long and lasting friendship, takes a most intriguing and interesting turn, as one seems to become more creative than ever…


I will honour you as always, being far from indifferent, from the richness you bring me.


And who knows, maybe one day you will turn around to thank me, as I do today….


Do not feel bitter towards me, for deciding to hold the axe of love instead, and as you probably realised, what good would my hewed head be to you, without your will to direct it toward new lights.


And therefore, it is in the deepest night I should leave you for the time being, to reflect on these loving words.


Until the next time, my warmest regards……





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