My FAther

Just over sixty-three years ago
You say I may have been
Conceived by a father
I do not know

You say coming home
One night late
Your were attacked and raped.

I know this was
A heavy burden to bear
A shame, if it is true.
I don't care.

I hope the burden
is lifted and you are
past it, now that I know.

Thank you for not aborting
This life to let me live.

My father on earth,
my life he gives,
the other supported
me with food and cup,

But it was you who
Introduced me to
My Heavenly Father
Who can raise me up.

The one gave me birth,
The other loved me on this earth,
But it was the Father in Heaven
Whose love gives my life worth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Revelations I could have lived without.

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