Monthly Archive for May 2001

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Esprit De Corp Poem hhickson family May 1st
A Night With My Baby Poem obscure Sexual May 1st
Pinch Poem pluguan Acceptance May 1st
In The Middle Poem karen415 Change/Transition May 2nd
Mother Night Poem cameca8 Gothic May 2nd
Desire Poem bettieblue 1 love May 2nd
Grand Facade Poem bettieblue Change/Transition May 2nd
Coming To A Boil... Poem techpoet Anger NonViolent May 3rd
loriane Poem tibult May 3rd
NATURES VICTIM Poem hawksquaw99 Other May 3rd
Cant Remember (fragments) Poem fenrislupusgrey 4 May 4th
Ode to Sonnets Poem turonah 4 Sonnets May 4th
Outrageous Poem pluguan 1 Beauty May 5th
My World In Your Eyes song Poem eltrue 6 Song Lyrics May 6th
NEVER FORGOTTEN Poem hawksquaw99 In Memory May 6th
Isolation Blue song Poem eltrue Loneliness May 6th
Life Poem mystikal 2 May 6th
A Soul Poem mystikal 3 May 6th
Starry sky Poem robbie 3 Acceptance May 7th
COOL AS DIAMONDS Poem terry Beauty May 7th
JOSHUA Poem hawksquaw99 Tributes/Odes May 7th
Where have All The Flowers Gone? Poem gentle 10 Anger NonViolent May 7th
Beautiful Earth Ugly End Poem danesdad Acceptance May 8th
Violinist Poem techpoet New Love May 8th
Fear and me Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Other May 9th
Do you ever? Poem running_with_rabbits Other May 9th
Untitled 20 Poem running_with_rabbits 3 marriage May 9th
Unspoken Good-Bye Poem mwhatim 6 death May 10th
The Only Book Poem iqbalar 4 religion May 10th
MUD ON MY FACE Poem serene 1 Acceptance May 11th
Madame Karma Poem mrscatchaos 1 Bittersweet May 11th
Sunny Day Winter Day Poem Valhjim Being Loved May 12th
Let her Go Poem fenrislupusgrey May 12th
Song for Morris Poem Valhjim friendship May 12th
Mothers Arent Perfect Poem pudnsis1 4 Reality May 12th
Winnevere Poem Valhjim Existence May 12th
Fun Poem fenrislupusgrey May 12th
Soul and Bound Poem fenrislupusgrey May 12th
The Wedding Ring Poem gentle 5 Being Loved May 12th
Between These Lines Poem fenrislupusgrey May 12th
TWIST OF THE BORROWING FAIRIES Poem hawksquaw99 4 Comedy/Humor May 12th
Sing to Me, Old Lute Poem Valhjim 1 History/Past May 13th
To Learn to Write Poem Valhjim 3 Poetry/Writing May 13th
To Learn to Read Poem Valhjim 1 May 13th
To Learn to Make Love Poem Valhjim love May 13th
Fly Poem Valhjim 1 Bizarre May 13th
The Reflection In Your Eyes Poem techpoet Being Loved May 14th
the dance Poem mansonfactor Hidden Love May 14th
My Only Method of Communication Poem pudnsis1 Poetry/Writing May 14th
prisoner of my own passions Poem mwhatim love May 15th
Secret Lover Poem mwhatim 3 Hidden Love May 15th
The Wanderer Poem westville_hobo 1 Angels May 15th
The girl next door.... Poem jenfool 2 Beauty May 15th
BAMM Poem pudnsis1 May 16th
THE WHATEVER POEM Poem rosebudblooming Commentary May 17th
Stand Beside Me Poem mwhatim Celebrations May 18th
Swept Poem jenfool 1 love May 18th
Hard candy Poem kiwi_jiwi Song Lyrics May 18th
Fireglow Poem Valhjim 1 jealousy May 18th
A Poem To Sing To Passing Owls Poem enuminous 2 Fantasies May 19th
Jessica and Vernon Poem hawksquaw99 Tributes/Odes May 19th
Men Like These Poem pkpbc1950 Endurance May 20th
Nothing Is Forever Poem mwhatim choices May 20th
Paradise Poem pkpbc1950 Hidden Love May 20th
what about me Poem brokenalive May 20th
Be My Love Poem iqbalar 6 May 20th
Moon Running Poem eltrue 5 Song Lyrics May 22nd
Whispers of Love Poem mizzscarlett 3 Fantasies May 22nd
smart words! Poem brokenalive Abuse May 22nd
School shootings, poverty, and hatred Poem brokenalive May 22nd
Terse verse Poem running_with_rabbits 5 Other May 23rd
Poetry Poem running_with_rabbits Poetry/Writing May 23rd
Butterflies Poem jenfool love May 23rd
This guy! Poem brokenalive Abuse May 24th
Alas, Apathy In Me Poem pudnsis1 2 Apathy May 24th
Today I Brought A Gun To School Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Anger Violent May 24th
Rainbows Poem pkpbc1950 Bittersweet May 25th
Spankys Childhood Poem pudnsis1 2 Tributes/Odes May 25th
Loneliness Poem lillep Loneliness May 25th
Release Poem lillep 5 Suicide May 25th
I Know What I Am Poem lillep Suicide May 25th
Together Poem pkpbc1950 6 Depression May 25th
A Clever Arrangement Poem pkpbc1950 7 Betrayal May 25th
Message from Death Poem lillep death May 25th
Big Brown Eyes Poem lillep Suicide May 25th
Life Poem lillep Reality May 25th
Memorial Day to Pudnsis1 Poem pudnsis1 In Memory May 26th
Need Poem hushbaby 2 Missing You May 26th
Why Must You Leave Poem pkpbc1950 May 27th
Old Friends Poem pkpbc1950 3 Being Loved May 28th
Death Poem brokenalive death May 28th
dont piss me off poem Poem bettieblue 2 Anger NonViolent May 29th
Blood Hurts (Revised) Poem pkpbc1950 love May 29th
Does Time Begin? Poem pluguan 1 Acceptance May 30th
Waiting Poem clarinetpsycho 4 love May 31st