School shootings, poverty, and hatred

my fave poems

As I sit here writing my hearts desirers.

I think about the problems in the world.

Like poverty, school shootings hatred.

You probably think i'm hated.

I probly am.

But I am loved to.

I think school shootings can be prevented.

I am only 14 you don't have to belive me if you don't want to.

But the kid's moms and dads have to realize that to.

Cause half of it is their problem to.

Kids don't do this on perpuse they do it for attention.

I know because I am one.

I would do any thing for attention.

And poverty is the most deadly dazease

It killed half of the population of the world.

The government does not understand that the housing is too high.

And that there is too many people in poverty.

And hatred makes people hate themselves.

That leaves them in depression.

And it leaves them in sorrow.

I know because I am hated.

And my friend is.

So please don't hate people or me.

It makes people kill them self's.

I know because my friend has almost killed her self.

I think all teens go through a bad time in there lives.

I know because I seen bad things happen.

Like people hating other people.

And people get in to fights and kill each other.

And people throw people out on to the streets.

I'm a teen.

This is how I think.

All I want is my voice to be heard.

And for me to be understood.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

if people only knew what i was talking about and if they knew how i was saying it.

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