As i sit in my living room

staring out into the window

a beautiful sunset and purplish-red clouds

appears before me

I open the window and a slight warm breeze rushes in

as i breath in the new air

a smell of sweet summer scent welcomes me

my tanned skin warming up underneath the rays of the sun

i open my eyes towards the blinding light

to reveal several children riding their bikes

and babies running about in the sprinklers

having the time of their lives

all the wonderful things in life

is all right here

all right here in front of me

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Andy W's picture

whoa this here just proves how differently we think. You see a a bunch of kids riding their bikes, I see an oppurnitunity to test out my new water gun haha. But besides me torturing little kids this poem does a good job of showing the simple pleasures in life. Even tho I am feeling cold, bitter and kinda hungry right now I can just picture myself in the sun

Chris Wong's picture

In the second line take out "into"

Wow, it seems like you are not a picky person, and are content with just the things life are offering you at the moment. Good perspective to have i say. But too bad we don't have this mind set most of the time hey.