Men Like These

He sits in his recliner

With a cigarette in his hand

While in his other hand

He holds the "mighty" remote control

He sips on his beer

As he watches his TV shows

He smokes his cigarette

Dropping ashes on the floor

But I dare not speak

And I dare not vacuum the floor

For he's in his own private world

And he wants no distractions

Soon his breating becomes heavy

He finally begins to snore

With a sigh of relief  

I thank the Lord above

I tiptoe quietly about the house

Doing the household chores

But I dare not vacuum the floor

I labor quietly in the kitchen

Preparing the evening meal

For I know when his nap is over

He'll come raging like a bull

Demanding food, demanding love

And demanding attention

Why did God create men like these

I know there are many more

I've seen and heard and read about

Other men just the same as he

With no compassion in their heart

And never a kind word spoken

Did God really create men like these

Or are they the Devil's children

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